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Girlfriends Guide to Divorce

Girlfriends Guide to Divorce poster
Air weekdate: Thursday
Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance
Channel: Bravo
Status: Ended
6.0/10(5 votes)
Lisa Edelstein Lisa Edelstein as Abby McCarthy
Janeane Garofalo Janeane Garofalo as Lyla
Beau Garrett Beau Garrett as Phoebe
Beau Garrett Beau Garrett as Phoebe
Beau Garrett Beau Garrett as Phoebe
Aaron Staton Aaron Staton as JD
Alanna Ubach Alanna Ubach as Jo
Alison Thornton Alison Thornton as Zooey
Brandon Jay McLaren Brandon Jay McLaren as Marco
Brian Markinson Brian Markinson as Albert

Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce follows Abby McCarthy, a self-help book author and guru of all things family, who shocks the world when she reveals that her seemingly perfect life has all been a lie. After publicly admitting that she has separated from her husband, Jake, America's once-favorite girlfriend finds her career and marriage in a free fall. As she starts to navigate life as a single woman in her 40s, Abby turns to her new divorced friends, rather than her married ones, for advice. Her friend Lyla is a legendary no-nonsense entertainment lawyer who is in a constant 'War of the Roses' battle with her ex-husband, and Phoebe is a former model and budding entrepreneur who has a very unique relationship with her ex. Meanwhile, a rival attorney at Lyla's firm, Delia, is hired as Abby's divorce attorney.

Inspired by the "Girlfriends' Guide" book series by Vicki Iovine.

People will always find the right words in order to maintain the spirit of their relatives or friends but to understand their own life does not always work as if they did not want this. Guided by that statement which is deeply rooted in the human mind that by always know better people are in no hurry to apply the recommended advice to solve their own problems in life. The main character of the series Abby McCartney forty-six-year-old successful writer. Her works have found its avid readers. All which wish to find the right way to solve their problems in a hurry to buy these stunning works that can be found in any supermarket in the section of practical psychology. Abby believes that well versed in both the female and the male physiology. This prompted her to write a series of books dedicated to the relationship between man and woman. Every reader will find for himself the necessary advice and literally adores the writer. Books becoming for people a kind of teacher helping to achieve success not only in family life and in their careers. One day brings not the best news for the heroine. Twenty years of her life Abby lives in marriage and how she feels life develops in the best way. But the sudden recognition of the husband about her fading love and a sense of fatigue from family life just shocked heroine. In addition to this main character receives an order to write a book on "How does a woman begin a new life after divorce." Abby in a panic because she understands that has to discard her personal problems pigeonholed and tune in writing this masterpiece not to lose the trust of her readers.

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Girlfriends Guide to Divorce season 2 is the continuation of the fascinating history of an attractive, intelligent woman named Abby McCartney helping to improve the internal state and the lives of women with the help of useful tips presented in a series of books "Help yourself." In spite of her own is not so colorful and bright life she still tries to help other women to find happiness in life a good marriage and to live life as they would like. Abby tells how to set and achieve goals and enjoy every minute of life. The most wise information about how to acquire spiritual harmony and to plan life presented in special instructions created by Abby. Of course she does not forget about her own life. Recentl it was struck by the idea to start a new life and the first thing she did was divorced from her husband. Woman hides the fact divorced from society because she understands if the whole truth pops out she will lose the trust of many listeners. Abby also does not reject the advice of her friends so very often spends time with them. Such frank talk over time begin to influence the world of the protagonist. She decides to change her usual hobbies to come to know something new that will give her even more pleasure out of life. Thus a woman creates new opportunities for herself and she is immersed in a wide range of unusual emotions and experiences. On this bright example, some of you, once again convinced that the life of the field 40 years, has just begun.

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Abby McCarthy is back to action in Girlfriends Guide to Divorce season 3. In the new season, Abby becomes on the path of redefining herself. Dismissal from work became for her a trigger for change. Her relationship with her ex-husband, Jake is still difficult. She’s imbued with sympathy for the coach of her son’s baseball team named Mike. He’s also a source of inspiration for her new hobby – writing romance novels. Meanwhile, her friend Delia is also trying to start from scratch after a failed marriage. No job, no husband, no problem. It’s never too late to have a time of your life…

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Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce season 4 is the continuation of the drama TV series based on the books of Vicki Iovine. Season 4 continues to follow Abby McCarthy on Bravo channel. Watching the new episodes of the series we learn that the life is just beginning after 40 years. And if you are a 40-year-old woman in divorce, this is just a reason to pull yourself up and start over. Thus, Abby and Barbara decided to use their knowledge and experience and create a shared business. They make a website for middle-aged women called Lady Parts. Life is changing, but friendship remains. So, girlfriends Abby, Barbara, Phoebe, Jo and Delia are still together and, in spite of everything, support each other in the new season of Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce.

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Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce season 5 is the final part of the series based on books by Vicki Iovine. This is a continuation of the story about the author, who became popular due to her series of self-help books. Abby tries to hide the fact that she is divorced and alone. However, despite the failure in her personal life, she begins a new and rather successful life in Los Angeles at the age of forty. She receives support and advice from divorced girlfriends and does not trust people who have created families. But this way of life leads her to an unexpected experience that will change her beliefs, in the final season 5 of Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce TV series.

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