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Law and Order season 1

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22 episodes (52 views)

Air weekdate:Monday Cast:Sam Waterston, Jerry Orbach, S. Epatha Merkerson, Linus Roache, Anthony Anderson, Dianne Wiest, Alana De La Garza, Carey Lowell, Jeremy Sisto, Elisabeth Rohm, Steven Hill, Benjamin Bratt, Annie Parisse, Chris Noth, Fred Thompson, Milena Govich, Dann Florek, Dennis Farina, Michael Imperioli, Angie Harmon, Jesse L. Martin, Jill Hennessy, George Dzundza, Michael Moriarty, Paul Sorvino, Carolyn McCormick, Richard Brooks Genre:Drama Channel:NBC Status:Ended

8.4 (39 votes)

Law and Order season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: Prescription for Death (air date: 1990-09-13)

When a young woman dies during a hectic emergency room night shift, her father claims the hospital was negligent, and an investigation leads the detectives to believe that the doctor treating her may have been drunk on duty.

Episode #2: Subterranean Homeboy Blues (air date: 1990-09-20)

The shooting of two black men by a white woman in a crowded subway initially appears to be a case of self-defense, but further investigation reveals revenge as a possible motive.

Episode #3: The Reaper's Helper (air date: 1990-10-04)

The death of a man with AIDS appears to be the work of a serial killer who may have been motivated by mercy.

Episode #4: Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die (air date: 1990-10-11)

Stone has difficulty prosecuting a privileged preppie with a history of abusing his girlfriends after one of them dies at his hands.

Episode #5: Happily Ever After (air date: 1990-10-23)

Greevey and Logan have a hunch that robbery is a cover for the real motive in the death of a millionaire in a parking garage.

Episode #6: Everybody's Favorite Bagman (air date: 1990-10-30)

The mugging of a councilman leads the detectives to arrest a mobster, who in turn leads Stone and Robinette to corrupt city officials.

Episode #7: By Hooker, By Crook (air date: 1990-11-13)

When Logan and Greevey investigate how a family man came to be found unconscious in Central Park, they uncover a very high-class call girl operation run by a well-educated socialite.

Episode #8: Poison Ivy (air date: 1990-11-20)

The shooting of a black honors student stirs up racial tensions, especially after it becomes apparent that the cop responsible for the death may have planted a gun on the body to excuse the shooting.

Episode #9: Indifference (air date: 1990-11-27)

During the investigation into the death of a little girl in a respectable, middle-class family, Greevey and Logan uncover a myriad of family secrets involving abuse, molestation, and murder.

Episode #10: Prisoner of Love (air date: 1990-12-04)

A city arts commissioner and a socialite come under investigation when an artist noted for his sadomasochistic themes is found dead under suspicious circumstances.

Episode #11: Out of the Half-Light (air date: 1990-12-11)

Greevey and Logan's investigation into a black teenager's claim that she was raped by white policemen is hampered by a publicity hungry, black politician who will not grant the detectives access to the victim.

Episode #12: Life Choice (air date: 1991-01-08)

Stone faces pressure from the public and from Schiff as he prepares to prosecute the person accused of bombing an abortion clinic.

Episode #13: A Death in the Family (air date: 1991-01-15)

Police start a citywide manhunt for a man suspected of killing a cop during a rooftop pursuit.

Episode #14: The Violence of Summer (air date: 1991-02-05)

Greevey and Logan reopen an investigation to help Stone and Robinette build a stronger case against three boys accused of gang-raping a TV reporter.

Episode #15: The Torrents of Greed (1) (air date: 1991-02-12)

An assault on a candy storeowner leads Stone and Robinette to build a case against a powerful mafia don.

Episode #16: The Torrents of Greed (2) (air date: 1991-02-19)

Stone tries to salvage his prosecution of the Masucci family when Beigel faces bribery charges and seems willing to turn against his brother-in-law.

Episode #17: Mushrooms (air date: 1991-02-26)

The accidental shooting of two children by a 14-year-old hired killer leads to a drug dealer and a real estate agent.

Episode #18: The Secret Sharers (air date: 1991-03-12)

Stone faces a flashy Texas lawyer and a hostile community as he tries to prosecute a young man accused of killing a drug dealer.

Episode #19: The Serpent's Tooth (air date: 1991-03-19)

Two brothers appear to be the logical suspects in the murder of their wealthy parents.

Episode #20: The Troubles (air date: 1991-03-26)

Logan is forced to face his cultural biases when both a Lebanese gunrunner and an Irish terrorist are suspected of killing a drug dealer.

Episode #21: Sonata for a Solo Organ (air date: 1991-04-02)

Stone and Robinette prosecute a surgeon and the wealthy father of a transplant patient for illegally obtaining a kidney.

Episode #22: The Blue Wall (air date: 1991-06-09)

Cragen comes under suspicion when his mentor in the department is investigated for laundering drug money.

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