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Insecure poster
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Channel: HBO
Status: Ended
8.2/10(143 votes)
Amanda Seales Amanda Seales as Tiffany
Dominique Perry Dominique Perry as Tasha
Issa Rae Issa Rae as Issa Dee
Jay Ellis Jay Ellis as Lawrence
Kendrick Sampson Kendrick Sampson as Nathan
Langston Kerman Langston Kerman as Jared
Lisa Joyce Lisa Joyce as Frieda
Natasha Rothwel Natasha Rothwel as Kelli
Neil Brown Jr. Neil Brown Jr. as Chad
Sarunas J. Jackson Sarunas J. Jackson as Dro

Insecure focuses on the awkward experiences and racy tribulations of a modern day African-American woman through the eyes of Issa Dee, played by Issa Rae. Jay Ellis will play Lawrence, Issa's depressed and unemployed boyfriend, who has been getting his act together for four years. Yvonne Orji is Molly, Issa's best friend. While very successful in her corporate work life, she is very unsuccessful in her love life.

Insecure season 1

Insecure season 1 poster

TV show “Insecure” tells the story of a chaotic, dramatic and at the same time, funny life of African-American woman by the name Issa Dee. Black woman in the world today is a strong and confident person. But Isa with her best friend Molly does not correspond to this image. Their everyday life is full of experiences and friends are trying to deal with their own flaws. Comedy series begins with the birthday of Isa, who celebrates 29 years. On this day, she reinvents the relationship with her boyfriend Lawrence, who lives with Isa under the same roof. At this time, Molly saddened because of her single status.

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Insecure season 2

Insecure season 2 poster

Comedian Issa Rae continues to screen her Internet sketches “Awkward Black Girl” in Insecure season 2 on the HBO channel. The TV series “Insecure” continues to talk about the life of the two heroines Issa Dee and Molly Carter in the 2nd season. Issa still helps black students in high school. And Molly is a successful corporate Lawyer. At the same time, they both have problems in their personal lives. Creator shares the experience of a modern African American woman. The main characters of fascinating history will decide on the cardinal changes for the sake of their happiness in the new episodes of the TV show Insecure.

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Insecure season 3

Insecure season 3 poster

Insecure season 3 continues to revolve around the story of two African American friends who crossed the threshold of the thirties. Issa (Issa Rae) works with students from the “black” quarters, and Molly (Yvonne Orji) – a successful lawyer. So, Issa broke off relations with Lawrence and tries with all her strength to return to normal life. These desperate attempts bring her to bed with her old friend Daniel. As a result, their relations are greatly complicated and it is urgent to come up with a solution in this situation. Molly, on the contrary, pushed her personal life into the background, and is actively engaged in her career. She changed job and is forced to re-earn prestige in a black-owned law firm. Thus, together they continue to build personal lives and careers, experience failures and learn to be happy in the upcoming season 3 of Insecure.

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Insecure season 4

Insecure season 4 poster

This is a continuation of the comedy television series about a black woman. “This season, our characters are entering the next phase of their lives,” said Issa Rae, lead singer and screenwriter. There will be more episodes in the new season - ten instead of eight.

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Insecure season 5

Insecure season 5 poster

Insecure season 5 is a continuation of the comedy-drama series about the life of an African American woman. The show has been released since 2016. Issa is a young African American woman living in Los Angeles. The girl tries to build a career and improve relationships with her boyfriend Lawrence, but often finds herself in awkward situations. Fortunately, her friend from the university, Molly, is always next to her. In addition, Issa asks questions about the difficulty of being black. In the fourth season, Issa and Molly friendship was threatened, and Lawrence learned that his ex-girlfriend was expecting a child from him. In the new series, Issa will have to solve this problem. The fifth season will be the final one.

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