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Ghost Adventures season 4

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27 episodes (549 views)

Air weekdate:Saturday Cast:Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley, Nick Groff, Jay Wasley Genre:Reality Channel:Travel Channel Status:Continuing

8.3 (21 votes)

Ghost Adventures season 4 episodes list:

Episode #1: Gettysburg (air date: 2010-09-17)

The GA Crew travels to Gettysburg, PA, site of the bloodiest battle of the Civil War. While there, they attempt to make contact with dead soldiers, the sadistic woman who ran the town's orphanage and the ghosts of children she abused.

Episode #2: Rolling Hills Sanitarium (air date: 2010-09-24)

The homeless, alcoholics, orphans, TB patients and the criminally insane all once took refuge at Rolling Hills. The Asylum became a stewpot of tragic cases mixed with dark personalities -- a recipe for hardcore haunting today.

Episode #3: Return to Bobby Mackeys (air date: 2010-10-01)

When they first investigated Bobby Mackey's the Crew was physically attacked by unseen forces. When they left, evil spirits followed them home. Now, Zak, Nick and Aaron return to confront their demons.

Episode #4: Waverly Hills Sanitarium (air date: 2010-10-08)

Zak and his team visit Louisvile's Waverly Hills Sanitarium, where thousands of TB patients were treated, but still died.

Episode #5: Stanley Hotel (air date: 2010-10-15)

Zak, Nick and Aaron get locked down in the Stanley Hotel, the house of horrors that inspired Stephen King's "The Shining." Join the crew in one of the world's most notorious nests of paranormal activity.

Episode #6: Hill View Manor (air date: 2010-10-22)

Formerly a home for the poor, aged and insane, Hill View Manor was known for countless suicides. Zak, Nick and Aaron investigate reports of full-bodied apparitions who seep out of its crumbling walls.

Episode #7: Vulture Mine (air date: 2010-10-29)

The Vulture Mine attracted thousands of gold-hungry prospectors in the 1800s. Before long, violence and corruption led to unspeakable deaths. Zak, Nick and Aaron investigate the evil spirits that haunt this barren gold-rush town.

Episode #8: USS Hornet (air date: 2010-11-05)

The crew explores the USS Hornet, a World War II-era aircraft carrier docked in San Francisco Bay. Visitors report seeing apparitions and bloodstains that mysteriously disappear.

Episode #9: La Palazza Mansion (air date: 2010-11-12)

La Palazza, once an opulent estate near the Las Vegas Strip, is now possessed by one of the most evil spirits the Ghost Adventures crew has ever encountered.

Episode #10: Fort Chaffee (air date: 2010-11-19)

Fort Chaffee trained soldiers for combat, held German POWs in the '40s, and housed hostile Cuban refugees in the '80s. Hundreds died there and today reports of paranormal activity persist. The Ghost Adventures crew reports for duty to uncover the truth.

Episode #11: Amargosa Opera House (air date: 2010-11-26)

Death Valley Junction, CA is a remote location where the living population is vastly outnumbered by the undead. Join Zak, Nick and Aaron in this dusty mining town as they battle a vicious spirit that is intensely hostile to men.

Episode #12: Old Fort Erie (air date: 2010-12-03)

The Ghost Adventures crew uncovers the gruesome stories of lives lost during the War of 1812 at Old Fort Erie. They explore this deeply haunted location in the hopes of making contact with men who made the ultimate sacrifice there.

Episode #13: Villisca Axe Murder House (air date: 2010-12-10)

Ghost Adventures investigates an Iowa house where 8 people were brutally murdered almost a century ago. Can Zak, Nick and Aaron find any paranormal clues to these horrific unsolved crimes?

Episode #14: Kell's Irish Pub (air date: 2010-12-17)

Zak, Nick and Aaron travel to Seattle to investigate an Irish pub that used to be a funeral home associated with foul play and corruption. Today, the building is haunted by spirits in search of justice.

Episode #15: Pico House Hotel (air date: 2011-01-07)

Zak, Nick and Aaron are joined by the Hollywood Ghost Hunters as they investigate a once-opulent hotel where 19 Chinese immigrants were murdered during a vicious race riot in 1871.

Episode #16: Goldfield (air date: 2011-01-14)

Zak, Nick and Aaron head out to the dusty old ghost town that launched their careers -- Goldfield, NV. This time they have teamed up with EVP experts Mark and Debby Constantino in a quest for new mind-blowing evidence.

Episode #17: Bonnie Springs Ranch (air date: 2011-01-21)

Built in 1843 as a stopover for the wagon trains going to California, Bonnie Springs Ranch has been transformed into a tourist attraction. But could these historic buildings be triggering a response from something other than the guests passing through?

Episode #18: Salem Witch House (air date: 2011-02-18)

Twenty men and women were tried and executed on suspicion of witchcraft in Salem, Ma, in 1692. Zak, Nick and Aaron travel to Salem to perform a witch ritual, in hopes of contacting tortured souls involved in the infamous trials. They get locked down inside The Witch House, former home of judge Jonathan Corwin, the only building still standing with direct ties to the Salem Witch Trials. The crew also investigates the Lyceum Restaurant, built on the former site of an apple orchard owned by Bridget Bishop, the first person executed for witchcraft during the trials.

Episode #19: Jerome Grand Hotel (air date: 2011-02-25)

The Jerome Grand Hotel is the most haunted structure in a town known as "Ghost City." Residents have reported terrifying tales of specters and other phenomena. The Ghost Adventures team attempts to calm these angry ghosts.

Episode #20: Yorktown Memorial Hospital (air date: 2011-03-18)

The Ghost Adventures team investigates an abandoned hospital in Texas. The ghosts of the nearly 2,000 people who died there still linger at Yorktown Memorial. Zak, Nick and Aaron use their ghost hunting skills to uncover the truth behind the terrifying haunting.

Episode #21: Madame Tussauds Wax Museum (air date: 2011-04-08)

Hollywood wax figures and mob villains cause quite a stir for Zak and the gang during a lockdown at Madame Tussauds - former site of the mafia-run Sands Casino.

Episode #22: Sacremento Tunnels (air date: 2011-04-15)

The GAC investigate the Sacramento Tunnels, as well as two other hot spots located in the town above the tunnels. A former mining town, Sacramento, California has seen its share of death and destruction from floods, cholera and massive fires. Zak, Nick and Aaron begin their investigation together in the tunnels beneath the city, then the Old Eagle Theatre and the Original California Supreme Court.

Episode #23: Hales Bar Marina and Dam (air date: 2011-04-29)

Zak, Nick and Aaron travel to Tennessee to investigate the Hales Bar Marina on Lake Nickajack, as well as the former hydroelectric dam which now serves as the resort's dry dock. But evil spirits aren't the only thing the guys have to dodge- tornadoes also disrupt the investigation.

Episode #24: Kentucky Slave House (air date: 2011-05-13)

The ghosts of tortured slaves lead Zak, Nick and Aaron into the Maysville Slave House in Kentucky. The team provokes the cruel slave owner and comforts the tormented spirits of the slaves that once resided in the house's dungeon.

Episode #25: Tooele Hospital (air date: 2011-05-27)

Stories of spirits at Tooele Hospital, UT bring Zak, Nick and Aaron to investigate this hospital turned haunted house. After being warned that the spirits scratch visitors, things heat up when a spirit calls Zak out by name.

Episode #26: Loretta Lynn’s Plantation House (air date: 2011-06-10)

Zak, Nick and Aaron investigate their first celebrity home when they visit the Loretta Lynn Plantation in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee. The team splits up and divides their investigation between locations all over the plantation.

Episode #27: (air date: 2016-11-01)
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