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Jay Lenos Garage season 2017

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Jay Lenos Garage season 2017 poster
56 episodes (321 views)

Air weekdate: Cast:Jay Leno Genre:Documentary, Special Interest Channel:YouTube Status:Continuing

6.5 (4 votes)

Jay Lenos Garage season 2017 episodes list:

Episode #1: Ring Brothers 1969 Chevrolet G-Code Camaro (air date: 2017-01-01)

Jim and Mike Ring of the Ring Brothers stop by the garage to show Jay their latest creation, the G-Code 1969 Chevrolet Camaro.

Episode #2: 2008 BMW V8 1M Clone (air date: 2017-01-09)

Marco Svizzero stops by the garage with his 2008 BMW 135i that has been modified for street driving and the race track.

Episode #3: 1,000 HP 'Vicious' 1965 Ford Mustang (air date: 2017-01-16)

Jason Pecikonis and his team at Timeless Kustoms spent 10,000 hours transforming a 1965 Ford Mustang coupe into a 1,000 horsepower Ford Mustang fastback that Jay can only describe as 'Vicious'.

Episode #4: 1932 12-160A Custom Auburn (air date: 2017-01-22)

Jay gives an in-depth look at his Custom 12-160A Auburn that has been restored to exactly as it left the factory in 1932.

Episode #5: 1970 Pontiac GTO Judge (air date: 2017-01-30)

President of Coker Tires Wade Kawasaki stops by the garage to show Jay his 1970 Pontiac GTO Judge that was named after a popular character from the 60's Television show Laugh-In.

Episode #6: 1963 Lola Mk6 GT (air date: 2017-02-05)

Automotive royalty pays a surprise visit to the garage when Allen Grant stops by with his newly restored 1963 Lola Mk6 GT, the prototype vehicle that led to the legendary Ford GT.

Episode #7: Restoration Blog: February 2017 (air date: 2017-02-12)

Faro Technologies stops by the garage to demo their new 3D scanning technology and Jay gives an update on some of the restorations going on in the garage.

Episode #8: Direct Metal Laser Printing (air date: 2017-02-17)

Bry Ewan from Stratasys Direct Manufacturing stops by the garage to show Jay how their new technology can bypass the plastic mold process of 3D printing and go straight to metal printing.

Episode #9: 2014 Pagani Huayra (air date: 2017-02-19)

David Lee stops by the garage to show Jay his special edition 730 horse power 2014 Pagani Huayra.

Episode #10: Snap-on's Rock N' Roll Express Cab (air date: 2017-02-24)

Les Perry from Snap-on stops by the garage with the Rock N' Roll Express Cab to show Jay their top of the line tool storage solutions.

Episode #11: 1955 Volkswagen Beetle (air date: 2017-02-26)

Matt Jacobson stops by the garage with his all original 1955 Volkswagen Beetle.

Episode #12: 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale (air date: 2017-03-06)

Afshin Behnia, Founder, and Petrolista-in-Chief of the popular automotive website Petrolicious stops by the garage to show Jay his pride and joy, his 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale.

Episode #13: Vapor Honing (air date: 2017-03-10)

Johnathan Wise shows Jay how Vapor Honing can clean your dirty, greasy engine cases and make them look brand new using only high-pressure water and glass beads.

Episode #14: 1985 Rally Porsche 911 Carrera (air date: 2017-03-13)

Three-time ALMS GT and winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans Patrick Long stops by the garage with his brain-child, a 1985 Porsche 911 Carrera that he transformed into an East African Safari Rally car and Jay is ready to put it through its paces.

Episode #15: 2016 Callaway Corvette Aerowagen (air date: 2017-03-19)

Peter Callaway and Reeves Callaway stop by the garage with the newly released shooting brake design and performance package that changes the look of the C7 Corvette with no re-body while supercharging the engine to an impressive 757 horsepower.

Episode #16: Ringbrothers' 1948 Madam V Cadillac Coupe (air date: 2017-03-27)

Jim and Mike Ring stop by the garage to show Jay how they took a 1948 Cadillac Coupe and gave it new life with the help of a 2015 ATS-V and a 2016 ATS-V.

Episode #17: 2017 ARCH KRGT-1 (air date: 2017-04-03)

Gard Hollinger and Keanu Reeves, Founders of ARCH Motorcycles, stop by the garage to talk with Jay about their first series production bike, the KRGT-1, and what inspired them to start their own motorcycle company.

Episode #18: 1955 Chevrolet Belair 2-Door Coupe (air date: 2017-04-09)

Gary Kollofski stops by the garage to show Jay his 1955 Chevrolet Belair 2-Door Coupe that is not your average all American resto-mod.

Episode #19: Snap-On Accessibility Tools (air date: 2017-04-14)

Les Perry from Snap-On stops by the garage to show Jay a new set of tools that can help you get the job done right in tight spots.

Episode #20: 2016 USSV Rhino GX (air date: 2017-04-17)

Film Director, F. Gary Gray, stops by the garage with Ernie Salazar, Client Relations for US Specialty Vehicles, to show Jay the 2016 Rhino GX and Rhino XT that is featured in the new Fate of the Furious film.

Episode #21: 1966 Buick Riviera (air date: 2017-04-24)

Randy Cark, owner of Hot Rods and Custom Stuff, stops by the garage to show Jay a custom 1966 Buick Riviera that has an eye-popping gold paint job that took his team 1,500 hours to complete.

Episode #22: 1976 BMW 2002 (air date: 2017-05-01)

Marc Norris, the founder of the Bavarian Workshop, stops by the garage with a 1976 BMW 2002 that has been modified just enough for Jay's taste.

Episode #23: Vee Two Ducati IMOLA EVO (air date: 2017-05-08)

Brook Henry and Andrew Cathcart of Vee Two Austrailia stop by the garage to show Jay their 1981 900SS that features their Vee Two Ritorno Twin engine that has an air-cooled SOHC desmodromic 90-degree V-twin four-stroke with two valves per cylinder and bevel-gear camshaft drive.

Episode #24: 1964 Volkswagen Type 34 Ghia (air date: 2017-05-15)

Matt Jacobson stops by the garage to show Jay the rare 1964 Volkswagen Type 34 Ghia.

Episode #25: Morgan Aero Super Sport (air date: 2017-05-22)

In this classic episode of Jay Leno's Garage Charles Morgan, CEO of Morgan Motor Company, stops by the garage to show Jay the Morgan Aero Super Sport.

Episode #26: Giant Shop Fans (air date: 2017-05-26)

V.P. of Manufacturing, Paul Lauritzen, of Big Ass Solutions stops by the garage to show Jay their latest giant shop fan products.

Episode #27: 1978 Chevrolet Nova 9C1 (air date: 2017-05-28)

Lieutenant Bob Killeen from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and Bill Sanders stop by the garage to show Jay the department's new 2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utility and the classic 1978 Chevrolet Nova 9C1.

Episode #28: Restoration Blog: June 2017 (air date: 2017-06-04)

Jay gives an update on some of the restorations going on in the garage.

Episode #29: 2017 Ducati Scrambler Cafe Racer (air date: 2017-06-12)

Jason Chinnock, CEO of Ducati North America, stops by the garage to show Jay the 2017 Ducati Scambler Cafe Racer that was inspired by their customer's take on the Ducati Icon.

Episode #30: 1953 Cunningham C3 (air date: 2017-06-18)

After 18 months of intense restoration, Jay and team unveil his 1953 Cunningham C3 that is one of only 25 of these cars that were ever produced

Episode #31: Jay Leno Surprises Passengers in His ‘54 Jaguar (air date: 2017-06-24)

Virtual reality became reality when Jay Leno surprised unsuspecting participants in his classic 1954 Jaguar XK120 convertible at the Rodeo Drive Concours d’Elegance in Beverly Hills.

Episode #32: 2015 Divergent Blade (air date: 2017-06-26)

Kevin Czinger, Founder & CEO of Divergent 3D, stops by the garage to show Jay the Blade, a 700 horsepower 3D printed supercar.

Episode #33: 2017 Trans AM SE Bandit (air date: 2017-06-27)

The 2017 Trans AM SE Bandit is in a class of its own. Jay Leno and Gabriel Iglesias take “The Bandit” for a spin on the two-hour premiere of Jay Leno's Garage.

Episode #34: 1999 Y2K Jet Bike (air date: 2017-07-01)

With 350 horsepower and 475 lb-ft of torque, Jay Leno's 1999 Y2K Jet Bike packs a lot of power, in a small package.

Episode #35: Quadriplegic Drives 2016 Corvette Z06 (air date: 2017-07-08)

Determination, hard work, competitive spirit, and the love of racing. Champion Indy racing driver, Sam Schmidt, is an inspiration. After crashing his car at 210 mph and becoming a quadriplegic in 2001, Sam is back in the driver’s seat of a 2016 Corvette Z06.

Episode #36: 2017 Ford GT (air date: 2017-07-10)

In 2016, Ford once conquered the 24 Hours of Le Mans 50 years after their first Le Mans win. Now Jay is ready to unveil his new 2017 Ford GT that features the technology that won Le Mans.

Episode #37: Wrapping Jay's 2017 Ford GT (air date: 2017-07-14)

Protective Film Solutions' Ryan Tounsley and his team protect Jay's Ford GT paint and windshield with their protective film wraps!

Episode #38: Inside Jeff Dunham’s Garage: Achmedmobile & Batmobiles (air date: 2017-07-16)

Jay Leno takes a tour of Jeff Dunham’s wacky garage and hits the Las Vegas strip in a giant art car made for Burning Man

Episode #39: 2016 Ford GT350R SpeedKore Carbon Spec (air date: 2017-07-17)

David Salvaggio, Vice President of Speedkore, stops by the garage to show Jay their all carbon fiber bodied Ford 350R.

Episode #40: 1971 Mercedes-Benz 280SE 3.5 Coupe (air date: 2017-07-23)

Jay takes us on a tour of his 1971 Mercedes-Benz 280SE that is the last of the coach built cars.

Episode #41: 1974 Porsche 911 (air date: 2017-07-31)

Marlon Goldberg, the owner of LA Workshop 5001, stops by the garage to show Jay his unique take on restoring a 1973 Porsche 911T and a 1974 Porsche 911.

Episode #42: 1947 Marchese Special (air date: 2017-08-07)

David Salvaggio from SpeedKore Performance Group stops by the garage to share with Jay some of his family history, his grandfather's midget race car, the 1947 Marchese Special.

Episode #43: 2017 Vanderhall Venice (air date: 2017-08-14)

Steve Hall, President of Vanderhall Motor Works, stops by the garage to show Jay their latest three-wheeled vehicle model, the 2017 Vanderhall Venice.

Episode #44: The Engine That Won World War II (air date: 2017-08-21)

With 1390 hp, Jay demonstrates the power and engineering of the Merlin 1650-1 engine that was the heart of the P-51 Mustangs and the Lancaster bombers in World War II.

Episode #45: 1967 BMW 1600 (air date: 2017-08-27)

Lisa Hong stops by the garage to show Jay her original and unrestored 1967 BMW 1600 which was the predecessor to the BMW 2002.

Episode #46: 1915 Hispano Suiza (air date: 2017-09-03)

Jay shows us what it's like to drive a World War I aircraft on the street with his 1915 Hispano Suiza that features an 18.5-liter airplane motor.

Episode #47: 2003 Ferrari Enzo (air date: 2017-09-11)

David Lee stops by the garage with the iconic Ferrari Enzo, and Jay happily takes it for a test drive!

Episode #48: 1911 Christie Fire Engine (air date: 2017-09-17)

After blowing a piston that shot through the side of the block, Jay is ready to take this 9-ton 1911 Christie Fire Engine back on the road and give it a send-off it well deserves.

Episode #49: KODE 57 (air date: 2017-09-24)

With the Ferrari Enzo and Maserati Quattroporte to his design credit, Ken Okuyama stops by the garage to show Jay one of his recent designs, the stunning 6.0-liter V12 600 horsepower KODE 57.

Episode #50: 1951 Ford Coupe (air date: 2017-10-01)

Craig Wick, the owner of Wicked Fabrication, stops by the garage with the Gran Turismo–Winning GT51, a 1951 Ford Club Coupe that has everything that dream-cars are made of.

Episode #51: West Coast Customs 1959 Porsche 356 (air date: 2017-10-09)

Ryan Friedlinghaus, CEO of West Coast Customs, stops by the garage to show Jay how they took a Porsche Cayman and transformed it into a classic 1959 Porsche 356.

Episode #52: Restoration Blog: October 2017 (air date: 2017-10-16)

Jay gives an update on some of the restorations going on in the garage.

Episode #53: 1958 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud Derelict (air date: 2017-10-23)

ICON President, Jonathan Ward, stops by the garage to show Jay his latest Derelict, a 1958 Roll Royce Silver Cloud that is sporting a 550hp LS7.

Episode #54: 1940 Indian Four with the Sidecar (air date: 2017-10-30)

Known for its reliability and power, the 1940 Indian Four was considered a luxury motorcycle and with the sidecar attached Jay shows us why.

Episode #55: 1918 Model 66 Pierce Arrow (air date: 2017-11-06)

Jay teams up with his buddy Patrick Craig to give a thorough look at his 1918 Model 66 Pierce Arrow that has the distinction of having the largest engine ever put in a production vehicle.

Episode #56: KODE 0 (air date: 2017-11-13)

Ken Okuyama stops by the garage to show Jay his latest design, the stunning naturally aspirated 700hp V12 Kode 0.

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