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Fresh Off the Boat

Fresh Off the Boat poster
Genre: Comedy, Family
Channel: ABC
Status: Ended
7.8/10(400 votes)
Chelsey Crisp Chelsey Crisp as Honey
Constance Wu Constance Wu as Jessica Huang
Forrest Wheeler Forrest Wheeler as Emery Huang
Hudson Yang Hudson Yang as Eddie Huang
Ian Chen Ian Chen as Evan Huang
Lucille Soong Lucille Soong as Grandma Huang
Luna Blaise Luna Blaise as Nicole
Randall Park Randall Park as Louis Huang
Randall Park Randall Park as Louis
Ray Wise Ray Wise as Marvin

It's the '90s and 12 year old, hip-hop loving Eddie just moved to suburban Orlando from DC's Chinatown with his parents. It's culture shock for his immigrant family in this comedy about pursuing the American Dream. Fresh Off the Boat is based on Chef Eddie Huang's memoir "Fresh Off the Boat".

Our Asian-American main characters of Fresh off the Boat series lived their entire life in Washington in 1990-s. They completely understand and accept the American traditions, but at the same time they also do not forget their Asian roots. Once it dawned upon the chief father – Louis Huang to move with the entire Huang family in some other state and open a meat restaurant there. Louis is sure that he will be able to earn much more in Florida than in Washington. Thus he transports the whole family, consisting by the way of six members, to the new state in Orlando town. First his wife and children are glad with his decision and new changes. But then it comes out that there are no Asians and China-towns in the surrounding area in Florida and this is a real culture shock for protagonists. Will the Huangs manage to strike root here? What new adventures will await the children at new school? Will the new business generate profit or loss for the Asian family?

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In pursuit of a better life, being from Taiwan, Louis and Jessica, who first lived in Washington, now moved to hot Florida, namely in Orlando. Louis always dreamed of starting his own business and USA is the only place where he can put his dream in reality. But it turns out to be not so easy, because everything here is completely different, not similar to what main characters are used to. In new season Louis and Jessica’s family is expecting the same difficulties connected with complicated and annoying process of assimilation. However to all other issues the family ones will be added, which include the desire of children to grow up faster and achieve independence from parents. Louis is trying to hold on. He tries to adapt quickly to their new surrounding and people, but Jesse still does not understand and does not share her husband's desire to live in this wild place, where everything is so alien and incomprehensible. Jessica is still hard to accept the looseness and freedom with which Americans live. The heroine will make even a lot of effort to get closer to dream-complete assimilation.

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The events of the series take place during the 90s of the 20th century. The head of the family of Louis Huang along with his wife and three sons moved from Washington to the small town of Orland. Family members do not share the decision with Luis. But Louis was persistent because he is determined to open his own restaurant. Therefore, the spouse with the children still had to agree to the move. For some the next change in life do not create any difficulties. Such people quickly adapt to new circumstances and the people can not be said about the characters of the comedy series. They are extremely hard to get used to a new life. After all in Washington the family had quite other possibilities but here everything seemed so far away from civilization ... Wife Jessica goes to the barber quest that could make her hairstyle such as a former person engaged in the care of her hair. However, Jessica quickly disappointed because she was unable to find such a man. Bitter falls and twelve-year teenager Eddie. The kid loves to play basketboll and enjoys hip-hop. But here he is not able to do it. Therefore guy is deeply disappointing since he can not get out of life what he wants. In addition, they disliked the fact that the city has very few Chinese people and there is no Chinatown. Heroes are familiar with American kitchen but still prefer their own the Chinese. The next moment it becomes an unpleasant event which takes place in the school with Eddie. The disciples saw Eddie with a Chinese dinner and began to huff. When will the time that the family adapts to a new place and will cease to yearn for Washington.

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There is no Chinatown in Orlando! This news is still gnaws the Asians who arrived here in the Fresh Off the Boat season 4. Having chosen this state, they have lost much. Who knew that there would be such embarrassment? They quite like the city itself and the prices are affordable. They managed to buy themselves a good building and they had every chance of making a great meat restaurant. One that will satisfy the needs of both their Asian comrades and those who are Europeans. But what about habits that are not known in this state? So, the fresh inhabitants of Orlando will have to make their way through the wall of misunderstanding in the new episodes of season 4 Fresh Off the Boat.

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Fresh Off the Boat season 5 continues the story about complexities and adventures of an Asian-American family moving from Washington to Florida. Huangs has been living in a new place for several years and managed to settle down well. The family business is booming, as Cattleman’s Ranch managed to become a successful restaurant. Everything is fine at work, so Louis devotes more time to his wife and children now. As a result, dad begins to realize that children grow up and they will leave the parental home after a few years. Jessica finished her book and now ponderes over her life. Eddie is almost an adult and thinks about the independence from his parents. As a result, he goes to Taiwan through the exchange program “The Love Boat” to feel like an adult. Emery and Evan are still children who learn, have fun and delight their parents. Summing up, season 5 is dedicated to the topic of independence of each family member and his thoughts about a bright future.

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“Fresh off the boat” is an American sitcom that talks about the life of an Asian-American family that has to settle in a new place. The sixth season of the series will be released on September 27, 2019 by ABC. The sixth season is devoted to the difficulties that people face in a new place. It is not easy for the Huang children, of whom they have three because of new school, new classmates, a new circle of friends. And with Louis himself, with his business, everything is far from being as good as in his dreams. Producers announced that the cast will remain the same and we will face with new problems of everyday routine. Very soon we will observe it. Just wait a bit.

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