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Finding Alice season 1

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Genre:, Drama
Status:In Development
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Harry and Alice have been dating for 20 years. But shortly after they move to their new home, Harry falls down the stairs and dies. And Alice discovers that her boyfriend has left behind a mountain of debts and secrets that she will now have to deal with.

Finding Alice season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: Episode 1 (air date: 2021-01-17)

For Alice, Harry and their daughter, Charlotte, moving into their new home should have been a dream come true. But it quickly turns into a nightmare when Alice discovers Harry dead at the bottom of the stairs. Harry designed the smart house, so it's weird and wonderful, and one more disorientation for Alice on top of her sense of loss and abandonment. Alice's beloved partner is no more, and now she can't find the fridge. 

Family should be a source of comfort, but Harry's parents, Minnie and Gerry, keep popping round uninvited. Whilst Alice's own parents, Roger and Sarah, only seem to add to her list of problems. 

With Harry gone and Alice struggling to cope, Charlotte is forced to bottle up her grief and be the responsible one. Especially when the police turn up asking questions about the night that Harry died. To make matters worse, more unexpected visitors start knocking on Alice's door, and she begins to realise that Harry's business debt wasn't the only secret he kept hidden from her. 

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