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Friends poster
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Channel: NBC
Status: Ended
9.1/10(9914 votes)
Courteney Cox Courteney Cox as Monica Geller
David Schwimmer David Schwimmer as Ross Geller
Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green
Lisa Kudrow Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay
Matthew Perry Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing
Matt LeBlanc Matt LeBlanc as Joey Tribbiani
Courteney Cox Courteney Cox as Monica Geller
Courteney Cox Courteney Cox as Monica Geller
David Schwimmer David Schwimmer as Ross Geller
Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green

Six young (20-something) people from New York City (Manhattan), on their own and struggling to survive in the real world, find the companionship, comfort and support they get from each other to be the perfect antidote to the pressures of life.

This average group of buddies goes through massive mayhem, family trouble, past and future romances, fights, laughs, tears and surprises as they learn what it really means to be a friend.

Friends season 1

Friends season 1 poster

Joey Tribbiani, Monica and Ross Geller, Phoebe Buffay and Chandler Bing met in Central coffee place shortly after Ross had divorced his wife, Carol, which turned lesbian and living with her girlfriend Susan. By the time Ross lives alone, Monica rents an apartment, Phoebe lives with her grandmother, Joey and Chandler live opposite the Monica’s apartment. Monica’s school friend Rachel Green came to the coffee shop. She ran away from the wedding. Rachel decides to start an independent life, moves in with Monica and she forges a waitress in a coffee shop.

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Friends season 2

Friends season 2 poster

Rachel is in love with Ross, but he meets Julie and wants to build a relationship with her. Joey won the role of Dr. Drake Remore in the popular TV series “Days of Our Lives.” In search of her father, Phoebe finds his brother through the father of Frank Jr.. Monica strikes up a romance with an ophthalmologist and a friend of her parents, Richard Burke, who is older than her 21. Chandler meets a girl on the Internet. On a real date it appears that the stranger is Janice.

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Friends season 3

Friends season 3 poster

Rachel leaves a job as a waitress, and goes to the business as a model. Her new friend Mark offered her the job. Monica gets a job in a restaurant in the style of the fifties, where forced to wear a wig and false breasts. There she meets with a customer, a millionaire Pete, and they begin an affair. Chandler once again breaks up with Janice. Phoebe finds a woman who knew her parents.

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Friends season 4

Friends season 4 poster

Ross breaks with Bonnie and again converges with Rachel. Joey begins an affair with his colleague, actress Kathy. Chandler, however, also falls in love with her. Because of this, Joey and Chandler are strongly arguing. Monica and Rachel lose the game, and Chandler and Joey are forced to swap their apartments. Phoebe finds her true biological mother.

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Friends season 5

Friends season 5 poster

Ross’s wedding in London failed. Friends back in New York. Phoebe gives birth to triplets. Chandler and Monica’s relationship becomes serious, but they keep it a secret. Rachel gets a new job in the company of Ralph Lauren. Joe gets a major role in the movie and went to the shooting in Las Vegas. Friends go there to visit him.

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Friends season 6

Friends season 6 poster

In the morning, Rachel and Ross have no memories of the previous night. But after learning that married, decide to annul the marriage. Chandler and Monica did not marry, but decide to live together. Chandler moved into the apartment of Monica, Rachel moves in with Phoebe, and Joey finds a new neighbor – a dancer Janine. Ross, who was fired from the museum, he finds work as a teacher of paleontology at the University. Joey needs money and he finds a job as a waiter at Central Perk.

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Friends season 7

Friends season 7 poster

Monica and Chandler are beginning to prepare for the wedding. Rachel still live with Joey. Joey again gets the role of Dr. Drake Remore in “Days of Our Lives.” However, his character throughout the season lies in a coma.

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Friends season 8

Friends season 8 poster

Rachel admits that she is pregnant, but refuses to say who the father is. Joey finds a stranger sweater in the apartment – sweater child’s father. After Rachel recognized that waiting for Ross child, they told friends that they had spent the night together before the wedding Monica and Chandler. Joey begins to empathize to Rachel, but Rachel offers to move in with Ross, as they wait for a child in common.

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Friends season 9

Friends season 9 poster

Rachel realizes that Joey did not make her an offer, but Ross did too. After the birth baby, their relationship even more complicated, Rachel and her daughter once again take up residence at Joey’s. Chandler gets a new job in Tulsa. Friends go to Barbados for the conference, which involved Ross.

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Friends season 10

Friends season 10 poster

Joey and Rachel’s relationship again become friendly. Charlie goes from Ross to a former boyfriend. Monica and Chandler in the service of adoption reported that a girl named Erica wants to give them a child. Phoebe and Mike get married. Rachel gets a proposal for a new job in Paris. She is preparing to move.

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