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It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia season 7

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It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia season 7 poster
13 episodes (2097 views)
Air weekdate:Wednesday
Cast:Glenn Howerton, Danny DeVito, Charlie Day, Sandy Martin, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, David Hornsby, Artemis Pebdani, Lynne Marie Stewart, Rob McElhenney, Kaitlin Olson
9.1/10(207 votes)

Comedy series tells the story of four young friends – Irish pub owners in a depressed area of Philadelphia. Business of the guys is not too successful, but it does not stop them regularly to find adventure on the parts of their body. The main characters of TV show – Mac, Charlie, Dennis and Dee – immoral, unprincipled, politically incorrect and are willing to lie recklessly in order to achieve their goals. Besides constantly “at war” with each other. However, in most cases, these qualities do not bring them any good. As a result, the whole “gang” regularly ranked in the most absurd situations.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia season 7 episodes list:

Episode #1: Frank's Pretty Woman (air date: 2011-09-15)

Frank wants to marry a prostitute and the gang can't talk him out of it. While Dee sets out to burnish the hooker's heart of gold, Charlie takes a different tack: He tries to set Frank up with another woman. Meanwhile, Mac has put on a lot of weight. "I'm cultivating mass," he tells Dennis.

Episode #2: The Gang Goes to the Jersey Shore (air date: 2011-09-22)

Dee and Dennis take the gang to their favorite childhood vacation spot on the Jersey Shore. Things aren't quite as they remember them. Still, Mac, Frank and Charlie have the times of their lives; Dee and Dennis not so much.

Episode #3: Frank Reynolds' Little Beauties (air date: 2011-09-29)

Frank finds himself in the child beauty-pageant business and fears that people might think that he's in it for the wrong reasons. Meanwhile, Dee wages war on stage moms; and Mac, Dennis and Charlie think they have found a contestant to back.

Episode #4: Sweet Dee Gets Audited (air date: 2011-10-06)

While Dee tries to weasel her way out of an IRS audit, the guys set up a new (and, they say, democratic) way of running Paddy's.

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Episode #5: Frank's Brother (air date: 2011-10-13)

Frank's long-lost brother (Jon Polito) shows up unexpectedly and spills family secrets.

Episode #6: The Storm of the Century (air date: 2011-10-20)

It's not always sunny in Philadelphia: An apocalyptic storm is bearing down on the City of Brotherly Love, and everyone's in panic mode—except for Frank.

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Episode #7: Chardee MacDennis: The Game of Games (air date: 2011-10-27)

Another rainy day in Philadelphia. The gang can't go out and play, so they stay indoors and play a board game of their own devising. (It doesn't much resemble Chutes and Ladders). They also drink.

Episode #8: The ANTI-Social Network (air date: 2011-11-03)

While Dennis and Charlie track down an annoying Paddy's patron the old-fashioned way, Dee and Mac cyberstalk him. Frank is online as well, trying to boost business at the bar. Things go viral, and not in a good way for Frank.

Episode #9: The Gang Gets Trapped (air date: 2011-11-10)

The gang sneak into a residence to "extract" an "artifact," only to discover that someone is home. Uh-oh.

Episode #10: How Mac Got Fat (air date: 2011-11-17)

Mac claims that his gang mates made him fat. (Or so he says to a priest who's hearing his confession.)

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Episode #11: Thunder Gun Express (air date: 2011-12-01)

A presidential visit to Philadelphia causes traffic jams, frustrating the gang's effort to see the summer's hottest action movie, "Thunder Gun Express." So the gang takes action— "Thunder Gun"-style action—to get to the theater.

Episode #12: The High School Reunion (air date: 2011-12-08)

The gang have much to prove when they attend their high-school reunion. They meet old friends and make new foes as they stroll—make that trip—down memory lane.

Episode #13: The High School Reunion Part 2: The Gang's Revenge (air date: 2011-12-15)

In the Season 7 finale, the gang come up with a new plan to buff their tarnished high-school reputations at their high-school reunion.

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