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Glitch (2015)

Glitch (2015) poster
Air weekdate: Sunday
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Supernatural
Channel: ABC
Status: Ended
7.6/10(13 votes)
Aaron McGrath Aaron McGrath as Beau Cooper
Andrew McFarlane Andrew McFarlane as Vic Eastley
Daniela Farinacci Daniela Farinacci as Maria Massola
Dustin Clare Dustin Clare as Mark Clayton-Stone
Emily Barclay Emily Barclay as Sarah Hayes
Emma Booth Emma Booth as Kate Willis
Genevieve O'Reilly Genevieve O'Reilly as Dr. Elishia McKellar
Hannah Monson Hannah Monson as Kirstie Darrow
Harry Tseng Harry Tseng as Tam Chi Wai
Jackson Gallagher Jackson Gallagher as Raf

James Hayes is a small town police man who is called to the local cemetery in the middle of the night after six people have inexplicably risen from the dead in perfect health. With no memory of their identities, they are determined to discover who they are and what has happened to them. James recognises one of them and along with local doctor Elishia Glass, struggles to keep the case hidden from his colleagues, his family and the world. The six people are all linked in some way and the search begins for someone who knows the truth about how and why they have returned.

Actions series Glitch (2015) takes place in a small town Juran. It is here home to the famous James Hayes who works constable. The protagonist in good faith relates to his official duties and is always ready to help. One day, during a routine duty James receives a call to the local cemetery. According to the operator who then made an act of vandalism. As usual the hero rushes to the rescue not even imagining what awaits him ahead. Plot area intended for the burial of the dead became a place of awakening of all the dead. Event when the rebels dead come back to their families no one could foresee. This news is the speed of light scattered across the country as a result the authorities have decided as soon as possible to protect the city from the outside world. Everyone in the city had no right to leave its territory otherwise those wishing would have been shot. From this point on, all the order and justice of the city, are in the hands of the constable. Absolutely no one was prepared for this cycling event. These terrible screams of fear and distrust can not be described in words. If you are a fan sharp fantastic stories this new product is required to have your taste.

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TV show Glitch season 2 continues to highlight mysterious events in the Australian city on the ABC TV channel and now on the Netflix channel. Those who come to our world from another world will have to learn life again in season 2 of the TV series. And it’s not a fact that each of them returned unchanged. James Hayes finally finds out the reason for the resurrection of these people and who or what is behind it. As a result, the real passions begin to boil around the Risen in Yoorana, because the obtained information leads to even greater danger. We are waiting for even more adventures and mysticism in the new episodes of season 2 Glitch.

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