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Hot in Cleveland season 1

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10 episodes (530 views)

Air weekdate:Wednesday Cast:Valerie Bertinelli, Wendie Malick, Jane Leeves, Betty White, Carl Reiner, Georgia Engel, Jay Harrington Genre:Comedy Channel:TV Land Status:Ended

7.9 (29 votes)

Melanie, Joy and Victoria plan a holiday in Paris when their plane makes an emergency stop in Cleveland. There they find a welcoming community that is less shallow, youth-obsessed and weight-conscious than L.A. and decide to stay and live there in a home that also comes with a sassy caretaker, named Elka. Through the season the girls go through numerous situations like, Victoria faking a disease to get sympathy Daytime Emmy votes and rekindling a romance with her ex-rock star boyfriend; Melanie having her son visit and thinking he is engaged, and having her mother visit and sleep with Victoria's father; Joy getting set up on a date with a guy who resembles a serial killer and dating a younger guy she thinks may be the son she gave up for adoption; while Elka dyes her hair bright red and gets caught in a love triangle between two guys. In the season finale, a tornado hits Cleveland and the girls seek shelter in Elka's basement. There they discover that Elka's late husband was a fence for the mob, and she is subsequently arrested by Melanie's cop boyfriend.

Hot in Cleveland season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: Pilot (air date: 2010-06-16)

Three best friends from Los Angeles (hopeless romantic Melanie, cynical businesswoman Joy, aging actress Victoria) are flying to Paris when their plane makes an emergency landing in Cleveland. Realizing that the social norms from SoCal no longer apply -- and thrilled by their liberating possibilities in Ohio -- they decide to celebrate a city that values 'real women' and stay where they're considered hot. Recap: The scene opens with Victoria Chase, Joy Scroggs, and recently-divorced Melanie Morreti on a plane to Paris. Victoria, or Tori as the girls call her, is texting her agent and Joy is trying to tell her that it is time to relax and throw away those things. A flight attendant comes up and Tori thinks that she wants to know who she is. After Tori tells her that she is a famous actress from a daytime drama that aired awhile ago, the flight attendant says she just wanted to know if they needed anything. Melanie says that they would like Champagne. Melanie makes a toast to new beginnings and to have the time of their lives. They hit turbulence and the Champagne spills. Melanie gets up and sees ex-husband Anders on the plane. Despite the advice from Tori and Joy, Melanie talks to Anders. Kim, Ander’s new fiancée, is introduced to Melanie. A now-devastated Melanie goes to get comfort from Tori and Joy and says that she wishes the plan would crash and Anders and his new fiancée would die. As if on cue, the plane has mechanical issues and is nose-diving for an emergency landing. Joy tells Melanie to make it stop but she of course has no control. As the plane is losing altitude, the three women start making commitments to be better and the plane settles. They have a safe landing in Cleveland. The trio enters a bar in Cleveland, Ohio and sees that the men are looking at them. They are LA Girls so to be looked at is a big compliment in itself. They go to the bar and Joy orders cheese fries and a “non-light beer” to which Melanie and Tori gasp. The bartender tells the ladies that some men are wanting to sit with them. They oblige and Victoria Chase says that she is a daytime television actress. She gloats of her success and the focus goes to Melanie. She is the writer of a book called “The 200 Things You Need to Do Before You Die”. They say that they are fulfilling one that includes “Flying to Paris with friends”. One particular man, Hank, takes an interest in Melanie. Joy says that she is a butt model and one of the men buys it, but then she says it was a lie and that she is an eyebrow plucker to the stars. The cheese fries come and the men tell the women that they are light eaters. They party with beer and cheese fries. The next morning isn’t good for Joy and Tori. They are hung over and Joy says that she is secreting cheese fry grease from her pores and starts licking herself. They call to Melanie’s room and she hasn’t checked in from the night before. Melanie walks in the door with a Cleveland Indians T-Shirt on and admits that she slept with Hank. She tells that she is going to move to Cleveland and go out with Hank, who happens to be a plumber. Tori and Joy tell her that she is mad and that it is not smart. Melanie shows a listing of a house that is for rent that attracts the attention of Tori as well. Joy looks at the newspaper and there is a picture of Oprah and Joy yells because she sees that Oprah’s brows are not manicured like the way Joy does it. She is upset and each tell that maybe Cleveland is not so bad after all. They visit the house and the estate agent is ready to sign the papers but tells the girls that there is something that he needs to tell Melanie. But the reason comes when Elka Ostrovsky comes through the door and the agent introduces her to the Melanie as the caretaker. Elka is the owner of the guest cottage that is on the same property. Elka tells Joy that she doesn’t like her when Joy makes a snide remark at her. Melanie gets a call from Hank and they set up a date on his boat. Tori and Joy search for Hank on the internet to see if he is legit to go out with their friend. Melanie and Hank are hanging out on his boat and Hank is interested in her book. They talk about the different things that you can do to change things. Hank has something to tell Melanie, and Tori and Joy bust open and scream that he is married! Melanie is taken by surprise and tells Hank to get out. The other girls console Melanie and Hank says that when they walked in all sophisticated, he was just turned on and that he is in a horrible marriage already and apologizes to Melanie. Tori seems to like Hank now after he called her sophisticated. Tori gets a phone call. It’s her agent and he tells her that there is a part as Megan Fox’s grandmother in the new Transformers movie. She tells him thanks for the information but doesn’t seem too excited for it. The girls are talking outside the new house on a porch swing and they are talking about their lives. Melanie says that she wants to reinvent herself in Cleveland and Tori and Joy choose to spend their vacation time in Cleveland with Melanie instead of going to Paris. They feel bad that Hank was not the right one but say that there are many more. Elka says that she is sorry to hear the news as well and says that her husband, who is now deceased, was the first man she had kissed. Tori asks why she didn’t go for more after he died to see how he compares. Elka thinks about it and says that she never did. They decide to go back to the bar where they were popular and see if they can find love. Elka goes with them.

Episode #2: Who's Your Mama? (air date: 2010-06-23)

Joy tries to take advantage of her newfound appeal in Cleveland by dating a much younger man, but her new relationship ends up exposing an old secret. Meanwhile, Melanie encourages Elka to date again by helping her decide between a bevy of men. Victoria gets hooked on Big N Easy, where she goes for the savings and stays for so much more. Recap: Joy and Tori are in the kitchen and Joy is talking about how she has a date with someone that is a decade younger then she is. Elka enters and says that it is disgusting that she is dating someone so young. Tori says that she is out of Cotton Balls and Elka tells her to go down to „Big and Easy” the discount store. But shopping is above the Victoria Chase. Nonetheless, she feels that she can do it as practice for her acting. Melanie enters and tells that she is going to extend her lease on the house and put her apartment in Los Angeles on the market. Tori’s first question is “Where are you going to get your Botox?” Really Tori, really. Melanie asks Elka about the amount of numbers she got last night and she got three numbers. Elka offers to cook the ladies breakfast and after them giving orders that are impossible to make, Elka chops it up to be Pancakes and Beacon. Elka is looking over the 3 numbers that she got last night and Melanie is talking about how good the furniture is. Elka has choices from Aurther who could drive at night, Larry has the ring of hair, and Sal has original hips. But she is scared. Melanie offers to roleplay and Elka tells that people over 80 don’t answer on the first, they answer on the 5th ring. Joy has a date with the man that is a decade younger then she is and dressed in a hot little number. She asks how she looks to which Elka says, “You look like you stepped out of a painting...of hookers!” Joy opens the door and Tori is standing there with boxes of things that she got from „Big and Easy”. She tells that it was possible only to buy in bulk so she stocked up. She could buy a lot of money for little money and Melanie is shocked. Meanwhile, Joy is on her date with Tyler and they talk about how beautiful she is and they talk about old television shows. He loves her accent and tells that he was born in Britain and that his birth mother gave him up for adoption to an American couple. Joy runs in and tells that she is dating her son! Tori, Melanie, and Joy are talking how her date was born in Britain and Elka enters in to know what is going on. Melanie tells that Joy was a teenager when she got pregnant. Elka is not surprised. She tells that she might be dating her song. Elka is still not surprised and asked if she is sleeping with him. She gets a text from him and she says it is sweet for him to know if she is ok. Tori tells that there are ways to tell if Tyler is her son and then recants an episode that she was on and how they got a piece of hair. Elka tells that she has a lab that they could use. Melanie is on the patio swing with Elka and she tells that she needs to call the men. She calls Larry first and after she got off the phone, Larry is dead. Melanie tells her to try another before they die too. She calls Sal and he picks up on the first ring. That original hip is in good shape. She sets up a date and includes Melanie to go with her. Larry has an 85-year-old friend to go with Melanie. Joy and Tyler are at his place and Joy tries to get a piece of his hair and in the process, hits him in the nose. He is bleeding and Joy takes a tissue and gets a sample. She tells Tyler to get some White Wine and takes out a plastic bag out. Tyler comes back and catches Joy. She tries to cover it by saying blood collecting is all the rage. She comes clean and tells why she is collecting the blood. But Tyler tells that he already found his mother. She is relieved and leaves. Elka and Sal are on their date and Melanie is on the date with Sal’s friend sucking on oxygen. Melanie gets home and Joy is on the couch. They tell about their night and they ask about Tori. She is at “Big and Easy”. They find Victoria surrounded by people and she is signing detergent boxes. Joy tells it is pretty pathetic and Tori asks Joy how her date with her son was. An announcement and they have a new Euro sandwich called the Victoria Chase. Later that evening, Melanie is on the patio and she has found Anders and his fitness model fiancé Kim on Google. Tori tells her to let it go. Joy takes the laptop and tells that she is going to register to find her real son. They all agree with her and she might be a grandmother. Elka tells that maybe one of them is old enough for her to date! Classic Elka.

Episode #3: Birthdates (air date: 2010-06-30)

In celebration of their collective birthdays, the girls give each other the gift of dates with eligible men. Recap: The episode begins with Tori hearing sirens of the police and Elka gets scared it seems. Joy asks if the police are after Elka. The sirens go away and Elka asks “What police?” Melanie informs that their birthdays are coming up and Elka asks how it is possible that they have a birthday on the same day. Tori tells that they moved their birthdays on the same day for fun because birthdays are always a dreaded sign that you are getting old. They start to think of what to give each other. Elka suggests that they get each other dates for birthday presents. Melanie says that they will draw names. Elka informs “No fatties” for her. Elka draws and gets Tori, Melanie gets Elka, Joy gets Melanie, and Tori gets Joy. The next scene shows the ladies sitting at a table and are waiting for their dates that each gave them to show up. Max comes in and tells Elka that she is prettier in person and takes Elka away to a separate table. Tori enters and has forgotten to get a date for Joy. She picks up a guy named Steve and pays him $200 to go on a date with Joy. She tells that he is going to say that he is an Architect. A man walks in and both Melanie and Tori like what they see. The man walks up to Tori. Max and Elka are getting to know each other and they talk about their medications and places they like to go. Meanwhile, Melanie is still waiting for her blind date to show up and tells the waitress about how she is just out of a divorce and the waitress gets impatient and tells that she just wanted to ask if she needs a fork. Melanie’s date shows up behind her and dry heaves when he sees her. He tries to recover but talking about her face, he dry heaves again. Offended, Melanie tells that maybe it is not a good idea. But he tells that Melanie looks exactly like his dead wife and that is why he was sick to his stomach. She still feels that it is a bad idea but he pleads with Melanie to let this happen. Tori is on her date and she is confident that she won the best looking guy. He takes off his jacket and he has man boobs! Tori is a little embarrassed. He introduces himself as Chester. Back with Elka and Max, Elka tells that she is a great driver and drives slow to mess with people. Max likes what he sees and pops the marriage question to Elka. She agrees to it and says that they have everything in common and why not. Joy is hitting it off nicely with her date and he is saying all the right things based on what Tori told him. Meanwhile, Melanie’s date is telling her to put her hair up a little to remind himself of his dead wife. Tori is still distracted about Chester’s man boobs. Melanie and Tori talk about their dates and Tori tells that her date has man boobs. Melanie laughs and Steve walks up and orders champagne for him and Joy. Melanie compliments Tori’s choice. But then a murder suspect picture appears on the television set at the bar and the picture is identical to Steve. Melanie finds out that Tori paid him $200 to go out with Joy and Melanie calls the hot-line on the screen and they tell her to keep Steve there. Tori and Melanie get rid of their dates. Tori tells Chester to buy a girl, who thinks that he is attractive, a drink and not to take off his jacket ever. Melanie tells her date that he is not ready and that their date is over. But he tells that since Melanie looks so much like his dead wife, he never said goodbye to her. She lets him and he asks to give her a kiss on the cheek. He tries to press his luck and asks if he could make love with her and she tells him to get out of there. Elka enters and Melanie and Tori tell that they are in the middle of a crisis. Elka tells that she is engadged and the girls are happy for her. Melanie tells that Joy is on a date with a murder suspect. Elka says that she is conflicted. Joy comes over and wants to know why Tori and Melanie are acting strange. Tori comes clean about paying Steve to go out with her. She is upset. Tori tells that he is a murderer too. Steve comes over and tells that his van is outside. She panics and they try to get Steve to have dessert with them. Elka sprays Steve with pepper spray and wants to talk about her engagement. Back at home, Steve was not a murderer and it was mistaken identity. Tori is sorry and is sorry that Joy was happy that Tori did something. Joy forgives her but Tori, unwillingly, gives her diamond bracelet as her gift. Melanie asks Elka if she has set a date for the wedding yet. Elka tells that her engagement is over and tells that she was having problems with Max. She tells that Max is great accept he would not go “downtown”. The girls are shocked to hear that from her but then Elka tells that there are good restaurants downtown to eat at. The girls laugh. Max knocks on the door and tells Elka that he doesn’t want to loose Elka and is willing to give going “downtown” a try. He tells that he doesn’t want to get lost down there and that it is so dark and scary. Elka tells that she will show him the way. The girls toast to a Happy Birthday after all.

Episode #4: The Sex That Got Away (air date: 2010-07-07)

Victoria's old flame, musician Johnny Revere, is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Episode #5: Good Neighbors (air date: 2010-07-14)

Melanie throws a party to meet their neighbors and she comes off as insulting to one of her next door neighbors (Wayne Knight), a columnist for The Plain Dealer, leading Melanie to fear that he'll write something negative about her. Meanwhile, Victoria gets a offer to do a commercial for underpants in Japan and Elka sports a dyed hairdo that draws criticism from Joy.

Episode #6: Meet the Parents (air date: 2010-07-21)

Melanie's mother and Victoria's father visit on the same weekend forcing them to see their parents in a new light; Erika brings Joy and her mother together.

Episode #7: It's Not That Complicated (air date: 2010-07-28)

Melanie's ex-husband Anders comes to town and she starts to have feelings for him again. Meanwhile, Elka tries to juggle relationships with two men.

Episode #8: The Play's the Thing (air date: 2010-08-04)

Victoria lends her acting expertise to a high school's production of "Romeo and Juliet"; Melanie's new romance causes a rift with Joy; Elka crashes funerals.

Episode #9: Good Luck Faking the Goiter (air date: 2010-08-11)

Melanie comes to regret her nosy nature when her son pays a visit; Elka helps Victoria campaign for sympathy votes after she's nominated for a Daytime Emmy.

Episode #10: Tornado (air date: 2010-08-18)

In the season finale, a tornado hits Cleveland and the women find something shocking in the storm cellar. At the end of the episode Elka goes to jail and is to be continued until season two.

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