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Get Even season 1

Get Even season 1 poster
10 episodes (229 views)
Air weekdate:Friday
Cast:Mia McKenna-Bruce, Kim Adis, Jessica Alexander
Channel:BBC iPlayer
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This new exciting TV series will tell us about a group of school girls, who will form a secret society in order to find and expose bullies. At the first glance these girls have nothing in common, but they will be united by the sense of justice. Their school may seem peaceful and beautiful at first, but it is plagued inside. The girls are going to face many difficulties during the year, including the first love and exams, and will be framed for a crime they didn’t commit. How they are going to prove their innocence and find a true culprit?

Get Even season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: Get On It (air date: 2020-02-14)

Bannerman Independent School’s known for its reputation and status. Only DGM, made up of four disparate but determined students, dare to reveal the truth.

Episode #2: Get In Deep (air date: 2020-02-14)

DGM get to work on a new mission, bringing down Ronny Kent. Olivia’s relationship with Donte is put at risk because of it.

Episode #3: Get It Together (air date: 2020-02-14)

Shocking news shakes the students of Bannerman to their core. Could DGM be in the frame for a terrible crime they didn’t commit?

Episode #4: Get Over It (air date: 2020-02-14)

Margot’s past comes back to haunt her, Bree’s forced to spend quality time with Rex, and DGM set to work investigating their number one suspect.

Episode #5: Get What You Want (air date: 2020-02-14)

Kitty is faced with a personal dilemma as the pressure mounts on DGM to expose the truth about a criminal, but not a murderer…

Episode #6: Get A Clue (air date: 2020-02-14)

Bree gets benched, Ronny’s memorial gig prompts many to seize the day and a suspect makes their way to the top of DGM’s list.

Episode #7: Get Out of Hand (air date: 2020-02-14)

Olivia’s secret is revealed, Kitty competes in a fencing match, Bree realises she has a boyfriend and a loss means DGM rethink their main suspect.

Episode #8: Get Through It (air date: 2020-02-14)

We flashback to when DGM began, while in the present they organise their most joyous prank yet. But then a suspect is arrested…

Episode #9: Get It Out (air date: 2020-02-14)

The Police are satisfied they’ve found the culprit despite a number of loose ends. Can DGM keep investigating when fractures threaten to tear them apart?

Episode #10: Get Justice (air date: 2020-02-14)

DGM finally learn the truth, but not without great personal risk and devastating consequences…

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