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Humans poster
Genre: Drama, Science Fiction, Science-Fiction, Thriller
Channel: Channel 4
Status: Ended
8.6/10(1530 votes)
Bella Dayne Bella Dayne as Astrid
Billy Jenkins Billy Jenkins as Sam
Carrie-Anne Moss Carrie-Anne Moss as Dr. Athena Morrow
Colin Morgan Colin Morgan as Leo
Danny Webb Danny Webb as Professor Edwin Hobb
Dino Fetscher Dino Fetscher as Stanley
Emily Berrington Emily Berrington as Niska
Gemma Chan Gemma Chan as Anita Hawkins
Gemma Chan Gemma Chan as Anita/Mia
Holly Earl Holly Earl as Agnes

Humans is set in a parallel present where the latest must-have gadget for any busy family is a Synth – a highly-developed robotic servant eerily similar to its live counterpart. In the hope of transforming the way they live, one strained suburban family purchases a refurbished synth only to discover that sharing life with a machine has far-reaching and chilling consequences.

Humans season 1

Humans season 1 poster

We represent this is new fantastic story about of robots cyborgs which created the scientists in order to allow people to use them for their own purposes. You make sure as far as forward gone the technologies in their development. These robots have a view which entirely appropriate with the people, so their are quite difficult to distinguish from real people. Only during a conversation with them could determine who they really are. Many were interested of such wonderful invention and do not miss your chance that acquire him. Ones of those people turned up Lora and Joe. They had one inmost dream, which they in no way not could to implement. They wanted a child. All attempts come to that were hopeless. So they decided to buy a robot baby, and named her Anita. In her, Lora and Joe saw as their own child, and not a piece of metal. They gave her their love, attention and care. All the best wherein needs the child. But these efforts Anita is not appreciated. After all, she is a robot which does not know how to feel, to love and reciprocate. And all reached a certain point. Suddenly, she came to conclusion that she did not want to be among the people. And then Anita makes an attempt to change her life.

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Humans season 2

Humans season 2 poster

In the summer of 2015 you are familiar with the science fiction series Humans. Scientific - technical progress has become its main stem. Consequently, with the people in their everyday life, staying and working robots. Their mission is to make human life easier. They have a rather unusual appearance, is not such that you have seen before. Robots are almost identical to living people. They know how to dress, talk and to exchange data. However, these machines have the only difference from a real person. They are not able to experience and express their feelings and emotions. But is this really how people think? A striking example of this evidence was one case. Normal family acquired a similar robot - assistant. He absolutely did not cause any suspicion, and the owners had no idea of its uniqueness. After some time, the family members noticed the established differences in the behavior of the robot and decided to sort out in the inaccuracies of the program. The fact that they were able to find out can be considered a real boon. It turned out that this robot is one of group of the robots in which were laid certain qualities characteristic only for people. There are a few samples and behind them underway a hunting. Have become partakers in an equal battle fake intelligence and society, family members take the side of the robots. Was it right their choice show further events of the second season.

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Humans season 3

Humans season 3 poster

The world of Humans was on the brink of revolution in the season 3 that could lead to both chaos and harmony. This sci-fi drama has been showing since the first episode a world in which humanity uses high technologies to the maximum and tries to coexist with machines. It seems that this coexistence will move to a new level in the next chapter. The season 2 of “Humans” ended in an unexpected turn of the plot: all Synths became conscious. The events of the new series will unfold one year later. A population of robots oppressed and exterminated by humanity will fight for their existence in a world where they are hated and feared. The situation will worsen despite all attempts to maintain a delicate balance. Moreover,a split in the Synth community will endanger this illusory stability. Disagreements will acquire not only a global but also a local character: Hawkinses’ opinions about intelligent machines will be divided after all the tragic events. The 3rd season will present a new world to the audience, and there will be no peace in this world: the struggle for Synth’s rights is just beginning in the upcoming episodes of Humans tv series.

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