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If Loving You Is Wrong season 2

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16 episodes (3411 views)

Air weekdate:Tuesday Cast:Zulay Henao, Charles Malik Whitfield, Joel Rush, Heather Hemmens, Eltony Willians, Edwina Findley Dickerson, April Parker Jones, Amanda Clayton, Aiden Turner, Matt Cook, Denzel Wells, Tiffany Haddash, Octavio Pizano, Dawan Owens, Trevante Rhodes Genre:Drama Channel:OWN Status:Continuing

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The season two will open up some new stunning events in life and love interests of the main characters. Randal's affair comes to Marcie's notice, which bewilders her. So she is on the edge of committing a desperate chance at Brad's birthday party. Now the affair of Alex and Randal is exposed, so Natalie, Esperanza and Kelly side with her. Meanwhile, Kelly finds out some unexpected news from Justice regarding his father. Joey is interviewed at a chemical plant and he is desperate for this job. Brad interrogates, whether the women knew about love relationship between Alex and Randal, or not. He is eager for revenge. Marcie and Brad may gang together in order to avenge themselves on the lovers. In the meantime, Alex feels contractions and hurries to consult a doctor. Brad hesitates about being a father of her baby, whereas Randal is sure that he is a real father of Alex's unborn child. We’ll witness a huge intrigue about this baby. What will DNA test show? Follow to see more surprises of the second season!

If Loving You Is Wrong season 2 episodes list:

Episode #1: The Lady Next Door (air date: 2015-03-24)

In the wake of the domestic dispute between Randal and Marcie, Eddie and Lushion arrive and help mediate the situation. Marcie tells Eddie that Randal is having an affair with the woman next door, and Eddie mistakenly believes that Randal is sleeping with Kelly. Across town, Natalie warns Quan and his boys about harassing Joey. Meanwhile, Edward tells Esperanza that Kelly is sleeping with Randal. Later, while preparing for Brad's surprise party, the ladies approach Kelly about her alleged affair with Randal. Kelly denies the accusation and insists that Alex is the adulterer. At the party, Randal pulls Alex aside and informs her that Marcie knows about their adultery. Before long, Marcie shows up at Brad's party with a special gift: evidence of Alex and Randal's affair.

Episode #2: Girlfriends (air date: 2015-03-31)

The women unite to support Alex in her time of distress. Lushion jeopardizes his career when he stops Eddie from going after Randal. Joey deals with Quan's threats after stealing his money. Kelly finally admits the painful truth about why she can't see Travis, but it falls on deaf ears. Alex throws herself on the mercy of her hurt, furious husband, but it may be too late to stop Brad from doing the unthinkable.

Episode #3: Fatherless Boys (air date: 2015-04-07)

Joey tries to get a new job, but Natalie disapproves when she hears that he's applying at the local chemical plant. Eddie reads Lushion the riot act after Lushion stops him from committing more violence against Randal. Later, Eddie reveals his darker motives for working as a police officer. Travis and Kelly sit down with Justice to tell him that Travis is not his father. Brad goes looking for Randal, but his neighbor's house is empty. In the meantime, he takes his rage out on Randal's prized boat. When Randal finally comes home, he finds his former best friend in his yard—with an ax and a gun.

Episode #4: Who Knew (air date: 2015-04-14)

The neighborhood is abuzz after shots are heard from Randal's backyard and police arrive to survey the scene. Eddie and Lushion quickly take over the investigation. Natalie and Esperanza comfort Alex but have little luck in doing the same for Brad. Kelly comes to the rescue when Marcie suffers an emotional breakdown on the job. Meanwhile, Lushion struggles to rein in his partner when Eddie resorts to extreme measures to punish Randal.

Episode #5: Marcie and Brad (air date: 2015-04-21)

Eddie realizes he may be in for trouble when Randal shows up at the police station with a lawyer. In response, Eddie steps up his intimidation tactics. Meanwhile, a tough decision looms for Lushion: Will he maintain his integrity and tell the truth about Eddie, or will he cover up his partner's crimes and keep his job? Alex tries to get answers from Brad, but Brad appears to be finished with their marriage and asks his lawyer to draw up divorce papers. Marcie serves up divorce papers of her own to Randal. When he refuses to sign them, however, she works hard to make him regret it.

Episode #6: Whose Baby (air date: 2015-04-28)

Kelly rushes Alex to the hospital when some pain leads her to worry about her baby. The doctor says they're both fine, but Brad causes a stir when he asks for a paternity test. Faun convinces her father to give Joey his job back, but Natalie suspects she may have ulterior motives. Brad sheds his virtue when he agrees to lie to the police for Eddie. Marcie finally comes home to rub her fictitious affair in Randal's face, but Randal returns fire with an admission that's even more hurtful.

Episode #7: The Randal Connection (air date: 2015-05-05)

Marcie and Randal square off about Randal's affair with Alex. Eventually, Randal drops a bombshell by telling Marcie that Alex is pregnant with his baby. Meanwhile at Alex and Brad's house next door, Peter and Paisley notice discord in the home. Lushion confronts Eddie about the stunt he pulled with Randal, and makes plans to get a new partner. His conversation with the captain is postponed, however, when Randal and his attorney come by to file a formal complaint against Edward. They discover that Captain Mackey is already investigating Edward’s suspected corruption as well as his connection to the Escada cartel. At Burger Fast, Faun encourages Joey to go back to school and do something with his life. Quan shows up demanding that Joey return the money that he took along with the money and drugs that Eddie seized.

Episode #8: The Debt (air date: 2015-05-12)

Lushion learns that Quan has been threatening his family, and demands that Eddie give back the money he stole. Meanwhile, Marcie confronts Alex about her affair with Randal. Despite Alex's resistance, Randal calls to check on her and reveals why he told Marcie that Alex was pregnant with his baby. Later, Julius approaches Quan to pay back the money he owes. When Quan says he needs more time, Julius comes up with a dangerous new way for him to settle his debt.

Episode #9: 9 PM (air date: 2015-05-19)

Terror descends on Burger Fast as Quan's men commence their drive-by shooting. In the chaos that ensues, Lushion discovers that Eddie has been shot, and he fires back at the car full of gunmen. When Esperanza finds out that Eddie is hurt, her heart softens, and she expresses concern for him at the hospital. Meanwhile, Travis shows up at Kelly’s job and asks her to lunch. He reveals that he is no longer with his girlfriend, and makes an outlandish show of affection. Kelly reluctantly agrees to go with him, and Travis tells her that he'll be at her house at 9 p.m. to make love. At Alex and Brad's house, tension mounts to an all-time high. Alex begs for forgiveness, but Brad can't forget what she did with Randal.

Episode #10: Alex's Baby (air date: 2015-05-26)

In the aftermath of the Burger Fast shooting, Edward expresses his love to Esperanza, and Natalie tells Lushion that she wants him to quit the force. Elsewhere, Marcie overhears Alex telling Kelly that Randal won't leave her alone, so Marcie taunts Alex by telling her that she is going to sleep with Brad as often as she can. In the dramatic final moments, Alex goes into labor and has her baby early. Kelly, Natalie and Esperanza rush to the hospital to check on their friend—and they are stunned when they finally get a look at Alex's newborn son.

Episode #14: (air date: 2015-06-03)
Episode #15: (air date: 2015-06-03)
Episode #16: (air date: 2015-06-03)
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