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Hogans Heroes season 5

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26 episodes (64 views)

Air weekdate: Cast:Bob Crane, Werner Klemperer, John Banner, Ivan Dixon, Kenneth Washington, Larry Hovis, Richard Dawson, Robert Clary Genre:Comedy Channel:CBS Status:Ended

8.3 (31 votes)

Hogans Heroes season 5 episodes list:

Episode #1: Hogan Goes Hollywood (air date: 1969-09-26)

To transmit information home, Colonel Hogan plans to cast an American actor to star in a German propaganda film.

Episode #2: The Well (air date: 1969-10-03)

Hogan steals the Luftwaffe codebook, but can't use it after Newkirk accidentally drops it down a well.

Episode #3: The Klink Commandos (air date: 1969-10-10)

In order to steal key documents, Hogan and his men volunteer for a German suicide-squad train bound for the Russian front.

Episode #4: The Gasoline War (air date: 1969-10-17)

Hogan and his men plan to demolish a gasoline station that's just been built in camp.

Episode #5: Unfair Exchange (air date: 1969-10-24)

Hogan kidnaps General Burkhalter's sister, with the intention of exchanging her for a captured Allied agent.

Episode #6: The Kommandant Dies at Dawn (air date: 1969-10-31)

Colonel Klink is set up for execution after the gestapo finds him with underground information --- planted on him by Hogan.

Episode #7: Bombsight (air date: 1969-11-07)

A new weapon is about to be tested and Hogan schemes to get the blueprints to foil its detonation.

Episode #8: The Big Picture (air date: 1969-11-14)

When the Gestapo blackmails Klink, Hogan plans to steal the incriminating photo.

Episode #9: The Big Gamble (air date: 1969-11-21)

Hogan plots to keep a secret device, hidden on board a downed plane, from the Germans.

Episode #10: The Defector (air date: 1969-11-28)

A defecting Field Marshal tailed by Major Hochstetter to Stalag 13 needs Hogan's help to get to England.

Episode #11: The Empty Parachute (air date: 1969-12-05)

By planting an opened parachute in camp, Hogan tricks the Germans into looking for an Allied agent --- so he can find the missing briefcase that was handcuffed to a courier.

Episode #12: The Antique (air date: 1969-12-12)

Hogan convinces Klink to open a business selling "rare" cuckoo clocks, which Hogan plans to use for smuggling information.

Episode #13: Is There a Traitor in the House? (air date: 1969-12-19)

Hogan plans to filter information into London through the wires of a German propaganda radio broadcast.

Episode #14: At Last---Schultz Knows Something (air date: 1969-12-26)

Hogan prods Sergeant Schultz to reveal the site of a secret atomic installation that Schultz has been assigned to guard.

Episode #15: How's the Weather? (air date: 1970-01-02)

Hogan throws an anniversary party for Klink, planning to use party balloons to forecast the weather.

Episode #16: Get Fit or Go Fight (air date: 1970-01-09)

Hogan convinces Klink to get back in shape so he won't be shipped to the Russian front.

Episode #17: Fat Hermann, Go Home (air date: 1970-01-16)

Things heat up as Hogan schemes to return a load of stolen paintings to London, just as Marya convinces Schultz to impersonate Reich Marshal Goering.

Episode #18: The Softer They Fall (air date: 1970-01-23)

"Kinch" agrees to fight a German boxing champ to divert attention from a heist that Hogan is planning.

Episode #19: Gowns by Yvette (air date: 1970-01-30)

By having LeBeau design her gown, Hogan plans to use the wedding of Burkhalter's niece as a smokescreen to smuggle a defector out of Germany.

Episode #20: One Army at a Time (air date: 1970-02-13)

When he's captured in German uniform, Carter convinces the Germans that he is one of them.

Episode #21: Standing Room Only (air date: 1970-02-20)

Hogan tries to save Klink from the officer who wants to turn him in for his lousy bookkeeping skills.

Episode #22: Six Lessons from Madame LaGrange (air date: 1970-02-27)

With the help of a singer, Hogan schemes to prevent the Gestapo from arresting all the local Allied agents.

Episode #23: The Sergeant's Analyst (air date: 1970-03-06)

Schultz is headed for the Russian front because Burkhalter caught him goofing off.

Episode #24: The Merry Widow (air date: 1970-03-13)

To transport secret documents, Hogan sets up Klink with a female agent --- but when the wrong documents fall into Klink's hands, Schultz becomes the delivery boy.

Episode #25: Crittendon's Commandos (air date: 1970-03-20)

On a mission to capture Rommel, Colonel Crittendon and his commandos parachute into camp, but the Colonel is the only one to avoid capture.

Episode #26: Klink's Escape (air date: 1970-03-27)

Hogan gets Klink to believe he is about to bust a POW escape ring.

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