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Kung Fu season 1

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16 episodes (1051 views)

Air weekdate: Cast:David Carradine, Keye Luke, Philip Ahn, Harrison Ford, Radames Pera, John Blyth Barrymore, Keith Carradine, Leslie Nielsen, James Hong, James Weatherill, Richard Loo, Tad Horino, Tim McIntire, Victor Sen Yung, Yuki Shimoda Genre:Action, Adventure, Drama Channel:ABC (US) Status:Ended

8.3 (21 votes)

Kung Fu season 1 episodes list:

Episode #0: (air date: 1972-10-14)
360p (avi 694.3 MB)
Episode #1: King of the Mountain (air date: 1972-10-14)

Caine finds a young boy at a burned out cabin and tries to help him find his uncle. Along the way, bounty hunters find him.

360p (avi 296.9 MB)
Episode #2: Dark Angel (air date: 1972-11-11)

Caine travels to Lordsville looking for his grandfather. On his way he helps a man attacked by indians and the man gives him a map to a goldmine. Caine gives the map to an old preacher who helped him.

360p (avi 312.9 MB)
Episode #3: Blood Brother (air date: 1973-01-18)

While passing through the Arizona territory town of Kilgore, Caine learns of a Shaolin friend who lived there, and won't leave till he breaks the community's conspiracy surrounding his disappearance.

360p (avi 309.8 MB)
Episode #4: An Eye for an Eye (air date: 1973-01-25)

A family seeks vengeance-not justice-against the soldier who raped their daughter. Setting in motion a cycle of violence that Caine may be powerless to stop.

360p (avi 309.8 MB)
Episode #5: The Tide (air date: 1973-02-01)

A man with a price on his head can spark a lot of ambitions. A woman wants to capture Caine so she can use the $10,000 to free her imprisoned father, and a killer hiding behind a badge simply wants to get rich.

360p (avi 304.3 MB)
Episode #6: The Soul Is the Warrior (air date: 1973-02-08)

Caine's quest to meet his half-brother Danny leads him to a ranch where his sibling once worked, and plunges the priest into a confrontation where he proves his mettle by walking trough a pit of rattlesnakes.

360p (avi 301.8 MB)
Episode #7: Nine Lives (air date: 1973-02-15)

After the death of a mining camp's feline mascot, Caine and a miner embark on a trek to find a new cat -- a journey that ultimately has the pair trapped at the bottom of a rapidly filling well.

360p (avi 309.5 MB)
Episode #8: Sun and Cloud Shadow (air date: 1973-02-22)

Caine brokers a settlement between a landowner and Chinese miners, but the landowner adds an unacceptable condition to the deal. Meanwhile, a karate master intends to capture Caine.

360p (avi 306.4 MB)
Episode #9: Chains (air date: 1973-03-15)

Caine is imprisoned at an army outpost, and escapes... chained to his hulking, mountain-man cellmate, and are persued by a relentless sergent. Who is determined to collect the reward offered for Caine's capture.

360p (avi 308.3 MB)
Episode #10: Alethea (air date: 1973-03-22)

Caine befriends a young girl, whose mistaken eyewitness testimony leads to the priest being tried for murder... and sentenced to death by hanging.

360p (avi 299.9 MB)
Episode #11: The Praying Mantis Kills (air date: 1973-03-29)

Murderous thugs come looking for Caine after he identifies them as perpetrators of a bank robbery. A youth's ideas about how to be a man are challenged by Caine's quiet heroics.

360p (avi 303.5 MB)
Episode #12: Superstition (air date: 1973-04-05)

Walls imprison the men unjustly sentenced to work as miners at a brutal labour camp. Yet an even greater barrier holds them captive; fear of the camp's ancient Indian curse. But Caine knows no such fear.

360p (avi 310.2 MB)
Episode #13: The Stone (air date: 1973-04-12)

Caine encounters Isaac Montola, a freed slave from Brazil skilled in a fighting style he has never seen. When Caine intervenes in a fight to save Isaac's life, a precious stone is lost, setting off a chain of events involving a widow and her children, and the piano-playing groom-to-be,

360p (avi 306.1 MB)
Episode #14: The Third Man (air date: 1973-04-26)

A gambler on a hot streak entrusts his winnings to Caine. But the money is stolen, the gambler is killed, and Caine seeks answers to the mysteries surrounding both events.

360p (avi 311.9 MB)
Episode #15: The Ancient Warrior (air date: 1973-05-03)

Ancient Warrior, an aged Indian accompanied by Caine, seeks burial in his sacred, ancestral land. But the burial site is located dead center in a violent, Indian-hating town called Purgatory.

360p (avi 313.0 MB)
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