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Gilmore Girls season 5

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22 episodes (266 views)

Air weekdate:Tuesday Cast:Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Scott Patterson, David Sutcliffe, Matt Czuchry, Sean Gunn, Yanic Truesdale, Liza Weil, Milo Ventimiglia, Kelly Bishop, Keiko Agena, Edward Herrmann, Jared Padalecki, Melissa McCarthy, Michael Winters, Vanessa Marano, Emily Kuroda, Lisa Ann Hadley, Chad Michael Murray, Danny Strong, Scott Cohen, Chris Eigeman, Jackson Douglas, Sally Struthers, Liz Torres, Paul Anka, Zack Van Gerbig Genre:Comedy, Drama Channel:The CW Status:Ended

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Gilmore Girls season 5 episodes list:

Episode #1: Say Goodbye to Daisy Miller (air date: 2004-09-21)

Things are still testy between Lorelai and Rory, and Rory's refusal to discuss the Dean situation causes Lorelai anguish. Emily decides to go to Europe and invites Rory to accompany her.

Episode #2: A Messenger, Nothing More (air date: 2004-09-28)

Rory calls to apologize and to ask her mother to deliver a letter to Dean with dire consequences. Emily and Rory return from Europe.

Episode #3: Written in the Stars (air date: 2004-10-05)

No one seems to care when Luke's and Lorelei's new relationship blossoms, that is until the town meeting. Rory meets a rich Yale student named Logan and chews him out for being rude to her friend Marty.

Episode #4: Tippecanoe and Taylor, Too (air date: 2004-10-12)

Lorelai and Sookie head up Jackson's campaign committee when he decides to run against Taylor for town selectman. Rory and Dean have difficulty finding a comfortable place to be alone to clear up their relationship.

Episode #5: We Got Us a Pippi Virgin (air date: 2004-10-19)

Lorelai decides that a double date with Rory and Dean is the way to smooth over the bumps in her relationship with Dean, but the evening quickly goes awry.

Episode #6: Norman Mailer, I'm Pregnant! (air date: 2004-10-26)

Desperate for a story idea for her features assignment after several concepts fail to pan out, Rory uncovers a secret Yale society which counts Logan as a member, and enlists his cooperation in getting a story on the group.

Episode #7: You Jump, I Jump, Jack (air date: 2004-11-02)

Emily demands that Lorelai bring her new boyfriend to dinner so that they can get reacquainted. Logan encourages Rory to participate in a mysterious event.

Episode #8: The Party's Over (air date: 2004-11-09)

Emily calls a temporary truce with Richard so that they can jointly host a Yale alumni party whose express purpose is to find a suitable match for their unsuspecting granddaughter.

Episode #9: Emily Says Hello (air date: 2004-11-16)

Emily decides to start dating again, and calls on a reluctant Lorelai for advice. Lorelai invites Christopher to lunch at the Inn and decides to surprise Rory by inviting her as well, but tension erupts into a heated argument out of Lorelei's earshot.

Episode #10: But Not as Cute as Pushkin (air date: 2004-11-30)

Lorelai's attempt to do something nice for Luke backfires. At Headmaster Charleston's request, Rory happily gives Anna, a Chilton student and prospective Eli, the Yale grand tour.

Episode #11: Women of Questionable Morals (air date: 2005-01-25)

Wanting to make peace with Rory, Christopher shows up at Yale, but she brushes off his attempt. Christopher finds comfort thanks to Lorelai, who disdains to tell Luke the truth about where she was.

Episode #12: Come Home (air date: 2005-02-01)

Rory offers to help Logan write an article for the Yale Daily. Richard is distraught when he sees Emily talking to man she dated.

Episode #13: Wedding Bell Blues (air date: 2005-02-08)

Emily and Richard renew their vows in front of 100's of their closest friends with Lorelai as Emily's Maid of Honor, and Rory as Richard's Best Man. Luke gets in a fight with Christopher over Lorelai. Logan comes to the ceremony with a girl that looks like his girlfriend, and Rory gets jealous.

Episode #14: Say Something (air date: 2005-02-15)

Lorelai does her best to get Luke to not give up on them after the awful events at the wedding. After taking care of her mom Rory goes back to Yale to work things out with Logan.

Episode #15: Jews and Chinese Food (air date: 2005-02-22)

Luke volunteers to build the sets for a school production of "Fiddler on the Roof," knowing that Lorelai is doing costumes, in hopes that their paths will cross. Meanwhile, at Yale, Rory plans to reconnect with Marty to watch Marx Brothers movies, but Logan interrupts their day by inviting them to dinner with his group.

Episode #16: So... Good Talk (air date: 2005-03-01)

When Richard and Emily return from their second honeymoon, Rory attends Friday-night dinner without Lorelai, who refuses to speak to her mother or see her, and plans a girls' night out with Sookie instead. Meanwhile, Luke, who's miserable without Lorelai, takes his anger out on his customers. Meanwhile, Lane has a horrific realization about her mother's inluence.

Episode #17: Pulp Friction (air date: 2005-03-08)

Rory and Logan are still dating, however not exclusively. Emily and Richard assume that since Emily gave instructions to Luke to get back together with Lorelai everything must be all set now. However, they are surprised to see only Rory show up for Friday dinner.

Episode #18: To Live and Let Diorama (air date: 2005-04-19)

Much to everyone's surprise, Luke volunteers to help with the museum to remain close to the house. Lorelai is interviewed by a magazine due to her success with the Inn. Rory and Paris sulk over their recent pitfalls with love.

Episode #19: But I'm a Gilmore! (air date: 2005-04-26)

Rory finally realizes that she's not a casual dater and tells Logan that she wants to be friends. Luke fills in as Head Chef at the Dragonfly while Lorelai looks for a temporary replacement for Sookie, who must remain in bed. Paris learns the real reason why Doyle hasn't returned her calls lately.

Episode #20: How Many Kropogs to Cape Cod? (air date: 2005-05-03)

Rory starts her internship. Due to low attendance and much to Luke's delight, Taylor decides to close down the museum and sell the house. Richard and Emily invite Logan to dinner.

Episode #21: Blame Booze and Melville (air date: 2005-05-10)

The magazine comes out and Luke and Lorelai get a little too enthusiastic when celebrating. Rory is given a surprising review by Mitchum Huntzberger.

Episode #22: A House Is Not a Home (air date: 2005-05-17)

Lorelai picks Rory up after a crazy night with Logan. Rory decides that she will not go back to Yale next year, much to Lorelei's dismay.

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