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Gold Rush White Water season 3

Gold Rush White Water season 3 poster
13 episodes (48 views)
Air weekdate:Friday
Cast:Fred Hurt, Dustin Hurt, Paul Richardson, Wes Richardson , Carlos Minor, Rich Webster
7.5/10(58 votes)

Gold Rush White Water season 3 episodes list:

Episode #1: Two Teams, One Dream (air date: 2019-11-08)

Fred and Dustin Hurt decide to split up in their hunt for gold in the raging waters of Alaska's Chilkat mountains. While Fred has an ideal spot picked out, Dustin has a big decision to make about his location.

Episode #2: The Pound Zone (air date: 2019-11-15)

Dustin's crew finds an ideal claim to mine, but to get down to the gold they have to make it through the waterfall's pound zone. Fred brings in a new miner, only to have his path to bedrock gold is blocked by massive boulders.

Episode #3: No Guts, No Glory Holes (air date: 2019-11-22)

Fred and his crew return to the glory hole to complete unfinished business. Dustin's crew strikes gold, but are blocked by massive boulders and must engineer an insane system of winches and pulleys to go deeper and get down to bedrock.

Episode #4: Enter the Superclaw (air date: 2019-11-29)

The Dakota boys bank their first gold hauls of the season. Dustin invents a custom super claw to remove massive boulders from his plunge pool. Fred and his crew are confronted by a deadly cable malfunction.

Episode #5: Birthday Gold (air date: 2019-12-06)

Dustin's crew is left shorthanded after an unlikely injury, forcing him to take a calculated risk that nearly tums deadly. After his luck tums, Fred's dives on his 76th birthday to decode a bedrock gold mystery.

Episode #6: The Gold Cave (air date: 2019-12-13)

Dustin discovers a secret gold cave that could hold millions. Fred and his crew head upstream into a mini-waterfall to find a huge deposit of gold, but first they have to move their 700 lb dredge up dangerous rapids.

Episode #7: Nugget Heaven (air date: 2019-12-20)

Dustin Hurt hits bedrock and a pile of nuggets at Rainbow's End. Fred chases the gold upstream into a dangerous new spot, forcing him to rethink his plans.

Episode #8: Thunder Falls (air date: 2020-01-10)

Dustin's on the best ground he's dredged when a new discovery opens the door to even more gold. Fred faces a life-and-death situation opening new ground at Thunder Falls.

Episode #9: End of the Rainbow (air date: 2020-01-17)

Dustin cleans up with his biggest gold haul yet. At Thunder Falls, engine failure and giant boulders block Fred's path to gold, and as the problems escalate, his life is on the line.

Episode #10: Cliffhanger (air date: 2020-01-24)

Dustin takes a gamble to return to a spot just above McKinley Falls for the remainder of the season, but while moving his dredge down the side of a cliff, giant falling rocks threaten his life.

Episode #11: Rockfall Ravine (air date: 2020-01-31)

Fred fires his dredge back up and lands his biggest gold haul of the year. Dustin faces an uncertain future and Carlos makes a surprising discovery at the new dive site.

Episode #12: Hands Full of Gold (air date: 2020-02-07)

Dakota Fred taps out Thunder Falls with his biggest gold haul. Dustin hits the nugget jackpot at Rockfall Ravine.

Episode #13: Royal Flush (air date: 2020-02-14)

The Dakota boys finish out their season with a record gold haul. Fred discovers a pocket of gold above Thunder Falls. Two miles away, Dustin battles a boulder field. Despite heavy rainfall and raging waters, The Dakota Boys find their biggest nugget.


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