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Law and Order season 19

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22 episodes (49 views)

Air weekdate:Monday Cast:Sam Waterston, Jerry Orbach, S. Epatha Merkerson, Linus Roache, Anthony Anderson, Dianne Wiest, Alana De La Garza, Carey Lowell, Jeremy Sisto, Elisabeth Rohm, Steven Hill, Benjamin Bratt, Annie Parisse, Chris Noth, Fred Thompson, Milena Govich, Dann Florek, Dennis Farina, Michael Imperioli, Angie Harmon, Jesse L. Martin, Jill Hennessy, George Dzundza, Michael Moriarty, Paul Sorvino, Carolyn McCormick, Richard Brooks Genre:Drama Channel:NBC Status:Ended

8.4 (39 votes)

Law and Order season 19 episodes list:

Episode #1: Rumble (air date: 2008-11-05)

The beating death of a stockbroker causes a battle of epic proportions between the victim's family and the faction responsible for his death.

Episode #2: Challenged (air date: 2008-11-12)

A mentally challenged man is reunited with the mother who gave him away after his brother is killed.

Episode #3: Lost Boys (air date: 2008-11-19)

A young woman (Jena Malone) escapes from a polygamous cult.

Episode #4: Falling (air date: 2008-11-26)

The detectives investigate the mystery of a falling construction crane in the city and that leads them to something much more sinister.

Episode #5: Knock Off (air date: 2008-12-03)

A revered sheriff becomes a possible conspirator in a case involving a murdered tourist.

Episode #6: Sweetie (air date: 2008-12-10)

Detectives Lupo and Bernard investigate when the writer of a bestselling memoir is found dead in a community of male prostitutes.

Episode #7: Zero (air date: 2008-12-17)

Cutter is determined to expose misconduct when he realizes an old friend working in the system is obstructing justice in the murder of an environmentalist.

Episode #8: Chattel (air date: 2009-01-07)

While investigating the murder of two divorce lawyers, detectives Lupo and Bernard uncover a child slave trade ring.

Episode #9: By Perjury (air date: 2009-01-14)

The murder of the plaintiff in a high-profile lawsuit against a major airline leads detectives to a defense attorney (Dallas Roberts) who is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure his big payday.

Episode #10: Pledge (air date: 2009-01-21)

When the son and housekeeper of a pair of prominent biologists are murdered, detectives suspect the couple's work on a controversial pharmaceutical study may have made them targets for the killer.

Episode #11: Lucky Stiff (air date: 2009-01-28)

The owner of a trucking company, Vic Russell, is found dead after a business meeting; detectives uncover information that leads them to believe that Russell had ties to the Russian mob.

Episode #12: Illegitimate (air date: 2009-02-04)

An NYPD officer kills a troubled fellow officer who took hostages at gunpoint; detectives Lupo and Bernard find valuable stolen documents and a dead body at the man's apartment.

Episode #13: Crimebusters (air date: 2009-02-11)

An unconscious war widow and her lifeless infant are found in the rubble of a bombed army recruitment center; Jack McCoy is forced to make one of the most unpopular decisions of his career.

Episode #14: Rapture (air date: 2009-02-18)

The creator of a religious website is murdered and the trail leads to a corrupt charitable organization.

Episode #15: Bailout (air date: 2009-03-11)

As detectives investigate the death of a bank executive's mistress, they uncover a kidnapping and extortion plot.

Episode #16: Take-Out (air date: 2009-03-18)

The search for a writer's killer leads detectives to a closed espionage case.

Episode #17: Anchors Away (air date: 2009-03-25)

A murdered television news reporter was investigating allegations that a billionaire Wall Street investment adviser was a fraud, but figuring out who killed her proves to be difficult

Episode #18: Promote This! (air date: 2009-04-29)

Detectives Kevin Bernard (Anthony Anderson) and Cyrus Lupo (Jeremy Sisto) investigate the case of Oswaldo Morales (guest star Hector Javier Munoz), an illegal immigrant found unconscious but still alive on a service road. When the detectives find a possible link to Oswaldo's attack and nine recent bias-related incidents, they uncover a deep-seeded, dangerous bias against Hispanic men within the community.

Episode #19: All New (air date: 2009-05-06)

Firefighter Thomas Cooper and his wife Linda are tortured and murdered in their new townhouse. The murders are thought to be linked to an old unsolved drug case, but then the detectives learn about a firefighter named Nick Spence, who had just joined Cooper's company and was being severely hazed. The investigation suffers a setback when Spence dies in a fire under suspicious circumstances.

Episode #20: Exchange (air date: 2009-05-13)

Two engaged scientists die in a fire and their mentally challenged neighbor is injured while trying to help them. The detectives discover that the couple was stabbed before the fire and this leads them to a disturbed and extremely jealous woman.

Episode #21: Skate or Die (air date: 2009-05-20)

Detectives Lupo and Bernard investigate a serial killer who targets homeless men and discover that a copycat may be at work.

Episode #22: The Drowned and the Saved (air date: 2009-06-03)

A prominent charity executive is murdered and claims of stalking and blackmail surface during the investigation.

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