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Harrow season 2

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10 episodes (742 views)
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9.0/10(25 votes)

Season 2 will reveal all the secrets that Dr. Harrow has a lot. We are waiting for the continuation of an amazing story about a doctor who carefully keeps his secrets and does not want them to become public.

Harrow season 2 episodes list:

Episode #1: Abo Imo Pectore (air date: 2019-05-12)

Harrow recovers from a near-fatal shooting and returns immediately to work, investigating the tragic puzzle of a young mother's psychotic episode while trying to figure out who shot him.

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Episode #2: Audere Est Facere (air date: 2019-05-19)

Harrow investigates the death of two base jumpers while Fern deals with the fallout of her arrest on serious drug allegations.

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Episode #3: Malum In Se (air date: 2019-05-26)

When a mummified body is found bricked up in the basement of a suburban home, Harrow and Grace set about uncovering a grim secret that has been buried for 20 years.

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Episode #4: Aegri Somnia (air date: 2019-06-02)

Harrow resolves to believe that Chester really is dead, and takes a case in North Queensland, while Simon launches his own investigation into Chester

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Episode #5: Ab Initio (air date: 2019-06-09)

Coping with a death that strikes close to home by focusing on work, Harrow is stunned to discover a connection between this death and another deceased man on his autopsy table.

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Episode #6: Locus Poenitentiae (air date: 2019-06-16)

Harrow and Fairley are sent to a double-fatality in Fairley's hometown - a trip that will test their already-strained relationship.

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Episode #7: Parce Sepulto (air date: 2019-06-23)

As Harrow and Grace investigate the death of a popular health and wellness vlogger, Harrow agitates for the exhumation of Chester's remains.

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Episode #8: Sub Silentio (air date: 2019-06-30)

While Grace autopsies the body of an elderly man discovered in an Egyptian sarcophagus, Harrow finds himself in a battle for his own life.

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Episode #9: Facilis Descensus (air date: 2019-07-07)

Harrow is desperate to prove once and for all that Francis Chester is alive and trying to kill him, but with no proof, even his most-trusted friends and colleagues doubt Harrow's state of mind.

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Episode #10: Pater Familias (air date: 2019-07-14)

In a thrilling climax, Harrow comes face-to-face with his greatest fears as Chester initiates the endgame.

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