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Garden Rescue season 4

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Garden Rescue season 4 poster
40 episodes (212 views)
Air weekdate:Monday
Cast:Charlie Dimmock, Harry Rich, David Rich, Arit Anderson
Channel:BBC One
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Garden Rescue season 4 episodes list:

Episode #1: Southampton (air date: 2019-04-29)

In Southampton, Morgan has £5,000 for a party garden. The space must have privacy, a water feature and, as a proud Welshman, the feeling of his homeland.

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Episode #2: Byfleet (air date: 2019-04-30)

The Rich brothers are joined by Arit Anderson to create an all-year-round garden in Byfleet for stylish octogenarian Gay.

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Episode #3: Shoreham by Sea Swiss Garden (air date: 2019-05-01)

The design team are in Shoreham by Sea, helping John and David. They have a budget of £4,500 to turn their tired garden into the perfect place to host their wedding reception.

360p (mp4 252.6 MB)
Episode #4: Shefford (air date: 2019-05-02)

Karen and Duncan in Shefford complain their garden is too plain. They don't like straight lines and want curves instead. The Rich brothers and Arit Anderson help out.

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Episode #5: Bristol Fishponds (air date: 2019-05-06)

Zoe and Jonny have £2,500 to spend on their garden in Fishponds, Bristol. They want a place to grow Zoe's wedding flowers and a spot for her alfresco yoga.

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Episode #6: Southsea (air date: 2019-05-07)

Tracey and her family have moved into the home she grew up in, and her mum Christine now lives in a newly built granny flat. But the building work has trashed the lovely garden.

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Episode #7: Melton Mowbray (air date: 2019-05-08)

David and Harry Rich, along the latest Garden Rescue designer, Arit Anderson, are in Melton Mowbray, creating the ultimate alfresco cooking and dining area.

360p (mp4 252.3 MB)
Episode #8: Milton Keynes (air date: 2019-05-09)

This time, Charlie Dimmock and brothers Harry and David Rich are in Milton Keynes to create a BBQ-friendly, brightly planted, Hindu-inspired garden.

360p (mp4 251.4 MB)
Episode #9: Solihull (air date: 2019-05-10)

Harry and David Rich are joined by Arit Anderson to help Richard and Darren create their own slice of New York's famous High Line garden in Solihull.

Episode #10: Appleton (air date: 2019-05-13)
Episode #11: Leamington Spa (air date: 2019-05-14)
Episode #12: Swindon (air date: 2019-05-15)
Episode #13: Petersfield (air date: 2019-05-16)
Episode #14: Daresbury (air date: 2019-05-17)
Episode #15: Bristol (air date: 2019-05-27)
360p (mp4 250.0 MB)
Episode #16: St. Ives (air date: 2019-05-28)
360p (mp4 229.0 MB)
Episode #17: Rotherham (air date: 2019-05-29)
360p (mp4 227.8 MB)
Episode #18: Alton (air date: 2019-05-30)
Episode #19: Newport Cwmcarn (air date: 2019-05-31)
360p (mp4 228.1 MB)
Episode #20: Horsham (air date: 2019-06-03)
Episode #21: Yardley (air date: 2019-09-02)

Tracey Parkes's husband passed away before he could build his dream garden. Now the Garden Rescue team have come to Yardley in Birmingham to make his final wish come true.

Episode #22: Chippenham (air date: 2019-09-03)

In Chippenham, Becky and Kieron share a passion for cooking and want to transform their typical lawn-filled space into a smart, cookery-themed cottage garden.

Episode #23: Ruddington (air date: 2019-09-04)

In Ruddington, near Nottingham, Rachael and Alex want a garden inspired by Cornwall's Lost Gardens of Heligan.

Episode #24: Cambourne (air date: 2019-09-05)

In Cambourne, Marcus and Rebecca want an Australia-meets-Scotland themed garden.

Episode #25: Brighton (air date: 2019-09-06)

In Brighton, Elizabeth has moved into her aunt's old home, but the much-loved family house has a much less lovely garden – it's nothing but a paved-over blank square.

Episode #26: St Albans (air date: 2019-09-09)

With a budget of £4,000, Bernard and Cecilia from St Albans want a beautiful garden that marries their British and Maltese lives, as well giving them space to grow veg.

Episode #27: Newport (air date: 2019-09-10)

Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers are in Newport, Wales, to create a colourful, tranquil space where Deep can grow herbs and practice art and meditation.

Episode #28: Leeds (air date: 2019-09-11)

Harry and David Rich and Charlie Dimmock are in Leeds to help Neil and his flat mate Jack, who are after a cool outdoor ‘party hang out' space and have £4,000 to spend.

Episode #29: Shoreham-by-Sea (air date: 2019-09-12)

In Shoreham-by-Sea, the Rich brothers, Harry and David, and Arit Anderson help turn a boring garden into a place of Mediterranean beauty.

Episode #30: West Bromwich (air date: 2019-09-13)

Pauline recently bought a house in West Bromwich, complete with her very first garden. But it's a disaster, and she has no idea what to do except call Garden Rescue!

Episode #31: Hucknall (air date: 2019-09-16)
Episode #32: Swansea (air date: 2019-09-17)
Episode #33: Northampton (air date: 2019-09-18)
Episode #34: Chester (air date: 2019-09-19)
Episode #35: Bicester (air date: 2019-09-20)
360p (mp4 299.0 MB)
Episode #36: Hook (air date: 2019-09-23)
360p (mp4 298.9 MB)
Episode #37: Salford (air date: 2019-09-24)
Episode #38: Harborne (air date: 2019-09-25)
Episode #39: Goring-by-Sea (air date: 2019-09-26)
360p (mp4 296.9 MB)
Episode #40: Cheshunt (air date: 2019-09-27)
360p (mp4 297.1 MB)
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