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Fringe poster
Air weekdate: Friday
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Science-Fiction, Thriller
Channel: FOX (US)
Status: Ended
8.7/10(712 votes)
Anna Torv Anna Torv as Olivia Dunham
Joshua Jackson Joshua Jackson as Peter Bishop
Blair Brown Blair Brown as Nina Sharp
Jasika Nicole Jasika Nicole as Astrid
John Noble John Noble as Dr. Walter Bishop
Kirk Acevedo Kirk Acevedo as Charlie Francis
Mark Valley Mark Valley as John Scott
Seth Gabel Seth Gabel as Lincoln Lee
Georgina Haig Georgina Haig as Etta
Lance Reddick Lance Reddick as Phillip Broyles

The series follows a Federal Bureau of Investigation "Fringe Division" team based in Boston. The team uses unorthodox "fringe" science and FBI investigative techniques to investigate a series of unexplained, often ghastly occurrences, some of which are related to mysteries surrounding a parallel universe.

Fringe season 1

Fringe season 1 poster

The series tells about FBI Special Agent Olivia Dunham, mad scientist Walter Bishop and his son Peter, who explore aspects of science such as telepathy, levitation, invisibility, reincarnation, genetic mutation, and so on. In the first season, Olivia convinces Peter that he took his father from a psychiatric hospital. After that, Walter calls his former laboratory. Olivia, Peter and Dr. Bishop will make the first step towards the realization of truth, which is beyond our understanding.

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Fringe season 2

Fringe season 2 poster

This season, Olivia returns from the alternate world. She is terribly scared and did not remember anything. Peter and Dr. Walter Bishop try to help her to get the herself. Responses are received, observations are successful, someone’s loyalty will be tested, and the truth will be revealed.

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Fringe season 3

Fringe season 3 poster

Olivia is enclosed in a parallel universe after the shocking coincidence. She struggles to get home. Meanwhile, the alternative Olivia is next to the unsuspecting Walter and Peter. In the third season, many events will take place in a parallel reality. How does Olivia will come back from another universe? What will happen to Peter and Walter?

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Fringe season 4

Fringe season 4 poster

A young FBI agent Olivia Dunham is forced to work with staff scientists to investigate unexplained phenomenons. There is a Dr. Walter Bishop among the employees of this secret department of the National Security. He is something average between Einstein and Frankenstein. His son Peter Bishop with an IQ of 200 and with gambling debts, who did not finish school, is also in this secret department. And there is Nina Sharp, who has worked on a secret organization for 16 years, is in this team. A special agent of NS Phillip Broyles is head this department, designed to investigate the paranormal.

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Fringe season 5

Fringe season 5 poster

This series is about the supernatural abilities of the human brain. In the center of the story are FBI agent Olivia Dunham, scientist Walter Bishop and his son Peter. They explore specific aspects of the human mind. Their goal is a supernatural ability person. Walter is the Professor and his son Pete, an avid gambler with IQ about 200. In the season 5 main characters go in 2036. The Earth was captured by the observers and they control the entire population of the planet. Peter meets his adult daughter Astrid and they together go to find Olivia. Now the main task for them is to save lives of people. They need to find a device which Walter created. It will help to turn the tide in the right direction. But a new world full of dangers. Observers control all processes. They can predict the actions that have not yet occurred. Walter loses his daughter again. Can will Olivia, Walter and Peter to restore order on Earth? Or the world will plunge into chaos and humanity will be destroyed? Watch the culmination of this story in our website.

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