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If Loving You Is Wrong season 3

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11 episodes (9795 views)

Air weekdate:Tuesday Cast:Zulay Henao, Charles Malik Whitfield, Joel Rush, Heather Hemmens, Eltony Willians, Edwina Findley Dickerson, April Parker Jones, Amanda Clayton, Aiden Turner, Matt Cook, Denzel Wells, Tiffany Haddash, Octavio Pizano, Dawan Owens, Trevante Rhodes Genre:Drama Channel:OWN Status:Continuing

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We decided to turn your dreams into reality, therefore special for you made of available preview of the third season If Loving You Is Wrong. This season of love drama again back transfer you to the life of each of characters. He will bring new scandals, new scenes of jealousy and new intrigue. At the first blush, all these people produce the impression of the faithful, devoted and caring family members, which doing everything in order that their life was full. But if dig deeper, it turns out that in their lifes there is a lot of grief, lies and deceit, betrayal and distrust which in one moment can destroy everything. Very often people think about the value of something, already after that as they have lost it. And does not always have the opportunity to regain all that was lost. Does not always have the opportunity to regain a former trust, which is sometimes very difficult to obtain. Let's see will whether the characters of the series to rethink their behavior and actions, that not to lose that really is the meaning of life for them.

If Loving You Is Wrong season 3 episodes list:

Episode #1: Miss Louise (air date: 2015-09-22)

On the season premiere of If Loving You Is Wrong, Alex lies in the hospital, unable to cope with the harsh reality that her baby isn't her husband's. The child was conceived during her affair with Randal. Brad is shocked and angered to learn that the baby can’t possibly be his biological child. The affair has taken its toll on Randal's wife, Marcie, and it only gets worse when her mother-in-law shows up to berate her. Meanwhile, drunk on power, Eddie's corrupt lifestyle escalates—and he's not afraid to use his firearm.

Episode #2: The Beauty That Is (air date: 2015-09-29)

As Alex recovers from the emotional aftermath of giving birth to Randal's child, her friends come to her bedside to comfort her. The ladies are shocked when Alex refuses to see her baby and considers giving the child up for adoption. Meanwhile, Randal comes home to find his mother waiting for him. She's been worried about Randal because he hasn't been responding to her calls. After Marcie's falling-out with his mother, Marcie pressures Randal to find a way to get her to leave.

Episode #3: The Painter (air date: 2015-10-06)

After realizing that Randal is the father of her newborn child, Alex refuses to look at her baby or take the medicine she needs to recover. However, Kelly convinces her that life is still worth living and that everything will get better in time, so Alex finally takes her medication and falls asleep. Alex dreams of her affair with Randal and wakes up murmuring his name—only to see Brad's face for the first time since the birth. Still angry at his wife's infidelity, Brad vows that he'll never let a day pass without reminding Alex of the mistake she made when she chose to cheat.

Episode #4: Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes (air date: 2015-10-13)

Tensions between Marcie and her mother-in-law come to a head when the truth of Randal's affair nearly surfaces. Randal pays Alex a visit in the hospital—and doesn't receive a very warm welcome. Meanwhile, Brad's rage at his wife's affair continues to mount, and he plots his revenge against Randal and Alex.

Episode #5: The Shed (air date: 2015-10-20)

Kelly stumbles upon Brad and Marcie's tryst in Randal's backyard shed. Immediately after, Randal gets a dose of his own medicine when he, too, walks in on the pair in flagrante delicto. Meanwhile, Eddie tries to cover his tracks after shooting Ben in the hand, and has a run-in with Pete, a rookie officer on the force. When Pete ultimately crosses Eddie, Eddie becomes determined to even the score.

Episode #6: Being A Woman (air date: 2015-10-27)

Randal falls apart when he and his mother discover Marcie and Brad having sex in the shed where Randal and Alex initiated their own illicit affair. Elsewhere, Natalie catches her son in flagrante delicto with Faun. Natalie is visibly upset and extremely disappointed to find that they weren't using protection. Then, Eddie makes a surprise visit to Brad's office, where Brad reveals his plan to let Alex's aggressive, racist father know about her child with Randal.

Episode #7: Joey & Faun (air date: 2015-11-03)

Brad shows up at the hospital to torment Alex about having Randal's baby. Over at the restaurant, Faun apologizes to Natalie for fooling around with Joey in the kitchen, and admits to having strong feelings for him. Meanwhile, Randal's mother chastises him for cheating on his faithful wife, and Marcie gains her as an ally. Then, Kelly helps Ramsey through his grief—and unexpectedly starts to fall for him.

Episode #8: The Tape (air date: 2015-11-10)

Eddie and Ben plot to get their hands on incriminating surveillance footage, putting Pete and the new hire, Claudia, in a dangerous position. Meanwhile, Brad continues to harass Alex and put her health in jeopardy. Then, just when Marcie starts to work through her pain with the help of Louise, she's viciously attacked by Randal.

Episode #9: He's Beautiful (air date: 2015-11-17)

Eddie and Ben plot to get their hands on incriminating surveillance footage, whatever the cost. Just when it seemed like things couldn't get any worse between Randal and Marcie, he snaps and assaults her in front of his mother. Faun and Joey unknowingly become the objects of a plot to extort money from Burger Fast. Alex chastises Kelly for not telling her about catching Brad and Marcie together in the shed. Meanwhile, a vindictive Brad pays Alex's racist and unstable father a visit—and invites him to meet his new grandson.

Episode #10: Time For A Cigar (air date: 2015-11-24)

Randal's behavior becomes increasingly erratic, and it's clear he's capable of violence, having physically attacked his wife, Marcie. Later, Randal drives to the hospital and demands that Alex allow him to hold his son. An unexpected run-in with Brad culminates in a rage-filled fistfight, with Brad gaining the upper hand. Meanwhile, Faun continues to make romantic advances toward Joey. When Faun's father catches the pair alone in her bedroom, he fires both Joey and his mother, leading Natalie to kick her son out of her house.

Episode #11: Out of Control (air date: 2015-12-01)

Marcie finally learns that Randal is the father of Alex's newborn, and for her, it's the final straw. She's set on escaping her hostile environment, even if it means a long financial struggle. Spiraling out of control, Eddie breaks into Natalie's house. After threatening her for knowing that he extorted money from drug dealers, Eddie stuns her with his Taser. Later, Eddie informs Ben about his plan to get rid of Pete, who has been working on exposing Eddie's crimes, including deliberately shooting Ben in the hand. Pete is sent on patrol in a dangerous neighborhood, where he is shot several times by unknown perpetrators. Meanwhile, Alex comes home from the hospital with her newborn for the first time—only to find that her mother and bigoted father are waiting inside to see her new son.

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