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Haven poster
Air weekdate: Friday
Genre: Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Science-Fiction
Channel: Syfy
Status: Ended
8.2/10(148 votes)
Emily Rose Emily Rose as Audrey Parker
Lucas Bryant Lucas Bryant as Nathan Wuornos
Eric Balfour Eric Balfour as Duke Crocker
Adam Copeland Adam Copeland as Dwight Hendrickson
Colin Ferguson Colin Ferguson as William
Jayne Eastwood Jayne Eastwood as Gloria
John Dunsworth John Dunsworth as Dave Teagues
Laura Mennell Laura Mennell as Dr. Charlotte Cross
Nicholas Campbell Nicholas Campbell as Chief of Police Wuornos
Richard Donat Richard Donat as Vince Teagues

When shrewd and confident FBI Special Agent Audrey Parker arrives in the small town of Haven she soon finds herself caught up with the return of The Troubles, a plague of supernatural afflictions that occurred in the town at least once before. If that was not enough to draw her in, she also finds a link that may lead her to the mother she has never known.

Haven season 1

Haven season 1 poster

FBI Special Agent Audrey Parker arrives in Haven to catch a dangerous criminal. Haven is a city stuffed with mysteries and unexplained phenomena. Locals call what is happening “trouble.” Audrey remains in Haven with the consent of her boss to help the local police in the investigation of a number of mysterious cases, and find out something about her mother – a woman, stunningly similar to Audrey, she saw a picture in the newspaper. Audrey, according to the police chief, can understand the events taking place in Haven, because many people see the reality, which they want to see, but Audrey – what it actually is.

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Haven season 2

Haven season 2 poster

The series filmed on the novel by Stephen King's "The Colorado Kid". FBI agent Audrey Parker comes to the small Haven city to investigate the death of the former offender. She went to the epicenter of this unusual enclave because of their natural curiosity, which which served as a haven for people with supernormal since olden times. There is a police Nathan Wuornos, who became a partner to Audrey,and a mysterious and charismatic all-rounder Duke Crocker among the local residents of the city.

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Haven season 3

Haven season 3 poster

In Haven season 3 a special FBI agent Audrey Parker and sheriff’s son Nathan Wuornos who works as a police officer under the command of his father continue to investigate mysteries and inexplicable phenomena. In the beginning of the new season Nathan and Duke are searching for Audrey who has been kidnapped by aliens. After that Audrey and Nathan investigate incomprehensible deaths connected with water. Duke is helping them in this investigation, but Nathan is not very happy about it. Besides, Nathan finds out about a mysterious organization called "Hunters" and Audrey starts to remember some moments from her previous life. After a while, the investigation of a strange murder will lead a Boston police officer to Haven where murders keep happening. All the victims are blood related.

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Haven season 4

Haven season 4 poster

Six months after barn vanishing Duke appears in Boston in a mysterious way. He meets Jennifer Mason who is able to hear the voices from the barn. She tells that Howard related Audrey another way to do away with troubles. They leave together to Haven and discover that over the last six months everything has changed there a lot: Nathan has left police, many locals have suffered from meteorite shower and Nathan considers himself guilty of that. Dwight became a Sheriff of Haven whereas Jordan and “Guards” hunt for Nathan and thirst for his death. Duke finds his brother Wade Crocker in a “Gull” who doesn’t know anything of the family curse. Meanwhile a man named William makes an acquaintance with a barmaid who is an exact copy of Audrey. At the same time Parker tries to find the balance between his duties in Haven and search for Audrey. Duke tries to reassure Jennifer and investigates with Nathan a case of the man with troubles who turns people into ashes. These and more adventures are waiting for you in the fourth season of Haven.

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Haven season 5

Haven season 5 poster

The fifth and final season of this series will finally reveal all the secrets of the mysterious town. Audrey returned Duke his family curse. Side effects which appeared after using curse by Duke remained the same. As it turns out all the evils and horrors, what happened in Haven, were created by Mara. This evil captures the heroine's body and does terrible things. Soon Duke and Nathan notice that they begin to lose Audrey, because all that happen does not like she does. They will do their best to return the events reversed. Then they understand that real Audrey is still somewhere in her body. Due to this, you cannot murder Mara, as Audrey will pass away with her, and they cannot allow this to happen. Men have to take vital decisions on which the fate of the entire city will depend. But before that Haven will still be haunted by the unexplained events and strange situations. Guys have to rescue not only Audrey and themselves, but also many other people, who are desperately in need of assistance.

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