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In Treatment season 3

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28 episodes (108 views)

Air weekdate:Daily Cast:Gabriel Byrne, Dianne Wiest, Josh Charles, Embeth Jean Davidtz, Mia Wasikowska, Blair Underwood, Melissa George, Alison Pill, John Mahoney Genre:Drama Channel:HBO Status:Ended

8.3 (23 votes)

In Treatment season 3 episodes list:

Episode #1: Sunil: Week One (air date: 2010-10-25)

A retired math professor from Bengal, Sunil, accompanied by his son Arun and daughter-in-law Julia, reluctantly visit Paul to discuss the death of Sunil's wife six months earlier, his subsequent displacement to the U.S., and the recent tensions he's experienced while living with his son's family.

Episode #2: Frances: Week One (air date: 2010-10-25)

A well-known stage and screen actress, whose sister was treated by Paul 18 years earlier, begins therapy to uncover the reasons why she is "blanking out" during rehearsals for a new play.

Episode #3: Jesse: Week One (air date: 2010-10-26)

A 16-year-old homosexual, who has been seeing Paul for some time after being caught peddling prescription drugs to classmates, talks about his troubling "pattern of promiscuity," his unsettled family life with adopted parents and a recent alarming voicemail.

Episode #4: Adele: Week One (air date: 2010-10-26)

In order to get a new prescription for sleeping pills, an exhausted Paul visits a young, serious and intelligent therapist, and is compelled to confront deep-rooted fears about his health, his divorce, his patients, and his all-encompassing relationship with former therapist Gina Toll.

Episode #5: Sunil: Week Two (air date: 2010-11-01)

Sunil confronts his inability to voice his frustrations as he recalls the first time he and his wife met their future daughter-in-law in Calcutta.

Episode #6: Frances: Week Two (air date: 2010-11-01)

Frances struggles to remember what distracts her during rehearsals, and she gets defensive when Paul mentions in passing that he spoke to her sister about her illness. Meanwhile, Paul sees a neurologist to be tested for Parkinson's.

Episode #7: Jesse: Week Two (air date: 2010-11-02)

Jesse talks about his application to a prestigious arts program at the Rhode Island School of Design.

Episode #8: Adele: Week Two (air date: 2010-11-02)

Paul discusses Gina's book with Adele and vents about a particularly loathsome character he's certain is based on him.

Episode #9: Sunil: Week Three (air date: 2010-11-08)

Sunil makes tea as he describes his first wedding anniversary since his wife's death.

Episode #10: Frances: Week Three (air date: 2010-11-08)

Frances recalls her sister's one and only foray into acting in a college production, and discusses her mother's beauty before and after she became ill.

Episode #11: Jesse: Week Three (air date: 2010-11-09)

Jesse is accompanied by his mother (Dendrie Taylor), but the strain of their relationship makes any kind of discussion difficult.

Episode #12: Adele: Week Three (air date: 2010-11-09)

Paul complains of headaches the morning after taking Max to a concert to see Animal Collective, and is despondent while revealing what his son found on his computer.

Episode #13: Sunil: Week Four (air date: 2010-11-15)

Sunil is unnerved by parallels between Arun and Julia's marriage and a romance from his youth.

Episode #14: Frances: Week Four (air date: 2010-11-15)

Painful family memories take a toll on Frances' self-esteem.

Episode #15: Jesse: Week Four (air date: 2010-11-16)

Paul helps Jesse see a new path to meeting his birth parents.

Episode #16: Adele: Week Four (air date: 2010-11-16)

Adele tries to get Paul to talk about his lack of passion.

Episode #17: Sunil: Week Five (air date: 2010-11-22)

Sunil's suspicions about Julia having an affair continue to rise.

Episode #18: Frances: Week Five (air date: 2010-11-22)

Frances goes over her Breast Cancer test results with Paul.

Episode #19: Jesse: Week Five (air date: 2010-11-23)

Jesse shows up unexpectedly the night before his session.

Episode #20: Adele: Week Five (air date: 2010-11-23)

Adele tries to get Paul to acknowledge his preoccupation with a troubled relationship.

Episode #21: Sunil: Week Six (air date: 2010-11-29)

Paul is alarmed by Sunil's unpredictable behavior at home.

Episode #22: Frances: Week Six (air date: 2010-11-29)

Frances leans on Paul for support as her sister's health deteriorates.

Episode #23: Jesse: Week Six (air date: 2010-11-30)

Jesse shrugs off Paul's optimism that his parents won't abandon him when he needs them most.

Episode #24: Adele: Week Six (air date: 2010-11-30)

Adele sees Paul's chronic indecisiveness as a source of his discontent.

Episode #25: Frances: Week Seven (air date: 2010-12-06)

Frances struggles with the prospect of losing her sister Tricia.

Episode #26: Sunil: Week Seven (air date: 2010-12-06)

Paul is blindsided by a revelation regarding Sunilʼs therapy.

Episode #27: Jesse: Week Seven (air date: 2010-12-07)

Paul tries to get Jesse to open up about a recent transgression and his relationship with his father Roberto.

Episode #28: Adele: Week Seven (air date: 2010-12-07)

Blaming Adele for his recent setbacks with patients, Paul contemplates the future of his therapy, and his practice.

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