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Get Smart

Get Smart poster
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Espionage, Science-Fiction, Suspense
Channel: NBC
Status: Ended
8.5/10(805 votes)
Barbara Feldon Barbara Feldon as Agent 99
Bernie Kopell Bernie Kopell as Siegfried
David Ketchum David Ketchum as Agent 13
Don Adams Don Adams as Maxwell Smart
Don Adams Don Adams as Maxwell Smart
Edward Platt Edward Platt as Chief
Jane Dulo Jane Dulo as 99's Mother
King Moody King Moody as Starker
Red Red as Fang - Agent K-13
Robert Karvelas Robert Karvelas as Larabee

In 1965 the cold war was made a little warmer and a lot funnier due in part to the efforts of an inept, underpaid, overzealous spy: Maxwell Smart, Agent 86. The hit comedy series Get Smart is the creation of comic geniuses Buck Henry and Mel Brooks.

Get Smart season 1

Get Smart season 1 poster

The plot develops around secret agent Maxwell Smart, also known as Agent 86. His experienced partner is Agent 99, whose real name is one of the most curious mysteries in the series. Agents work for CONTROL Center which is based in Washington. The partners investigate and stand up to different menaces to peace, although the Smart’s competence constantly comes into question. Smart never succeeds in doing anything on his own without Agent 99 who has good skills and luck. A patient and reasonable head of the CONTROL Center superintends the whole work. His is always called “Chief”, but once the President of the United States addressed him by name Thaddeus. KAOS is an arch enemy of CONTROL and is called an international organization of evil. KAOS was established in Buсharest in 1940 but is based in state Delaware. Notwithstanding the fact that CONTROL and KAOS are capitalized these are not abbreviations and stand for nothing. This is an unbelievably talented amusing tasteful parody on various cinematographic clichés. Happy viewing and laughter!

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