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Falling Skies

Falling Skies poster
Air weekdate: Sunday
Genre: Drama, Action, Science-Fiction
Channel: TNT
Status: Ended
7.8/10(6959 votes)
Colin Cunningham Colin Cunningham as John Pope
Connor Jessup Connor Jessup as Ben Mason
Doug Jones Doug Jones as Cochise
Drew Roy Drew Roy as Hal Mason
Jessy Schram Jessy Schram as Karen
Maxim Knight Maxim Knight as Matt Mason
Mira Sorvino Mira Sorvino as Sara
Moon Bloodgood Moon Bloodgood as Anne Glass
Mpho Koaho Mpho Koaho as Anthony
Noah Wyle Noah Wyle as Tom Mason

The series tells the story of the aftermath of a global invasion by several races of extraterrestrials that neutralizes the world's power grid and technology, quickly destroys the combined militaries of all the world's countries, and apparently kills over 90% of the human population within a few days.

An alien invasion was a total surprise for the earthlings. The aliens have destroyed the major part of the humanity. A few survivors unite in order to fight for life and try to connect with the same “lucky” people from other towns. They put up a strong resistance to the invaders from space and fight not only for their own life but also for the protection of the human race at all.

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TV serias Falling Skies, created with the participation of Steven Spielberg, tells the alien invasion, which destroyed almost the entire population of the planet, and a group of people, which is doing their best not to join the majority.

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This drama tells the extraordinary story about life and survival in the wake of a catastrophic alien invasion. Tom Mason is a college professor who becomes an unlikely resistance leader. In the new season will be new characters: Marina Perlata, an aide to Tom Mason; Roger Kadar, an obsessive but gifted scientist who runs the local power grid and lives underground with his pet rats, earning him the nickname “The Rat King.” Also, season three of Falling Skies opens seven months after the second Mass arrived in Charleston. In the interim, Tom has been elected to political office, but he has his hands full as the resistance continues to battle the alien invaders. Tom’s decision to have the rebel skitters fight alongside humans creates tension and raises suspicions that someone may be feeding secrets to the enemy. Meanwhile, Hal struggles with nightmares that seem so real, he has difficulty knowing if he’s awake or dreaming. And Tom and Anne prepare to welcome their baby.

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Season 4 will continue tells the extraordinary story about life and survival in the wake of a catastrophic alien invasion. Tom Mason, a college professor who became an unlikely resistance leader; Dr. Ann Glass, a pediatrician who became the survivors’ primary physician and Colonel Weaver, the gruff and emotionally scarred commander will fight back against the invaders.

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The events of the TV series takes place in the near future, when the Earth invaded by aliens: Skeeter arachnids who has super weapons – robots mechs. Just a few weeks was destroyed 90% of humanity, and those who were lucky enough to survive are fierce battles with extraterrestrial aliens. One of the lucky former Boston University professor Tom Mason, he is now deputy commander of the Second Massachusetts Regiment – a group of civilian and military, the main task of the second regiment of Tom bring to Boston and bring back his son was captured by Skeeter.

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