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Full Circle

Full Circle poster
Air weekdate: Wednesday
Genre: Drama
Status: Continuing
2.0/10(1 votes)
David Crane David Crane as Colin O'Malley
Ally Sheedy Ally Sheedy as Celeste Fontaine
Billy Campbell Billy Campbell as Trent Campbell
Brian R. Norris Brian R. Norris as Hunter
Brittany Snow Brittany Snow as Katie Parerra
Calista Flockhart Calista Flockhart as Ellen Kelly-O'Rourke
Chris Bauer Chris Bauer as Richie DeStefano
David Boreanaz David Boreanaz as Jace Cooper
David Koechner David Koechner as Phil Davis
Eric McCormack Eric McCormack as Ken Waltham

The series from Neil LaBute aims to examine "the human condition and relationships through a series of conversations between 11 people," whose lives are intertwined, unbeknownst to them. Each episode takes place in a restaurant and is a conversation between two characters. One of the character's storylines then will carry over into the next episode through a conversation with a new character. That character will then be featured in the following episode. The process will continue until the final episode.

Full Circle season 1

Full Circle season 1 poster

One attempted connection leads to another. And then another. Set in a restaurant called Ellipsis, Full Circle bears witness to the complexity of human interaction. Each episode centers on two characters and the tangled drama of their relationship. One of them returns with another character in the following episode to reveal a whole new aspect of the riveting story. What happens when it all comes full circle?

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Full Circle season 2

Full Circle season 2 poster

The main heroine of the series Casey Blake causes no special attention from the society. She is an ordinary girl who simply lives and enjoys her own happiness. One day at home Casey a fire occurs as a result the mother character dies. If not the grandmother, that Casey would have remained completely lonely. Together they make the decision to move to Washington where Casey when the great-grandmother lived. New residence pleased heroine pleasant experiences and acquaintances. She was well received at the school and it seemed that life began to acquire a new meaning and become more interesting. Some time later she learns that her new friends are made in some kind of secret circle and want Casey become one of them. She refuses to believe in the existence of supernatural forces representing the witches and wizards. But her friend Adam reveals her the secret that makes a girl feel and discover in herself the power of magic about which her mother knew. Casey returns to her home where she lived with her mother before, and finds magic book with a note from her mother. She tells about the mysterious destination Casey and that the fire occurred in the house was not without participating supernatural forces. See anticipated sequel drama series in September 2017.

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This description will present the event for the third season of Full Circle series which will air in 2016. Actors: Dougray Scott and Kim Raver have won the title role in the plot of the third season. In the near future ten half-hour episodes of the new season will be available for each viewer who wants to plunge into the mysterious history of Full Circle. The new part of the narrative will show the details of the study dark criminal world of national politics. A special place in the story given to scandal of sexual violence that threatens to destroy the presidential candidate and erase his successful election. The composition of a chain of characters constantly interacting with each other will be provided at the center of each story. In the third season as in the previous two you will see the familiar faces of famous TV actors. They will present a brighter more emotional and finally a stunning game that with each new series will pull the viewer into an endless stream of mysterious events. Inexhaustible intriguing point is the main part of the story sure to draw the curiosity and will be impossible to escape from the view without knowing what is behind the curtain ending. We'll be grateful in advance if you leave your feedback on this series. Your feedback will be very helpful for us. Thank you in advance!

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