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Growing Pains season 6

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Growing Pains season 6 poster
24 episodes (361 views)

Air weekdate: Cast:Alan Thicke, Kirk Cameron, Joanna Kerns, Ashley Johnson, Chelsea Noble, Jeremy Miller, Kirsten Dohring, Tracey Gold, Kelsey Dohring, Leonardo DiCaprio Genre:Comedy Channel:ABC (US) Status:Ended

6.3 (3 votes)

Growing Pains season 6 episodes list:

Episode #1: Mike's Choice (air date: 1990-09-19)

When Mike lands a role in an off-Broadway play, he leaves college to pursue acting full-time in New York City.

Episode #2: Midnight Cowboy (air date: 1990-09-26)

Mike is broke and homeless in New York City.

Episode #3: Roommates (air date: 1990-10-03)

Mike becomes roommates with sister Carol, now a Columbia University student.

Episode #4: Daddy Mike (air date: 1990-10-10)

Mike and his friend Eddie schemingly join "Parents Without Mates" to meet women.

Episode #5: Ben's Sure Thing (air date: 1990-10-17)

At the school's Parents Night, the Seavers learn Ben's been telling his friends that the girl he's dating is promiscuous.

Episode #6: Jason Flirts, Maggie Hurts (air date: 1990-10-24)

A flirty Jason gets jealous when Maggie turns the tables.

Episode #7: Happy Halloween (1) (air date: 1990-10-31)

The Seavers spend a rainy Halloween night telling ghost stories.

Episode #8: Happy Halloween (2) (air date: 1990-10-31)

The Seavers spend a rainy Halloween night telling ghost stories.

Episode #9: Let's Go Europe (1) (air date: 1990-11-07)

Jason buys an anniversary trip to Paris from travel agent Mike, who himself wins a European tour that falls apart; Maggie, in Paris, is struck with appendicitis.

Episode #10: Let's Go Europe (2) (air date: 1990-11-14)

Maggie is hospitalized in Paris, while Mike finds himself stuck on the road with an angry customer.

Episode #11: Let's Go Europe (3) (air date: 1990-11-28)

Mike and Amy continue to bicker their way toward Paris.

Episode #12: Divorce Story (air date: 1990-12-05)

Jason, happy to see his mother's second marriage crumbling, doesn't want to provide her with professional help.

Episode #13: The World According to Chrissy (air date: 1990-12-19)

Chrissy starts spending much time with her imaginary friend, a six-foot-tall mouse named Ike.

Episode #14: How Could I Leave Her Behind? (air date: 1991-01-02)

Mike's friend Eddie shows up for a double date with Mike's ex-girlfriend.

Episode #15: Like Father, Like Son (air date: 1991-01-09)

An an intrafamily communications seminar, Mike and Jason discover just how alike they are.

Episode #16: Ben's Rap Group (air date: 1991-01-23)

Jason becomes Ben's business partner in the management of a rap group, but uses the money he's invested to control Ben.

Episode #17: Eddie, We Hardly Knew Ye (air date: 1991-01-30)

Maggie's dad drops in for an unexpected visit, with news of his imminent death.

Episode #18: Maggie Seaver's: The Meaning of Life (air date: 1991-02-06)

Jason takes Maggie on a tropical getaway to lift her spirits after her father's death, trusting Chrissy to Mike and Carol.

Episode #19: All the World is a Stage (air date: 1991-02-13)

Mike competes with a well-established actor for a role in a soap opera, learning how tenuous an acting career can be.

Episode #20: Not With My Carol You Don't (air date: 1991-02-20)

Though Jason had an insensitive Carol pitch in at the clinic, he objects to her dating an ex-con she meets there.

Episode #21: Meet the Seavers (air date: 1991-03-06)

In an homage to The Twilight Zone, Ben awakens to discover he's Jeremy Miller, an actor on the set of ""Meet the Cleavers"".

Episode #22: Carol's Carnival (air date: 1991-03-27)

On a blind date shaping up as a disaster, Carol goes to the carnival, and finds unexpected fun and excitement.

Episode #23: Home Schooling (air date: 1991-04-17)

Maggie teaches Ben at home after he is suspended from school.

Episode #24: Viva Las Vegas (air date: 1991-04-24)

Mike and Kate accompany the eloping Eddie and a hat-check bimbette to Las Vegas, giving Mike and Carol the wrong idea.

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