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If Loving You Is Wrong season 2

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If Loving You Is Wrong season 2 poster
22 episodes (6993 views)
Air weekdate:Wednesday
Cast:Zulay Henao, Charles Malik Whitfield, Joel Rush, Heather Hemmens, Eltony Willians, Edwina Findley Dickerson, April Parker Jones, Amanda Clayton, Aiden Turner, Matt Cook, Denzel Wells, Tiffany Haddash, Octavio Pizano, Dawan Owens, Trevante Rhodes
6.3/10(7 votes)

The season two will open up some new stunning events in life and love interests of the main characters. Randal's affair comes to Marcie's notice, which bewilders her. So she is on the edge of committing a desperate chance at Brad's birthday party. Now the affair of Alex and Randal is exposed, so Natalie, Esperanza and Kelly side with her. Meanwhile, Kelly finds out some unexpected news from Justice regarding his father. Joey is interviewed at a chemical plant and he is desperate for this job. Brad interrogates, whether the women knew about love relationship between Alex and Randal, or not. He is eager for revenge. Marcie and Brad may gang together in order to avenge themselves on the lovers. In the meantime, Alex feels contractions and hurries to consult a doctor. Brad hesitates about being a father of her baby, whereas Randal is sure that he is a real father of Alex's unborn child. We’ll witness a huge intrigue about this baby. What will DNA test show? Follow to see more surprises of the second season!

If Loving You Is Wrong season 2 episodes list:

Episode #1: Miss Louise (air date: 2015-09-22)

Alex is in hospital facing the harsh reality of her situation, Brad is shocked and angered. Her husbands affair has taken it's toll on Marcie and things only get worse for her when Randal's mum turns up. Eddies corrupt ways escalate.

360p (avi 410.6 MB)
Episode #2: The Beauty That Is (air date: 2015-09-29)

Alex is still recovering in the hospital and her friends come to visit, they are shocked when Alex refuses to see her baby. Randall comes home to find his mother there and is pressured by Marcie to get her to leave.

360p (avi 421.6 MB)
Episode #3: The Painter (air date: 2015-10-06)

Alex struggles to accept who the father of her baby is and still refuses to care for him and take her medicine. Brad is still angry and swears to Alex that he will remind her every day of her mistake to cheat.

Episode #4: Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes (air date: 2015-10-13)

Tensions between Marcie and her mother-in-law come to a head and the truth of the affair is nearly exposed. Randal pays Alex a visit in hospital. Meanwhile, angry Brad plots revenge to get back at Alex and Randal.

Episode #5: The Shed (air date: 2015-10-20)

Kelly stumbles across Brad and Alex's tryst in Randal's shed and it isn't long before Randal sees them too. Eddie is trying to cover his tracks after Ben's shooting and has a run in with the new rookie Pete.

Episode #6: Being A Woman (air date: 2015-10-27)

Randal's wife and mother deal with their conflicted feelings

Episode #7: Joey and Faun (air date: 2015-11-03)

Marcie gains an unexpected ally; Faun tries to reconcile with Natalie.

Episode #8: The Tape (air date: 2015-11-10)

Eddie and Ben go forward with plans to take down their enemies

Episode #9: He's Beautiful (air date: 2015-11-17)

Brad surprises Alex with something terrible.

Episode #10: Time For A Cigar (air date: 2015-11-24)

Because of his betrayal, Brad taunts Randal

Episode #11: Out of Control (air date: 2015-12-01)

Edward plans out something vicious

Episode #12: Mortal & Fifth (air date: 2016-03-15)

A horrible ambush ends in catastrophe.

Episode #13: The Last Word (air date: 2016-03-22)

Randal confronts his wife about her infidelity.

Episode #14: Backfired (air date: 2016-03-29)

Kelly does her best to protect Alex.

Episode #15: Randal's Wicked Web (air date: 2016-04-05)

Randal comes for Alex and Brad.

Episode #16: A Mother's Love (air date: 2016-04-12)

Alex realizes the debts of Randal's evil

Episode #17: Betting on Tina (air date: 2016-04-19)

Eddie finds that a nurse is his most formidable opponent

360p (mp4 269.4 MB)
Episode #18: The Brown Paper Bag (air date: 2016-04-26)

Lushion searches high and low for a piece of evidence.

360p (mp4 277.3 MB)
Episode #19: For Pete (air date: 2016-05-03)

Lushion takes a stand against corruption.

360p (mp4 267.0 MB)
Episode #20: The Will (air date: 2016-05-10)

Julius faces a shocking blow.

360p (mp4 265.8 MB)
Episode #21: An Evil Alliance (air date: 2016-05-17)

An alliance is formed

360p (mp4 265.7 MB)
Episode #22: The Wicked Soul (air date: 2016-05-24)

Lushion confesses a secret.

360p (mp4 415.7 MB)
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