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If Loving You Is Wrong

If Loving You Is Wrong poster
Air weekdate: Tuesday
Genre: Drama
Status: Continuing
6.3/10(7 votes)
Aiden Turner Aiden Turner as Brad
Amanda Clayton Amanda Clayton as Alex
April Parker Jones April Parker Jones as Natalie
Charles Malik Whitfield Charles Malik Whitfield as Lushion
Edwina Findley Dickerson Edwina Findley Dickerson as Kelly
Eltony Willians Eltony Willians as Randal
Heather Hemmens Heather Hemmens as Marcie
Joel Rush Joel Rush as Eddie
Zulay Henao Zulay Henao as Esperanza
Denzel Wells Denzel Wells as Travis

This sexy, sleek drama takes viewers into the lives of a group of husbands, wives and friends that live and love in the same middle class neighborhood. On the surface they are true-to-life, relatable people – raising children, working jobs, finding and maintaining romance - but just below the veneer of happiness, their lives are entangled by heartbreak, deceit and lies that threaten to destroy everything.

In the focus of the plot of this American series we see five married couples living on the same street. At first sight these are decent and happy people of the middle stratum of society, who have a good job, docile children, love and affection for their significant others. But unfortunately this all lies on the surface. In fact they live in constant lies and fright. Their relations can be ruined between one breath and another. But regardless all the difficulties Kelly, Marcie, Natalie, Alex and Esperanza try to find love. They assert once again the simple truth: women always need love in spite of the high cost they have to pay for it. The series is opening with quite a discovery: Alex is supposed to be pregnant whereas her husband Brad had a vasectomy. Her lover Randal also wishes to father a child but with his spouse Marcie, but they have a rough ride. Esperanza’s ex-husband Eddie wants to keep a tight rein on her private life, especially at the moment she is in love with someone else. The plot promises to be very intriguing and suspenseful, follow it!

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The season two will open up some new stunning events in life and love interests of the main characters. Randal's affair comes to Marcie's notice, which bewilders her. So she is on the edge of committing a desperate chance at Brad's birthday party. Now the affair of Alex and Randal is exposed, so Natalie, Esperanza and Kelly side with her. Meanwhile, Kelly finds out some unexpected news from Justice regarding his father. Joey is interviewed at a chemical plant and he is desperate for this job. Brad interrogates, whether the women knew about love relationship between Alex and Randal, or not. He is eager for revenge. Marcie and Brad may gang together in order to avenge themselves on the lovers. In the meantime, Alex feels contractions and hurries to consult a doctor. Brad hesitates about being a father of her baby, whereas Randal is sure that he is a real father of Alex's unborn child. We’ll witness a huge intrigue about this baby. What will DNA test show? Follow to see more surprises of the second season!

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We decided to turn your dreams into reality, therefore special for you made of available preview of the third season If Loving You Is Wrong. This season of love drama again back transfer you to the life of each of characters. He will bring new scandals, new scenes of jealousy and new intrigue. At the first blush, all these people produce the impression of the faithful, devoted and caring family members, which doing everything in order that their life was full. But if dig deeper, it turns out that in their lifes there is a lot of grief, lies and deceit, betrayal and distrust which in one moment can destroy everything. Very often people think about the value of something, already after that as they have lost it. And does not always have the opportunity to regain all that was lost. Does not always have the opportunity to regain a former trust, which is sometimes very difficult to obtain. Let's see will whether the characters of the series to rethink their behavior and actions, that not to lose that really is the meaning of life for them.

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Loved by the audience sexy drama titled If loving you is wrong, published in 2014, it continues to be based on the stories of five couples related by marriage. This story reveals the intricate complexities of relationships of people living on the same street. It seems that all these people find their true happiness in life, they are loyal to their favorite elected representatives and impress friendly people. However, if you look closely, it emerges quite rosy picture. It turns out that each family has its own "skeletons in the closet" and unknown to anyone due to rapidly immerse the main characters of the series into the abyss of chaos. Some couples continue to create visibility were unsuccessful marriage. And that's about Edward, and Esperanza this just can not say. The last spark of their relationship has long been extinguished and that means that at the same time left and passion and love. Unpleasant moments, containing the notes of sorrow, deception and lies appear in their lives again and again. And each moment threatens to destroy everything in a lot of effort and hope has been invested. Viewers once again have an opportunity to receive a new batch of the incredible range of emotions.

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Serial If Loving You Is Wrong broadcast in the redistribution of America first appeared on your screens 9 September 2014. He was able to successfully move a few seasons with the duration of each series of thirty minutes a relatively short time. It turns out that the format slightly shortened and the development of the story is presented in a rather difficult perception. In the midst of the plot it is the triumph of imagination over intelligence which is meant by love. This is a wonderful, warm and exciting feeling was maddening many people for many centuries. It's a pity and a shame when feelings are not merged into one. Such a one-sided love is not rarely leads to the destruction of man and makes him a slave to his own position. The multi drama If Loving You Is Wrong continues to focus on five families which communicate well enough with each other. Within each family hearth redolent of the illusion that everything is in order however outside the home there are many secret ties, unresolved issues and affairs. If it goes on and on they come to an end? After all, all the secret sooner or later becomes apparent so the characters have to take account of this important rule otherwise ...

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