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How It's Made season 13

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How It's Made season 13 poster
13 episodes (39 views)

Air weekdate:Monday Cast:Jean-Luc Brassard, Marie-Hélène Fortin, Vincent Graton Genre:Documentary Channel:Science Channel Status:Continuing

8.8 (34 votes)

How It's Made season 13 episodes list:

Episode #1: Hammers; Swiss Cheese; Roller Skates; Coloured Pencils (air date: 2009-05-01)

Find out how hammers , Swiss cheese , roller skates and colored pencils are made.

Episode #2: Carbon Fiber Bicycles; Blood Products; Forged Chandeliers; Ballpoint Pens (air date: 2009-05-01)

Learn how carbon-fiber bicycles , blood products , forged chandeliers and ballpoint pens are made.

Episode #3: Swiss Army Knives; Player Piano Rolls; Oil Tankers; Racing Wheels (air date: 2009-05-08)

Learn how Swiss army knives , piano player rolls , oil tankers and racing wheels are made.

Episode #4: Bowling Balls; Barber Poles; Felt; Radar Guns (air date: 2009-05-15)

Featuring bowling balls , barber polls, felt and radar guns .

Episode #5: Copper Pipe Fittings; Cylinder Music Boxes; Pepper Mills; Hot Rod Steering Columns (air date: 2009-05-22)

Get the story behind copper pipe fittings , cylinder music boxes, pepper mills and hot rod steering columns .

Episode #6: Gears; Leather Watchbands; Vitrelle Dishes; Kitchen Shears (air date: 2009-05-29)

Learn how gears , leather watchbands, vitrelle dishes and kitchen shears are made.

Episode #7: Pressure Cookers; Mechanical Singing Birds; Oceanographic Buoys; Tank Trailers (air date: 2009-06-05)

Find out how pressure cookers, mechanical singing birds , buoys and stainless-steel tank trailers are made.

Episode #8: Aluminium Boats; Alpine Horns; Luxury Watches (air date: 2009-06-12)

Get the story behind aluminum boats, alpine horns and luxury watches.

Episode #9: ATVs; Alpine Skis; Laser Cutters; Marble Sculptures (air date: 2009-06-19)

Learn how ATVs , Alpine skis , laser cutters and marble sculptures are made.

Episode #10: Socket Sets; Leather Shoes; Aluminum Water Bottles; Bike Chains (air date: 2009-07-03)

Featuring socket sets, leather shoes , aluminum water bottles and bike chains.

Episode #11: Carved Wood Sculptures; Flatware; Cow Bells; Fountain Pens (air date: 2009-07-10)

It's carved wood sculptures , flatware , cow bells and fountain pens.

Episode #12: Olive Oil; Lift Trucks; Seamless Rolled Rings; Ski Boots (air date: 2009-07-17)

Learn how olive oil , lift trucks , seamless rolled rings and ski boots are made.

Episode #13: Cookware; Inlaid Boxes; High-Efficiency Water Heaters; Vespa Scooters (air date: 2009-07-24)

It's professional cookware , luxury inlaid boxes , high-efficiency water heaters and Vespa scooters.

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