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Feel Good

Feel Good poster
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Channel: Netflix
Status: Ended
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Al Roberts Al Roberts as Jared
Barry Ward Barry Ward as Arnie Rivers
Jack Barry Jack Barry as Jack
Ophelia Lovibond Ophelia Lovibond as Binky
Ophelia Lovibond Ophelia Lovibond as Binky
Phil Burgers Phil Burgers as Phil
Ramon Tikaram Ramon Tikaram as David
Rosalind March Rosalind March as Brenda
Sindhu Vee Sindhu Vee as Karen
Steen Raskopoulos Steen Raskopoulos as Pete

In this wryly humorous dramedy, stand-up comic Mae Martin deals with sobriety, addiction and a new relationship with her formerly straight girlfriend.

Feel Good season 1

Feel Good season 1 poster

The main character of this TV series is a Canadian stand-up comic, who lives in London and tries to improve relationships with her new lesbian friend George. At the same time, she is trying to make peace with her disapproving friends and parents, who are not happy with her lifestyle, while fighting her alcohol and drug addictions. The plot is based on life experience of Mae Martin, who will take the leading role in the series. Will she be able to regain control of her life and succeed in new romantic relationships?

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During the first season, Mae struggles to maintain her sobriety and sanity amid the chaos surrounding her profession and her relationship with George, her new friend. Meanwhile, George is doing everything he can to prevent her friends from finding out the truth about Mae's first friend and their relationship. Towards the end of the season, Mae realizes that George can be her escape from drugs. They go through hell, even part, but then reconcile. All the experiences they have experienced make them better. In season two, we can expect Mae and George to fix their flaws. As she struggles to stop taking drugs, George may seek to understand her newfound voice of self-expression. We could see them follow their dreams and also solve problems in their relationship. The two girls may again have to endure the interference of their families, friends and the challenges of working life. Will their relationship stand the test of time or succumb to pressure?

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