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Fortitude poster
Air weekdate: Thursday
Genre: Drama, Horror, Suspense
Status: Continuing
7.4/10(34 votes)
Björn Hlynur Haraldsson Björn Hlynur Haraldsson as Eric Odegard
Richard Dormer Richard Dormer as Dan Anderssen
Björn Hlynur Haraldsson Björn Hlynur Haraldsson as Eric Odegard
Michael Gambon Michael Gambon as Henry Tyson
Sofie Gråbøl Sofie Gråbøl as Governor Odegard
Stanley Tucci Stanley Tucci as DCI Morton
Alexandra Moen Alexandra Moen as Petra
Christopher Eccleston Christopher Eccleston as Professor Stoddart
Darren Boyd Darren Boyd as Markus Huseklepp
Dennis Quaid Dennis Quaid as Michael Lennox

Violence comes to the isolated town of Fortitude in the Arctic Circle, one of the safest towns on Earth. As mysterious phenomena plague the town in the aftermath of a murder, the inhabitants realize that no one can be trusted... and all is not that it seems.

Fortitude season 1

Fortitude season 1 poster

Population of a little arctic town Fortitude amounts to 713 men and the town needs urgently some investments. In order to attract moneybags a governor Odegard elaborates a plan of a hotel construction inside of the ice cap. This extravagant building is going to attract tourists. The project slows down because of the protests of Professor Charlie Stoddart (leader of ecological service). And once upon the lovely arctic morning the local drunkard Tyson goes out to make photos of the landscape and sees that a white bear devours a still alive person. Tyson wants to rescue a poor man and grabs a gun, but his shaking arms let him down and he shoots a man in his head. Sheriff Anderssen hushes up this matter, submitting a case as a bear aggression. But right out of a clear sky Professor Stoddart is murdered. And the life of this little town appears in quite a different light … Two corpses, discovery of some fossil animal (maybe mammoth?) by the local lowlifes, a strongly pronounced conflict between sheriff Anderssen and detective Morton from London, unknown virus, human loving bears and snowy Northern spaces – and this all is just a beginning!

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Fortitude season 2

Fortitude season 2 poster

It is not surprising but to a certain time in the territory of the planet might have existed and maybe will exist such lands where there is no place for crime. If you want you can verify this if you can see cold Arctic, in particular the city of Fortitude in which live are people just like you but only under more severe climatic conditions. Surprisingly but here also as we have there is a place for social and other institutions, including the police. However, there is no work for the police, because in the city there was no criminal. The absence of crime in the city it was such pride for its residents. It is the only continent in the world that has such a feature. People want to their city remained as calm and peaceful forever. But with time appeared an evil person with evil intentions which decided to break this peace. His confused the fact that in a certain city of Fortitude people live as in paradise. For him, it was the kind of impetus for the destruction of good atmosphere. When people found the murdered man were in a state of shock. Before us was a visitor from Britain. All interested in the question: who and why took away the life of man? Arrived on the scene, local police Anderson and his partner Milton Caldwell began the investigation. At some point the over the city appeared a black curtain. From that moment on, all the inhabitants of the city began to blame each other in that crime. The city was covered an atmosphere of horror.

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Fortitude season 3

Fortitude season 3 poster

The audience is waiting for a new meeting with a laconic and stern sheriff Dan Anderssen in the third season of the show. Dan returns to work again - even more wicked, insane and dangerous than ever before. Not surprising, considering all that has happened in Fortitude lately. Local residents, on the contrary, are trying to cope with the consequences of Hildur and Munk deaths and once again establish their lives. Although, life in the town does not become calmer and more secure - incomprehensible murders and a series of mysterious crimes put pressure on the sheriff to solve all these riddles as soon as possible.

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