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How to Get Away With Murder

How to Get Away With Murder poster
Air weekdate: Thursday
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller
Channel: ABC (US)
Status: Continuing
8.9 (62 votes)
Viola Davis Viola Davis as Annalise Keating
Billy Brown Billy Brown as Nate
Alfred Enoch Alfred Enoch as Wes
Adam Arkin Adam Arkin as Wallace Mahoney
Aja Naomi King Aja Naomi King as Michaela
Alysia Reiner Alysia Reiner as Wendy Parks
Arjun Gupta Arjun Gupta as Kan
Behzad Dabu Behzad Dabu as Simon Drake
Charlie Weber Charlie Weber as Frank
Cicely Tyson Cicely Tyson as Ophelia Hartness

A group of ambitious law students and their brilliant criminal defense professor become involved in a twisted murder plot that promises to change the course of their lives.

In Philadelphian University new academic year begins. Annalise Keating is a professor of legal studies, and we see her greeting students of law of crimes course, which she calls “How to get away with murder”. Beyond the classroom she is an experienced lawyer, defending the most problematic criminals from cheaters to killers. Annalise has successful career and loving husband. But she has to face the secrets that were concealed safely in the past. Nate Lahey is a police detective always ready to stand up for a law. He often comes across Annalise on business. Here appears one more character Wes Gibbins – a born leader, whom Annalise takes under her wing. He notices his neighbor Rebecca Sutter. She is a barman in campus, and appears to be involved into a mysterious crime. You will also meet lots of other bright characters in the University: Connor Walsh, the smartest student in the course; Michaela Pratt, who wants to be a new Annalise; Asher Millstone, a golden youth; Laurel Castillo, dreaming to defend the marginalized and many others who are not what they seem. Unravel all the mysteries with Annalise!

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The most anticipating murder enigma continues with season 2 of the How to Get Away With Murder series. It was quite shocking to discover, that Wes killed Sam and that Lila was murdered by Frank in the finale. The main question remained unanswered: who killed Rebecca? So, response is not long in coming in the second season. The names of Annalise and Frank may be scratched off the suspect list. The fans will definitely be agitated about the new secrets introduced in the series. The main characters will be affected by their own decisions and be involved into even more hazardous situations. There are also some new characters to welcome: some of them come from people’s backgrounds and pre-stories of life, but some of them are the brand new people for them. Sam and Lila are dead, but they will continue to reflect upon the whole story arc. Thus, the viewers will see Rebecca again by means of numerous flashbacks. There will also be a big story with Connor and his boyfriend, Oliver, who HIV positive. So, who killed Rebecca?

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This is the story about the graduates of the Faculty of Law a prestigious university located in the city of Middleton. In this educational institution the course of outstanding professor and doctor of sciences Keating is one of the most complicated. Methods of teaching Keating differs from other methods of professors in that all the necessary information the students learn and fixed directly in practice. All students have the opportunity to visit her hourly rates. Training provides practice in existing law offices and courtrooms for the entire flow of students participating in the initial stage of preparation of the actual trials. Keating believes it is important to perform quality work delivered regardless of whether the defendant is guilty or not. After the final verdict of the judge the client must be justified. Keating was a real idol for all students. They respect and appreciate their mentor. Everyone wants to be elected but not everyone can do it. Among the group of first-year students she chooses only a few people which in her opinion have the makings of a high-class lawyers resembling her in the old days. But it is such that those elected are subject to the attention of law enforcement. Now they need to use their acquired knowledge and skills to "get away". Plunge into the world of trials with the new series which will be available for viewing in August 2016.

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