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FantomWorks season 4

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Air weekdate:Wednesday Cast:No information about actors Genre:Reality Channel:Velocity Status:Continuing

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FantomWorks season 4 episodes list:

Episode #1: Throwing Heat (air date: 2016-05-31)

Kansas City Royals pitcher Tim Collins wants a super fast 1968 Mustand, but Dan has to first undo a combination of bad repairs. Bob is a Vietnam veteran who needs a Fantomworks reality check to get his beloved 1950 Wily's Jeep back on the road.

Episode #2: Damaged Goods (air date: 2016-06-07)

A 1970 Corvette was in storage for 30 years and Dan discovers that the car needs a ton of work. A 1964 GTO was smashed in an accident and totaled by his insurance company. Dan agrees to try and bring his mangled GTO back to life.

Episode #3: Now You See It (air date: 2016-06-15)

A U-Haul full of parts and a dream of a perfect Plymouth Business Coupe shows up at the shop. Dan also has to find a 1972 Gran Sport and to then restore it with hard-to-find features that now have to work together on the same car.

Episode #4: Thunder Time (air date: 2016-06-22)

Ian wants a 1956 'baby bird' restomod that drives like a sports car. Dan's solution, a GTO-Thunderbird combo that drives like a bat out of hell. Doc Pellerin's 1937 Volvo was a regular winner at car shows, until a shelf fell on the car.

Episode #5: High Impact (air date: 2016-06-29)

When George brings his beloved 1971 Mustang Mach 1 in for a few repairs, Dan realizes that his car has been jumped, Dukes of Hazzard style. Mick needs help to restore his 1952 Mercury Woody restomod.

Episode #6: Road to SEMA (air date: 2016-07-06)

When Donnie decides that he wants to take his 1968 Fastback to SEMA, Dan and Fantomworks are thrown for a loop. Now, they need to get the Fastback and a 1964 Corvette to the prestigious show within a crushing time frame.

Episode #7: 85 in the Fast Lane (air date: 2016-07-13)

The crew scrambles to finish 85 car projects for their customers who have high expectations.

Episode #8: Because I Can (air date: 2016-09-14)

Dan thinks that Mickey's 1970 Chevelle is perfect. Mickey wants them to tear it apart and upgrade everything to make it his own. Thom's 1963 Studebaker is a project car with a nightmare combination of leaks, bad parts, and failing safety systems.

Episode #9: Nightmare on Hampton Blvd. (air date: 2016-09-21)

Rick is the proud owner of a garish 1972 Caddilac Hearse. He comes to FantomWorks for a nightmare combination of gadgets, gizmos, and upgrades - including flamethrowers. Meryln and Lynn have a '59 Chevy Apache that they've never driven beyond their yard.

Episode #10: Tough Act to Follow (air date: 2016-09-28)

When Rich and Kathy tried to get their 1951 Buick Super back on the road they were taken for a ride. It's now up to FantomWorks to succeed where four other shops failed. Jim's classic 1961 Corvette has a curious ailment, and Dan has to solve the mystery.

Episode #11: Cold Day in Hell (air date: 2016-10-05)

Scott's massive '53 Fleetwood is a challenge that takes a turn to the crazy when Dan has to add rare features that the car never had in the first place. John wants FantomWorks to complete a half-finished restoration and get his prized 1967 Mercury running

Episode #12: Beast Mode (air date: 2016-10-12)

FantomWorks dives into prototype hell to give a former drag racer the superfast 1969 Chevelle of his dreams - complete with a supercharged LT4 engine.

Episode #13: If It Sprays, It Stays (air date: 2016-10-19)

Dan takes on a project of huge proportions when he agrees to fix a '47 Mack Firetruck that take FantomWorks into wet and uncharted territory. Ken's '71 Malibu Chevelle arrives as a garage ornament that hasn't run in five years, but hopefully will soon.

Episode #14: All Revved Up (air date: 2016-10-26)

When Nick challenges Dan to a Chevelle vs Camaro supercar showdown, Dan is all-in. Now Dan has to build a '69 Camaro Pace Car that can beat the fastest Chevelle that FantomWorks has ever built.

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