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Galavant poster
Air weekdate: Sunday
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Music
Channel: ABC
Status: Ended
7.6/10(695 votes)
Ben Presley Ben Presley as Jester
Darren Evans Darren Evans as Chef
Genevieve Allenbury Genevieve Allenbury as Queen of Valencia
Joshua Sasse Joshua Sasse as Galavant
Joshua Sasse Joshua Sasse as Galavant
Karen David Karen David as Isabella
Luke Youngblood Luke Youngblood as Sid
Mallory Jansen Mallory Jansen as Madalena
Sophie McShera Sophie McShera as Gwynne
Stanley Townsend Stanley Townsend as King of Valencia

Once upon a time, the dashing hero Galavant lost the love of his life, Madalena, to the evil King Richard. Now, our fallen hero is ready to take revenge and restore his "happily ever after". But it won't be without a few twists and turns along the way.

Galavant season 1

Galavant season 1 poster

Satirical musical Galavant plunge the audience into the ancient era treacherous kings and brave knights. This historical series contains notes of explosive humor with the addition of a magnificent musical accompaniment which gives it a considerable effectively it clearly does not allow the audience to get bored. The plot of the series is dedicated to the fascinating confrontation between the brave knight Galavant and King Richard. Selfless ritsar tries to express indifference to the tricks of wily and fierce king which is not about Richard trying as soon as possible "to pierce" Galavant and create the most intolerable conditions of life for him. One day Richard crossed the line and kidnapped Galavant beloved. Knight takes the call and without losing time goes in search of his beloved. Galavant not stop at nothing just to take revenge on the evil king. But fate has prepared Galavant lot of difficulties and obstacles before he will find for himself the long-awaited happiness. Where Richard so much hostility and hatred towards Galavant? Is Knight finds his love and happiness having overcome so much adversity in life? The first season of the show is sure to open the secrets of these events.

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Galavant season 2

Galavant season 2 poster

In the second season the brave Galavant will again delight audience with charming smile and attractive appearance. And, although, in the previous season he experienced frustration, his beloved, Madalena, turned out to be not such a one as he thought her to be, but the guy still managed to pull himself together. Now he realizes that his true love is Isabella. This beautiful princess, with which Galavant shared a passionate kiss at the end of the last season, is the most perfect creature in the world. Isabella is very special, because when the hero looks at her his, heart starts to beat faster and he can't think straight. She is excellent, she is gorgeous and Galavant will fight for her heart till the end. Hero has found a new love, but opponent remains the same. King Richard, which took Madalena from Galavant, is not the most diligent person. He takes what he wants, behaves like a turkey cock. And in order to establish relationships with the king, the main character will have to settle with him a lot of questions. In the new season knight should expect dangerous turns of events and encounters, and many more adventures.

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