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House of Cards

House of Cards poster
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Channel: Netflix
Status: Ended
8.9/10(4719 votes)
Boris McGiver Boris McGiver as Tom Hammerschmidt
Campbell Scott Campbell Scott as Mark Usher
Constance Zimmer Constance Zimmer as Janine Skorsky
Corey Stoll Corey Stoll as Peter Russo
Dan Ziskie Dan Ziskie as Jim Matthews
Derek Cecil Derek Cecil as Seth Grayson
Diane Lane Diane Lane as Annette Shepherd
Dominique McElligott Dominique McElligott as Hannah Conway
Gerald McRaney Gerald McRaney as Raymond Tusk
Greg Kinnear Greg Kinnear as Bill Shepherd

Based on the BBC miniseries of the same name, House of Cards follows Francis Underwood, the politician's politician – masterful, beguiling, charismatic and ruthless. He and his equally ambitious wife Claire will stop at nothing to ensure their ascendancy. This wicked political drama slithers beneath the curtain and through the back halls of greed, sex, love and corruption in modern Washington D.C.

Backstage of the Capitol Hill, the inhabitants of which are depicted in the new series “House of Cards”, is cruel and merciless. Behind the scenes of the US Сongress, as everywhere in the politicians’ world, lie, personal ambitions and the thirst for unlimited power thrive profusely.
The White Нouse changes its owner. The new one is called President Walker, who badly needs a new team. The secretary of the party majority in the Congress Frank Underwood has done a great job during the election campaign and now hopes for immediate gratitude – he longs for the post of the secretary of stаte in the new president’s administration. This tough and pragmatic politician dreams of being one of the leaders on the international political scene, but the new president’s team looks at it all in another way. “The leaking wealth diplomacy”, although created by Frank, can be executed by somebody else, while Underwood must return to Congress and stick to the duty of “pipe cleaner”.
But he’s not the only one who is fatigued and deadly disappointed. The young ambitious journalist Zoe Barnes absolutely can’t get an opportunity to show herself. She’s desperate to get some hot facts and photos of the congressmen and can be stopped by noting in her attempts to get behind the Capitol scenes.
In this season following the betrayal of the new president, Francis "Frank" Underwood and his wife Claire swear to destroy Walker and his allies. Frank starts to put the plan into action by finding like-minded people and pawns for this game himself. That’s where the journalist Zoe Barnes comes to the limelight. She gets all the political insider information she wants while Frank uses her as a potent tool in the information war organizing scandalous leaks on the new education reform bill which costs the new president really a lot. And it is only the beginning. Then there comes a scandal in the press inspired by Frank which finally buries  Senator Michael Kern. This senator was destined to take the post Frank so longed for, but with all the newspapers raving about Kern’s anti-Israel opinions now this is never going to happen. Find more intrigues and dirty political games in the first season of “House of Cards”!

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Congressman Francis Underwood and his spouse Claire do their best to make it into governance by fair means or foul. And now the new president scraps his pre-election pledge so Francis and Claire decide to play by their own rules. Congressman incites young journalist Zoe Barnes to write an article defaming the whole White House. The Underwoods have many problems threatening to ruin their plans to solve. And while Francis prepares a replacement as a head of fraction, Claire is going on the offensive. The tension between Francis and Raymond Tusk rises as fast as grows animosity with China. Fright of the Capitol of terrorism threat works Francis up against Donald Blit. Claire grants an interview in a live television broadcast exploding the whole media world. Francis begins to negotiate secretly with Chinese multi-millionaire. Lucas takes decisive measures to expose the vice-president. The Underwood team acquires the new ally. These and even more insidious intrigues you may follow with the House of Cards season 2.

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The new season 3 of the House of Cards series opens with further upward mobility of Frank Underwood as he went on rising to power and being the most influential person in the United States of America.  He ascended from the Vice Presidency to the West Wing after scheming his way to the pinnacle using all his ambitiousness and bloodthirstiness. Frank and Claire Underwood will certainly continue to take part in various plots now in capacity of the President and the First Lady of the USA. Frank raises miscellaneous questions within the new season. Here we shall understand what takes real courage when the stakes are very high or how it feels to be a murderer. The main issue pursuing this shrewd couple is the moral side of their actions. Are they murderers or survivors? This is the main question for you to answer during these fascinating and thrilling series. Frank will face a new enemy, the new leader of the world of freedom. Claire’s adultery will also take place in the new season. Find out what consequences will be involved and what are the new plot twists of this magnificent season!

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The political drama House of Cards filled of intriguing and of intricate events renewed for a fourth season. Your support is motivated the author on the incipience of continuation of history. If the results of the ratings after watching the fourth season will same high, it is likely that the history will continue. And now briefly about the main, directly about the series. In the center of events continues participate the political figure Frank Underwood. In the previous three seasons, he brilliantly played his role. And this season not an exception. For achieve his objectives, this man already passed through a lot and yet through a lot ready to do the hard way. His purposefulness and persistence opened before him a new roads. And he is ready to go on them despite no that. He is the man which does not consider beneath his dignity to weave intrigues, machinations. And if will need, then the case will reach to murder. Recommended sure to look on that else ready this state-legal executor.

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From the previous events of the series House of cards you remember that Frances Anderson, who is a US Congressman, so to speak, done a good deed for Garrett Walker. Francis promised to Garrett, the place of the president of country, in return for, that Garrett must to make Francis a secretary of State in his government. Garrett got the presidency, but was in no hurry to express his gratitude for the rendering of services. Thus, Francis has become enemy number one for him, which wants to take revenge policy. One way of revenge was the fact that Francis decided to talk his mistress, reporter Zoe, publish to the country an article that discusses the hidden actions of the White House. In the fifth season, the battle for power will only increase. The desire for power and money will be even more master the main characters. Each of them seeks to justify himself before the public. They do not see any obstacles and do not consider beneath their dignity to take any actions in order to achieve the goal. And no one not even realizes that behind all this lurks a false profit and cynical lies. Which of them will win in this duel. Do not miss. After all, ahead of you expect the most interesting and tricky moments.

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The main heroine of final season 6 will be Claire Underwood (Robin Wright), who after the death of her husband Frank Underwood will take the chair of the US President. Claire is not going to grieve over her deceased spouse and intends to establish a new, more rigid order in the White House. “Everything will be new for you and for me,” she says. Naturally, not everyone likes this.

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