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Law and Order season 13

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24 episodes (7 views)

Air weekdate:Monday Cast:Sam Waterston, Jerry Orbach, S. Epatha Merkerson, Linus Roache, Anthony Anderson, Dianne Wiest, Alana De La Garza, Carey Lowell, Jeremy Sisto, Elisabeth Rohm, Steven Hill, Benjamin Bratt, Annie Parisse, Chris Noth, Fred Thompson, Milena Govich, Dann Florek, Dennis Farina, Michael Imperioli, Angie Harmon, Jesse L. Martin, Jill Hennessy, George Dzundza, Michael Moriarty, Paul Sorvino, Carolyn McCormick, Richard Brooks Genre:Drama Channel:NBC Status:Ended

8.4 (39 votes)

Law and Order season 13 episodes list:

Episode #1: American Jihad (air date: 2002-10-02)

An American Muslim becomes the prime suspect in a double murder after an academic challenges his religious beliefs.

Episode #2: Shangri-La (air date: 2002-10-09)

The murder of a female high school English teacher uncovers a love triangle that includes a female student and a male teacher, both of whom become suspects. The prosecutors have to deal with the student's multiple identities and refusal to live past adolescence.

Episode #3: True Crime (air date: 2002-10-16)

Investigating the death of a rock band singer who had large amounts of cocaine and heroin in her system, the detectives question a former boyfriend who was a disgruntled band mate of her late husband. The prosecuters are hampered by the actions of a retired detective, who worked a case with Briscoe several years back, turned writer whose unconventional research tactics makes him a suspect as well.

Episode #4: Tragedy on Rye (air date: 2002-10-30)

A struggling actress is murdered in an apparent robbery-homicide where a video tape, made by a couple touring the city sold to a local news station, shows three suspects loading the stolen property into an SUV. They are charged with felony murder, a capital crime, and causes unrest with Southerlyn surrounding the death penalty.

Episode #5: The Ring (air date: 2002-11-06)

The discovery of a body in Hells Kitchen who had been wearing a $40,000 diamond ring leads the detectives back to the World Trade Center attacks as the victim had been reported to have died when Tower One collapsed. The ensuing investigation leads to a fiancee and a lover and the determination that the events of 9/11 may have been good timing to hide the fact that she was murdered the night before.

Episode #6: Hitman (air date: 2002-11-13)

The execution style shooting of a city contractor leads Detectives Briscoe and Green to suspect a professional hitman. They first focus upon possible enemies of the victim, but end up suspecting the victim's wife and her boyfried of hiring the killer. However later discovered evidence leads McCoy and Southerlyn to a conspirator that no one had suspected.

Episode #7: Open Season (air date: 2002-11-20)

A defense attorney who had just acquitted a cop killer is gunned down outside a Manhattan restaurant. The detectives start with police officers in the precinct of the injured officer, then to his brother, before they are led to a white supremacist who is part of a national network. McCoy is faced with the unlikely prospect that the defendant's attorney, his friend of 20 years and a friend of the slain lawyer, played a part in the murder of a Florida district attorney following the defendant's arrest. McCoy is able to make a deal that perserves the integrity of his adversary, but not without a cost.

Episode #8: Asterisk (air date: 2002-11-27)

A star baseball player becomes the prime suspect in the murder of his limousine driver when it is discovered that the driver regularly supplied steroids to the sports icon. The subsequent investigation reveals blackmail as the underlying motive for the murder.

Episode #9: The Wheel (air date: 2002-12-11)

The smoldering corpse of an Asian girl found outside the Chinese consul general's apartment leads the detectives to believe she had made a political statement. When forensics shows that she had been murdered beforehand, they find themselves in the middle of a religious conflict with the consul general their prime suspect and his attorney an old friend of District Attorney Branch.

Episode #10: Mother's Day (air date: 2003-01-08)

The hit-and-run death of a popular high-school student leaves the detectives suspecting the girl's father was the real target. When evidence reveals that the death was possibly a random killing, they are able to track down their suspect to his apartment. However things get complicated when their killer is murdered, and the person who committed the crime happens to be the victim's mother.

Episode #11: Chosen (air date: 2003-01-15)

The murder of a bookie with a high-class clientelle leads the detectives to arrest his partner. Charged with first-degree murder, his attorney puts forth an unusual defense strategy that turns the trial into a political statement.

Episode #12: Under God (air date: 2003-02-05)

A dead teenager's father and a vigilante priest are suspects in the killing of a drug dealer.

Episode #13: Absentia (air date: 2003-02-12)

When the witness in a jewelry store robbery-homicide fails to appear in court, McCoy suspects foul play until he discovers that the man is a fugitive in a 20-year-old murder case.

Episode #14: Star Crossed (air date: 2003-02-19)

The bludgeoning of a luxury sports car dealer leads the detectives to a mentally challenged man and his girlfriend who is extremely attractive and whose expensive tastes leads her to be equally manipulative.

Episode #15: Bitch (air date: 2003-02-26)

The death of a stockbroker leads the detectives to his girlfriend whose mother is a cosmetics mogul who has a long standing friendship with Branch, and will stop at nothing to protect her corporate image by using hormone replacement therapy withdrawal as the basis for her defense.

Episode #16: Suicide Box (air date: 2003-03-26)

A media-savvy attorney defends a black teenager accused of shooting an off-duty policy officer.

Episode #17: Genius (air date: 2003-04-02)

Investigating the murder of a cab driver, the detectives come to suspect a famous author and his protege, a former child prodigy.

Episode #18: Maritime (air date: 2003-04-17)

A missing football player becomes the prime suspect in the murder of a woman whose body is discovered floating in the East River.

Episode #19: Seer (air date: 2003-04-23)

The prime suspect in the murder of a woman outside a sex club claims to have merely witnessed the crime via a psychic vision.

Episode #20: Kid Pro Quo (air date: 2003-04-30)

The murder of an admissions director of a private school leads the detectives to investigate a pair of angry parents whose children were denied admission, but then set their sights on the headmaster when they discover that the victim was about to go public with the denied admissions.

Episode #21: House Calls (air date: 2003-05-07)

The suspicious death of a Russian model leads the detectives to suspect medical malpractice.

Episode #22: Sheltered (air date: 2003-05-14)

It's a race against time as the detectives go on the hunt for a sniper whose victims are shot in broad daylight.

Episode #23: Couples (air date: 2003-05-21)

Briscoe and Green catch four murders and a kidnapping on the same day, and get handed confessions in each case.

Episode #24: Smoke (air date: 2003-05-21)

Briscoe and Green are assigned to a case involving an eccentric comedian who may have killed his young son by dangling him off a ledge.

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