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Go Jetters season 2

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52 episodes (49 views)
Air weekdate:Monday
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Go Jetters season 2 episodes list:

Episode #1: Petra, Jordan (air date: 2017-09-18)

In this episode, Grandmaster Glitch goes on a desert adventure to uncover a mysterious lost city. If only it hadn't already been discovered! As Glitch attempts to beat a group of tourists to Petra in Jordan, he crashes his Grimbler in the Siq gorge. Vibrations from the Grimblers engines shake the surrounding area, causing the treasury building to shake apart. Can the Go Jetters save the ancient city?

Episode #2: The Matterhorn, Italy and Switzerland (air date: 2017-09-19)

In this episode, Glitch gets into a mountain of trouble as the Go Jetters attempt to climb the Matterhorn.

Episode #3: Bonneville Salt Flats, USA (air date: 2017-09-20)

In this episode, the Go Jetters arrive at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, USA - a huge dry lakebed that's perfect for high-speed driving. Lars unveils the Turbo Zoomster, a racecar made for Xuli to break the Go Jet land speed record. Suddenly, Grandmaster Glitch arrives at the wheel of his suped-up dragster. He once lost a race to the current record holder, Ubercorn, and now he's back for a second go.

Episode #4: Rainforests of Sumatra, Indonesia (air date: 2017-09-21)

When Grandmaster Glitch invents the world's most pungent perfume, he finds he needs one more ingredient: the super stinky aroma of the titan arum, a huge flower that blooms once every few years in the rainforests of Sumatra.

Episode #5: Go Jet Academy: Artificial Reef (air date: 2017-09-22)

Kyan, Lars and Foz pick up litter on the Academy beach after a storm, while Xuli dives down to check the coral reef. She spots something in the murky depths: a huge rusty submarine lies across the reef, and the moustache on the bow means it must belong to Grandmaster Glitch. What's worse, it's leaking oil!

Episode #6: Machu Picchu, Peru (air date: 2017-09-25)

The Go Jetters head to the ancient Peruvian city of Machu Picchu to watch Kyan compete in the Inca Trail Marathon. In the skies above, Grandmaster Glitch tries to fix his Grimbot when a loose spring causes it to bounce about inside Grim HQ like a children's toy. It accidentally gets a blast from Glitch's size ray and grows to gigantic proportions. Another Grimbot pulls a lever and the monster robot slips through the front hatch, tumbling towards the ruins below. As Kyan nears the end of his race, the giant grimbot crashes down. It scoops him up and they bounce down the ancient steps. Machu Picchu is in danger and the Go Jetters must work with Glitch if they are to save the day.

Episode #7: Avenue of the Baobabs, Madagascar (air date: 2017-09-26)

Grandmaster Glitch tries his hand at stunt flying, but the Grimbots are unimpressed, giving him a unanimous thumbs down. He tries again, but it's one loop-the-loop too much for poor old Grim HQ and it crash-lands in the branches of a baobab tree. Meanwhile, the Go Jetters enjoy the peaceful nighttime views of the Avenue of the Baobabs in Madagascar - a stand of trees known as 'the upside down trees' because their branches look like roots, reaching up into the sky. Lars makes friends with a baby lemur whose family has been scared away by a bright light and loud banging in the distance. The team investigates and discovers the cause: Grandmaster Glitch is illuminating Grim HQ with floodlights, while his Grimbots try to dislodge it from the tree.

Episode #8: Venice, Italy (air date: 2017-09-27)

Grandmaster Glitch demands the Grimbots find somewhere with no cars so he can practice riding his bike without stabilisers. He arrives in Venice and is delighted to find the 'streets' are empty. With a splash, he discovers there are no cars because there are no streets in this city of canals and demands the Grimbots build him some roads. The Go Jetters and other tourists now find their gondola rides blocked by roads and concrete.

Episode #9: Seattle Space Needle, USA (air date: 2017-09-28)

Glitch has attached huge rocket boosters to Grim HQ in an attempt to become the first Grandmaster in space. As he thunders up into the night sky, it looks like he may actually do it this time. Then the boosters splutter to a stop and he crashes back to Earth. Glitch clambers to his feet amongst the wreckage of Grim HQ and demands the Grimbots find him another spaceship. Meanwhile, the Go Jetters arrive at the Seattle Space Needle, a huge spire with a futuristic viewing platform made to look like a flying saucer. Suddenly the ground begins to shake. Kyan thinks it's his stomach, Xuli thinks it's an earthquake, but Foz spots the real cause - Glitch has attached four of his huge rockets to the saucer to turn the Space Needle into a spaceship!

Episode #10: Go Jet Academy: Hailstorm (air date: 2017-09-29)

The Go Jetters join Ubercorn in the Go Jet Academy to try out a brand new click-on: the G.O. Vac, a super vacuum that can suck up bad weather. In order to put it to the test, Ubercorn creates a small hailstorm cloud inside the dome and Lars tries to suck it up with the G.O. Vac. However, Glitch appears and tries to show off his new 'Grim-o-Freeze' and zaps the cloud. Instead of disappearing, it grows in size and ferocity, breaking the roof with a smash. The sudden change in pressure blows everyone about inside the dome and the cloud blows outside, taking Glitch and the Grimbots with it. The Go Jetters need to catch it fast so launch their brand new vehicle, the Truckster.

Episode #11: Harbin Ice City, China (air date: 2017-10-02)

When Grim HQ's heating gets stuck on, Glitch looks for a cold place to land and cool down. Meanwhile, the Go Jetters enjoy the cool sights of Harbin Ice City in China. Every year sculptors at the festival create realistic models of world-famous landmarks from blocks of ice, and Lars is attempting to carve the Eiffel Tower. Suddenly the sculptures around them begin to melt. The team investigates why everything is heating up and discovers a red hot Grim HQ sat in the middle of the festival. If they don't move it quickly, Harbin Ice City will melt!

Episode #12: Dover, England (air date: 2017-10-03)

Glitch tries to teach the Grimbots by drawing on a chalkboard. Before he can finish, his last piece of chalk snaps and the grumpy Grandmaster demands the Grimbots find a fresh supply. Meanwhile, the Go Jetters arrive at the White Cliffs of Dover in England, to cheer Kyan as he finishes a cross-channel swim, but a large cloud of dust blocks his way to the shore. On the beach, Lars and Foz find the Grimbots mining the cliffs with a big drill, causing a big crack to spread across the rock face. Can they cut the power and make the cliffs safe again?

Episode #13: Central Park, New York (air date: 2017-10-04)

Glitch is in New York to see a Broadway show, but can't find anywhere to leave the Grimbler. Then he stumbles on Central Park and decides to build his own car park there. Meanwhile, the Go Jetters drop Kyan off nearby, so he can practice his fantastic gymnastics in the park. Kyan discovers a queue of cars making their way across the grass, with a Grimbot traffic warden directing them towards a huge Grim car park. He tries to stop them, but the Grimbots attempt to shrink him with their size ray. As Xuli, Lars and Foz enjoy the view from the Statue of Liberty, they spot a blanket of smog covering the New York skyline. Xuli calls Kyan to find out what's going on and Kyan explains that Glitch's car park is causing the smog to build. Ubercorn sends Lars and Foz to suck up the smog, and Foz uses the size ray to shrink the car park.

Episode #14: Bullet Train, Japan (air date: 2017-10-05)

In Japan, Grandmaster Glitch is at a railway station, wondering where his grimbots have gone. Some excited bleeps further down the platform reveal that they've jumped into the driver's cabin of a bullet train and are happily pressing all the buttons! Glitch shouts at them to stop but it's too late: he quickly jumps onboard as the doors slam shut and the train moves off - leaving the station without it's driver. Meanwhile, at the next station, the Go Jetters are excitedly waiting with their tickets to ride the bullet train.The train approaches but doesn't stop, racing past the Go Jetters as Grandmaster Glitch shouts out of the window. The Go Jetters realise the train has been glitched!

Episode #15: Go Jet Academy: Wind Power (air date: 2017-10-06)

It's a very windy day at the Go Jet Academy as Jetpad comes in to land, zooming past the academy's windfarm turbines. Meanwhile, in a field nearby, Grandmaster Glitch is teaching his grimbots a lesson all about wind power by trying to fly a giant kite. But as the kite is launched, the strong wind catches it and pulls Glitch up, up and away - and straight towards a huge spinning turbine!

Episode #16: Gua Rusa, Borneo (air date: 2017-10-28)

When Grandmaster Glitch discovers his Halloween pumpkin isn't as big as the Grimbots' one, he goes in search of some fertilizer to help it grow. Meanwhile, Xuli is testing her new sonar-equipped G.O. Dive at the Gua Rusa cave in Borneo. Gua Rusa is so big, a jumbo jet could fly through it. It's home to millions of bats, and Glitch is after all the bat droppings to use as pumpkin fertiliser!

Episode #17: Christmas Island, Indian Ocean (air date: 2017-12-13)

Grand Master Glitch travels with his Grimbots to Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean in the hope of finding some festive cheer, even though it's not Christmas Day. He is sorely disappointed when he finds himself on a tropical island with not a hint of Christmas in sight! Determined to have his Christmas Day, he sets about trying to spread his own festive cheer by covering the island in snow. But this means the island's Red Land Crabs can't get to the ocean to lay their eggs. As the crabs are in danger, it's a race against time for the Go Jetters to stop that snow!

Episode #18: Terracotta Army, China (air date: 2018-01-15)

Ubercorn is DJing a funky party at the Go Jet Academy for the Go Jetters and cadets to enjoy, when suddenly Grandmaster Glitch gatecrashes with his mighty electric guitar. Glitch starts playing rock music with his Grimbots backing him up on the drums. Although Kyan is loving the music, it is LOUD and starts to crack the Academy statues. Ubercorn shuts down Glitch's raucous rock performance leaving the Grandmaster determined to find a brand new crowd who'll love his loud music. He decides to travel to Chian in China so that the 1000-strong Terracotta Army can be his adoring audience. But when he unleashes his rock guitar, the music is so loud it causes the fragile terracotta statues to jump around and the ancient army are at risk of breaking! The Go Jetters need click-ons to save the statues from smashing to the ground.

Episode #19: Panama Canal, Panama (air date: 2018-01-16)

Grandmaster Glitch is late for the European Moustache of the Year award ceremony, and even worse, he's broken down! The Grimbots are on hand to recommend a shortcut: the Panama Canal, a man-made passage that provides a gateway between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Meanwhile, the Go Jetters are also heading to the Panama Canal to see its huge watery steps in action, but they arrive to find honking ships' horns and a huge traffic jam - it's all been glitched! In an attempt to jump the queue of ships, Glitch has jammed the canal doors open. Not only is the canal flooding and the other ships unable to get through, but Grim HQ and Grandmaster Glitch are sinking. With the Grimbots busy with their rubber ducks, it's down to the Go Jetters to save the day.

Episode #20: Tower Bridge, London (air date: 2018-01-17)

Grandmaster Glitch is visiting London and spots the perfect souvenir at a riverside stall - a majestic hat that was clearly made for a Grandmaster! But when he finds he has no money, he decides to raise some by working as a tour guide on the River Thames. The Go Jetters are also visiting London while Lars helps to fix his favourite his bridge - Tower Bridge. Ubercorn explains that this amazing bridge can be raised to allow tall river traffic to pass safely beneath. While Lars goes to fix Tower Bridge, Xuli, Kyan and Foz jump onto a riverboat tour, unaware that they are in fact boarding Grim HQ! Before they can jump ship, Glitch sets sail, giving out his very own glitchy facts and spending his customers' money on his Union Jack hat. But when the hat blows away in the breeze and Glitch gives chase, he puts tourists, boats and Tower Bridge itself in danger.

Episode #21: Tepui Mountains, Venezuela (air date: 2018-01-18)

Foz, Kyan and Lars are climbing a Tepui in Venezuela, with Xuli exploring this amazing place in her Vroomster. Meanwhile, Grandmaster Glitch is lost and looking for his Grimbots in the thick clouds around the Tepui. He flies up and collides with the Vroomster, causing Xuli and him to crash into a sinkhole. With the Vroomster and their radios broken, it's up to them to find a way out together. However, their reluctance to form a team causes even more problems when a disagreement results in them losing Glitch's jetpack.

Episode #22: Go Jet Academy: Biogas Power (air date: 2018-01-19)

Glitch is excited when Lars refits the Grimbler with new, clean biogas boosters that could make it even faster than the Vroomster! The boosters run on gas made from food waste, and luckily there is plenty of leftover food in the academy canteen for the Grimbots to gather up. But Glitch overloads the boosters and BOOM! He loses control of the Grimbler and is sent flying across the academy, out of control. Lars leads the Go Jetters into action by giving chase across land and sea in the their all-action vehicle, the Truckster. But with the runaway boosters zooming towards Ubercorn, the Grimbots and the academy, the Go Jetters need click-ons to stop them!

Episode #23: Go Jet Academy: Hurricane Rescue (air date: 2018-01-22)

Grim HQ struggles through the sky above the Atlantic Ocean, fighting against the powerful winds of a hurricane. One Grimbot falls overboard before the ship crash-lands at Go Jet Academy. Needing another ship to rescue the missing Grimbot, Grandmaster Glitch steals Jetpad. The Go Jetters give chase in the Grimbler, heading right into the eye of the storm.

Episode #24: The Valley of Balls, Kazakhstan (air date: 2018-01-23)

The Go Jetters travel to the Valley of Balls in Kazakhstan, where they find thousands of rocks which are almost perfectly round. Meanwhile, Grandmaster Glitch is seeking the ideal ball to use to practise his bowling - something big and heavy. What could be better then one of the giant balls of rock from the Valley of Balls? But things start to go wrong for the Grandmaster when he rolls the ball of rock right out of Grim HQ and straight towards an unsuspecting group of tourists. The Go Jetters take to the Vroomster to try to stop the ball.

Episode #25: Gliding, Argentina (air date: 2018-01-24)

The Go Jet cadets are taking to the skies in Argentina in an attempt to pass their academy gliding test. As gliders do not have engines, Xuli is teaching two other pilot cadets how to glide using thermals to keep them up in the air. Not wanting to miss out on the aerial action, Grandmaster Glitch gatecrashes the flying lesson in his Grim Glider! Not only has his glider got an engine, but he also wants to make the lesson into a race. Not cool...

Episode #26: Nomads, Mongolia (air date: 2018-01-25)

Grandmaster Glitch is out on a camping expedition in Mongolia. There's not much around except a group of Mongolian nomads - people who travel around the country with their animals, camping in amazing tents called gers. Glitch visits their camp and inadvertently offends them, then his misfiring jetpack causes him to land on one of their precious horses, causing it to gallop away from the camp with Glitch on its back. The Go Jetters take to the Vroomster to try and stop Glitch and the runaway horse but end up scaring the horses and causing a stampede. They need click-ons to calm down the Mongolian horses before things get out of control!

Episode #27: Go Jet Academy: Compass Navigators (air date: 2018-01-26)

Kyan and Foz are working on their compass navigation skills and need to find the North Tower within a magnificent maze in order to pass their academy test. Grandmaster Glitch also tries to join in the amazing maze action but ends up getting lost. In a fit of frustration, he glitches the maze by bulldozing through the hedges with his Grim-mower. The Grim-mower dives into the ground, causing the pathways to crack. Foz falls into one of the cracks and needs to be rescued.

Episode #28: Wolong Panda Reserve, China (air date: 2018-02-16)

Lars and Foz are in the Wolong Nature Reserve in China, taking care of the 2,000 pandas that live in the wild there. Grim HQ has also landed in the Wolong reserve, having been through a monsoon. The rain has washed Grandmaster Glitch's ship sparkling clean. Glitch is grumpy - he likes his Grim HQ to be dirty and, well, grim! He tries to use his mud splatterer to make Grim HQ dirty again, but he can't get high enough to reach the top of the ship. He needs to build some scaffolding, so he sends his trusty Grimbots off to find him some scaffolding material. They start chopping down the bamboo forest, not realising that if the pandas don't have enough bamboo they will go hungry. The Go Jetters need to stop those Grimbots!

Episode #29: Go Jet Academy: Map Readers (air date: 2018-05-28)

At the Go Jet Academy, Ubercorn has found an old map that leads to the GO Dome of the Ancients. This mysterious Dome was built by the first ever Go Jetters and has been lost for hundreds of years. With Foz at the helm with his expert map reading skills, the Go Jetters take to the Truckster to follow the map and find the Ancient Dome.

Episode #30: The Boreal Forest, Canada (air date: 2018-05-29)

Grandmaster Glitch's Grimbots really need some cuddles, so it's down to Glitch to find them a new teddy bear! Glitch knows that bears live in Ontario in Canada, so he heads there to try and find a nice cuddly bear. Meanwhile, the Go Jetters are also in Canada competing in the Ontario lumberjack championships.

Episode #31: Timgad Ruins, Algeria (air date: 2018-05-30)

The Go Jetters travel to Algeria in north Africa to check out the ancient Timgad Ruins. Built by the Romans nearly 2,000 years ago, the city was built as a grid, with all the roads running in straight lines from north to south or from east to west. Meanwhile, Grandmaster Glitch's computer game controller has broken, so he is looking for a new one. When he sees the map of the Timgad Ruins on the ship's big screen, he realises that the grid layout makes it look just like a computer game!

Episode #32: Everglades National Park, Florida (air date: 2018-05-31)

The Go Jetters are visiting the Everglades National Park in Florida, USA. It's an area made up mainly of water with amazing wildlife living there, including alligators! The Go Jetters are working with a local park ranger to put up signs warning people not to eat food near the water as it might attract the alligators. Meanwhile, Grandmaster Glitch is also at the Everglades enjoying a holiday with his Grimbots. He decides to stop and have a picnic by the water, which brings the alligators dangerously close to him and a boat full of tourists. It's down to the Go Jetters and the park ranger to save the day.

Episode #33: The Sphinx, Egypt (air date: 2018-06-01)

Grandmaster Glitch is in need of a holiday, so he takes his Grimbots to Egypt for some rest and relaxation. Glitch is so relaxed that he falls asleep on his deckchair in the sand. The Grimbots want to play, so decide to bury him in the sand while he sleeps. Having so much fun burying Glitch, they decide to bury the Great Sphinx, one of the oldest statues in the world, built by hand thousands of years ago! The Go Jetters are also in Egypt, discovering some amazing Ancient Egyptian artefacts. When they discover that the Great Sphinx has been buried, they try to dig it out. But when they use click-ons to blow away the sand, they nearly create a sand storm!

Episode #34: Go Jet Academy: Mudslide (air date: 2018-06-04)

It's a very rainy day at the Go Jet Academy and the Go Jetters are in the training domes teaching the cadets some crucial Go Jetter skills. Meanwhile, Grandmaster Glitch has built his own rival Grim Academy dome on the side of a large, steep hill. He has uprooted trees in order to make room for his Grimdome, but without the roots of trees to hold the soil together the heavy rainfall starts a mudslide down the side of the hill! Mudslides are very powerful and can destroy anything in their path. Glitch and his cadets need rescuing before they are washed away down the hill.

Episode #35: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch (air date: 2018-06-05)

When a storm washes up lots of plastic litter onto the Go Jet Academy beach, the Go Jetters leave Ubercorn, Grandmaster Glitch and the cadets behind and head to the Pacific Ocean to try to solve the problem of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. This is a massive collection of plastic garbage which has gathered together and floats in the ocean. It causes big problems for animals and sea birds which live in the oceans as they can eat the garbage or get tangled up in it. Sorting this out is going to be the Go Jetters' biggest challenge yet!

Episode #36: The Leshan Giant Buddha, China (air date: 2018-06-06)

Inspired by the statue of the Giant Buddha of Leshan, Ubercorn teaches the Go Jetters all about mindfulness to help them to concentrate, be calm and be kind to each other. They go to visit the massive thousand-year-old statue in China, which is carved into the mountainside by a river. Meanwhile, Grandmaster Glitch wants to have a statue of himself, but the Grimbots have made it too small. He takes them to Leshan to the Giant Buddha statue to show them how big his statue should be! But when he builds a giant viewing platform on top of a boat, he loses control of the boat and causes a whirlpool, putting the statue, tourists and himself at risk.

Episode #37: Kinderdijk, Netherlands (air date: 2018-06-07)

It's a whirlwind of windmill excitement as the Go Jetters travel to Kinderdijk in the Netherlands to celebrate National Mill Day. A lot of the Netherlands is below sea level and there is a high risk of flooding, so here at Kinderdijk, ditches and pumps are used to drain away the water. This used to be done by windmills using wind power, but nowadays the pumping stations are powered by diesel fuel or electricity, but the old windmills still work too! Whilst also flying over Kinderdijk, Grandmaster Glitch's Grim HQ runs out of fuel and crashes into the water. Furious, he sends the Grimbots off to find some fuel. They hook in to the Kinderdijk pumping station and start taking the fuel.

Episode #38: The Great Mosque of Djenne, Africa (air date: 2018-06-08)

Grandmaster Glitch has been invited to Djenne in Mali, Africa, to visit the people and to see one of his favourite things at work - mud! He is especially impressed by the spectacular Great Mosque of Djenne, the largest structure made from mud in the world. But mud brings problems, and during the rainy season the rain causes damage to the walls of the mosque and the mud houses, so the local people get together to help repair them. Glitch wants to help, but when he realises they have to do this job every single year, he makes a massive umbrella to try to keep the mosque dry so that the local people don't have to repair it again. Although Glitch was only trying to help, things start to go wrong. The huge Grimbrella swings too close to the mosque and goes out of control. The Go Jetters need to fix that Glitch!

Episode #39: Wimbledon, England (air date: 2018-07-02)

The Go Jetters are at Centre Court in Wimbledon, London, to watch the world's most famous tennis tournament. But just as they settle in to watch the doubles final, Grandmaster Glitch and his Grimbots gatecrash the court. Glitch is determined to win Wimbledon, but he is not adhering to any of the rules, and the umpire wants him to leave. But Glitch is staying put until he can play some tennis and win the tournament, so Kyan and Xuli head on to Centre Court to take him on!

Episode #40: Cave Of Crystals, Mexico (air date: 2018-08-20)

While in Mexico, Glitch takes a short cut through the Cave of Crystals, a hidden space that contains some of the biggest crystals in the world! On his way through the cave the clumsy Grandmaster falls off one of the crystals and into a deep ravine. It's very hot in the cave and Glitch and the Grimbots are in trouble. Back at the Go Jet Academy, the Go Jetters receive a video message from Glitch asking for help. Fortunately, they have just been testing out their brand new GO Suits that allow them to control their temperature.

Episode #41: Bishop Rock Lighthouse, Isles Of Scilly (air date: 2018-08-21)

It's a dark night and Glitch is flying his Grim HQ over the sea around the Isles of Scilly. He's in the middle of reading a bedtime story to his Grimbots when his lamp breaks! He needs a new light, and when he sees the Bishops Rock Lighthouse in the distance he demands that the Grimbots get him the bulb. Meanwhile, Xuli, Foz and Lars are flying the Vroomster nearby, and Lars realises that the bulb is missing from the lighthouse. Glitch and the Grimbots have taken it and turned it on inside Grim HQ. But the new light is so bright that Glitch can't see anything, and Grim HQ goes out of control!

Episode #42: Go Jet Academy: Irrigation (air date: 2018-08-22)

It's farming time at the Go Jet Academy and the Go Jetters are growing corn in a big field. Their crops need watering and so the team are putting up an irrigation system which will water all the crops in the field. Growing corn is a slow process, and Grandmaster Glitch doesn't want to wait for the crops to grow. He shoots them with his size ray to make them bigger! The Go Jetters want the crops to go back to normal, so Glitch sets the size ray to shrink mode to make them small again. But disaster strikes when he accidently hits the Go Jetters and Ubercorn with the size ray and they shrink to the size of ants!

Episode #43: Bird Migration: Spain And Africa (air date: 2018-08-23)

The Go Jetters are on the Strait of Gibraltar in southern Spain, working with a team of conservationists to track and follow a group of baby storks on their journey from Spain to Africa. The baby birds follow the grown-ups so they know where to go, and then they remember the way for the rest of their lives. The storks are flying high above the sea towards Africa, but Grandmaster Glitch is also up in the air with his Grimbots working on their flying formation and nearly crashes into the migrating birds! In all the commotion the baby storks start following Glitch and not their grown-ups, meaning they might not make it to Africa!

Episode #44: Whistler Mountain, Canada (air date: 2018-08-24)

The Go Jetters are on Whistler Mountain in Canada, doing some skiing and checking out the amazing cable car. Kyan and Foz are about to have a go at the Go Jet Ski Challenge when Grandmaster Glitch comes along and wants to show them how it's done - but the sneaky Grandmaster cheats by using his jet pack to power him forward! But Glitch's jet pack is too powerful and propels him right into the cable car that Lars and Xuli are riding in. The Grimbots try to help by messing with the controls of the cable car in the control room, but they end up breaking everything and the cars stop moving. Glitch, Lars and Xuli are left hanging on to the cable car high above the ground and need urgent help!

Episode #45: Solar E-Glitch (air date: 2018-08-27)

At the Go Jet Academy, the Go Jetters are about to watch one of nature's most spectacular events - a solar eclipse. They watch in amazement through their pinhole projectors as the moon moves between the Earth and the sun and its shadow throws them into darkness. As the moon moves past the sun, things become light again, but all of a sudden they are thrown into darkness once more. But this time it's not the moon passing in front of the sun, it's a giant moustache! Grandmaster Glitch has made a giant solar panel shaped like a moustache to power his Grimbots. To fix this giant glitch there's only one thing for it - the Go Jetters need to head into space!

Episode #46: Korowai Treehouses, Indonesia (air date: 2018-08-28)

The Go Jetters have been invited by the Korowai tribe to visit their village in the rainforest of Papua in Indonesia. They are an ancient tribe who build their homes above the ground, safe from floods and insects, using everything around them in the forest. Meanwhile, Grandmaster Glitch is also in the rainforest, trying to build the tallest treehouse in the world. When he sees that the Korowai's treehouse is even taller than his, he tries to get his even higher. But Glitch has built his treehouse from metal, not from things found in the forest, and his treehouse is not safe...

Episode #47: Go Jet Academy: Volcanic Island (air date: 2018-08-29)

Grandmaster Glitch is drilling into the ground below the ocean near Academy Island, looking for bubbly mud that is heated up by an underground volcano. Back at the Academy, the Go Jetters have been monitoring the underground volcano and discover that it is showing more activity than usual. This is because Glitch has been drilling into it, and it could mean that the volcano is going to erupt!

Episode #48: Chocolate Hills, Philippines (air date: 2018-08-30)

Greedy Grandmaster Glitch has been gorging on chocolate and wants more! The Grimbots discover a place called the Chocolate Hills on Bohol Island in the Philippines and take him there. The Chocolate Hills were created over thousands of years by water and wind eroding the rock, making a hilly landscape. Grass and ferns grow all over the hills and during the dry season they turn a chocolatey brown colour, making it look like the hills are covered in chocolate! The Go Jetters are also heading to the Chocolate Hills, but when they get there they are shocked to discover that the hills are covered in real chocolate. Glitch has turned the Chocolate Hills into a chocolate theme park!

Episode #49: Go Jet Academy: Global Gameshow (air date: 2018-08-31)

It's the Go Jetters as you've never seen them before as they take part in a disco-dazzling around the world gameshow! Foz and Xui are on Team Go Jetter and Grandmaster Glitch and Kyan are on Team Glitch as they go head to head to see who will win. Ubercorn and Lars are the quizmasters asking the questions in this ultimate geographic quiz.

Episode #50: Horsetail Fall, California (air date: 2018-12-04)
Episode #51: Ilulissat, Greenland (air date: 2018-12-05)
Episode #52: Sami Reindeer Herding, Norway (air date: 2018-12-06)
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