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Fargo poster
Air weekdate: Wednesday
Genre: Drama, Crime
Channel: FX
Status: Continuing
9.1/10(131 votes)
Billy Bob Thornton Billy Bob Thornton as Lorne Malvo
Patrick Wilson Patrick Wilson as Lou Solverson
Martin Freeman Martin Freeman as Lester Nygaard
Ted Danson Ted Danson as Hank Larsson
Allison Tolman Allison Tolman as Molly Solverson
Kirsten Dunst Kirsten Dunst as Peggy
Adam Goldberg Adam Goldberg as Mr. Numbers
Allan Dobrescu Allan Dobrescu as Charlie Gerhardt
Angus Sampson Angus Sampson as Bear Gerhardt
Bob Odenkirk Bob Odenkirk as Deputy Bill Oswalt

Fargo is an American crime drama with some dark comical elements inspired by the film Fargo written by the Coen brothers. It was met with considerable acclaim as insurance salesman Lester Nygaard faces off against the psychopath Lorne Malvo.

Fargo season 1

Fargo season 1 poster

January, 2006 Lorne Malvo passing through the snow-covered town Bemidji in Minnesota has an accident. Insurance salesman Lester Nygaard meets his former school-mate Sam Hess who high-hatted him at school and Sam damages Lester’s nose by chance. At the hospital Lester makes acquaintance with Lorne and suggests him to kill the offender. At the same time police Chief Vern Thurman and his deputy Molly Solverson notice the wrecked car and following its traces find the seminude frozen man in the forest. Their next call is a murder scene of Sam Hess… All in all according to the content these series are covered with enigma, various plot twists and unexpected turns. Furthermore new characters break before us – mafia. Sam Hess was connected with an organized crime which is also interested to find Hess’s murderer. So two gangsters Mr. Numbers and Mr. Wrench are sent to find and punish a killer. Thus these series are strictly recommended for those who like criminal dramas with elements of black comedy.

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Fargo season 2

Fargo season 2 poster

A dramatic noir criminal comedy Fargo successfully picks up speed in the sophomore season. The story now is focused on Sioux Falls homicides dating from 1979 and jumps almost three decades before the developments of the premiere season. The events of the season will take place in Luverne, Minnesota and Sioux Fall, South Dakota. The viewers will witness violation, sex and monstrous murders. We’ll be introduced with a young Lou Solverson, who just returned from Vietnam with his young wife in order to carry out an investigation of a killed judge and some other crimes possibly connected with this case. Sheriff Hank Larsson, his father-in-law, helps him to look into the cases, leading them both to other main characters of the season: Joe Bulo, a figure-head of a Kansas City crime syndicate, and Karl Weathers, a lawyer. Another protagonist of the series is represented by beauty Peggy Blomquist. She seems to wish some more perspectives from life…

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Fargo season 3

Fargo season 3 poster

American Drama Fargo was filmed on the material of the popular film of the Coen brothers. Crime drama tells the story of the origin of a stranger during a quiet and sleeping society. This person will turn everything upside down and will become the founder of many ills. The name of the man-hobo Lorne Malvo. One day happened one unpleasant incident in his life. He brought down a deer which suddenly ran out into the road, and jumped to the sidelines. Therefore he was forced to stay in this small town in Minnesota. As a result of this unpleasant incident, he received a head injury and therefore was forced to go to the hospital. There Lorne Malvo met with an unsuccessful insurance agent. Why he was out of luck? Because in he did not believe even his own wife, and once again he could not impose the insurance to a young couple. An unexpected meeting an insurance agent named Lester with his former school bully led to another trouble owing to what Lester was in the hospital. Lester shared with Malvo his trouble, and received unexpected advice. Malvo offered to kill the offender of Lester thus to rid him from this problem. However, Lester did not take seriously the proposal. But Malvo wasted no time sets to work whereupon in the city started to happen terrible misfortunes.

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