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Law and Order: Special Victims Unit season 14

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Law and Order: Special Victims Unit season 14 poster
24 episodes (816 views)

Air weekdate:Wednesday Cast:Mariska Hargitay, Peter Scanavino, Kelli Giddish, Christopher Meloni, Ice-T, Andy Karl, Raúl Esparza, Danny Pino, Adam Beach, Tamara Tunie, Michaela McManus, Philip Winchester, Dean Winters, Robert John Burke, Joanna Merlin, Judith Light, Michelle Hurd, Stephanie March, Richard Belzer, B.D. Wong, Dann Florek, Diane Neal, Marc Damon Johnson, Peter Gallagher, Elizabeth Marvel Genre:Crime, Drama Channel:NBC Status:Continuing

8.4 (82 votes)

Sexual offenses are considered especially heinous in the court system. In New York, such crimes are investigating the detectives an elite unit known as the Special Victims Unit. This is a story about them.

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit season 14 episodes list:

Episode #1: Lost Reputation (air date: 2012-09-26)

The squad reels from the fallout of Capt. Cragen being arrested for the murder of an escort.

Episode #2: Above Suspicion (air date: 2012-09-26)

Delia continues cleaning house, leaving a wake of accusations, frame-ups, and murders for SVU to work through as they continue their search for evidence to prove Donald Crages is being framed. Tension is high; everyone is on edge and defensive, even paranoid, and wondering who's next?

Episode #3: Twenty-Five Acts (air date: 2012-10-10)

A famous TV host (Roger Bart) forces himself on the young author (Anna Chlumsky) of an erotic novel; Detective Amaro uncovers a secret that could damage the author's career and her case.

Episode #4: Acceptable Loss (air date: 2012-10-17)

The special victims squad tries to take down a sex-trafficking operation that enslaves young women; when the investigation is halted by Lt. Alexandra Eames (Kathryn Erbe), Detective Benson has to get creative.

Episode #5: Manhattan Vigil (air date: 2012-10-24)

The kidnapping of a young boy reminds Cragen, Munch and Benson of a unsolved case from 13 years earlier.

Episode #6: Friending Emily (air date: 2012-10-31)

The investigation into a girl's disappearance leads to a high-tech kidnapper who uses the Internet to cover his tracks; Rollins reconnects with her sister.

Episode #7: Vanity's Bonfire (air date: 2012-11-14)

When a woman claims that the baby she kidnapped is hers with a respected legal expert, the investigation changes the lives of two families.

Episode #8: Lessons Learned (air date: 2012-11-21)

As the detectives investigate reports of sexual abuse at an elite private school, decades of secrets are exposed.

Episode #9: Dreams Deferred (air date: 2012-12-05)

A man goes on a killing spree, but he has links to a prostitute that Benson encountered in an earlier investigation, so the FBI contacts SVU for information.

Episode #10: Presumed Guilty (air date: 2013-01-02)

Holiday celebrations are interrupted when Detective Tutuola's ex-brother-in-law is arrested for attacking a priest; during the investigation, a church scandal is uncovered.

Episode #11: Beautiful Frame (air date: 2013-01-09)

When a rape victim is arrested for murder in Suffolk County, Detective Benson questions the case and finds enough evidence for District Attorney Barba to charge a different suspect in Manhattan.

Episode #12: Criminal Hatred (air date: 2013-01-30)

The detectives go under cover to arrest a man who brutally attacks other men; a deceptively tough defense attorney (Nia Vardalos) complicates ADA Barba's case.

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Episode #13: Monster's Legacy (air date: 2013-02-06)

When a janitor violently attacks a coach, the SVU team connects the janitor's behavior to a history of sexual abuse; the detectives find more victims of the same predator -- including a prisoner (Mike Tyson) on death row.

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Episode #14: Secrets Exhumed (air date: 2013-02-13)

FBI Agent Dana Lewis partners with SVU when she thinks a 25-year-old rape-murder case in New York is connected to multiple unsolved cases across the country; as Lewis doggedly pursues her suspect, Benson and Amaro question his guilt.

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Episode #15: Deadly Ambitions (air date: 2013-02-20)

The SVU squad tries to keep Detective Rollins' sister safe from her abusive boyfriend when she turns up beaten and pregnant; when Rollins is forced to take drastic action, an internal affairs investigation begins.

Episode #16: Funny Valentine (air date: 2013-02-27)

A promising singer is beaten by her boyfriend, a famous hip-hop star, but she refuses to help ADA Barba build his case; the defendant and his attorney turn the case into a media circus.

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Episode #17: Undercover Blue (air date: 2013-03-20)

A woman claims that Brian Cassidy (Dean Winters) raped her while he was working under cover; when Cassidy and his lawyer utilize surprising defense methods, Detective Amaro is affected.

Episode #18: Legitimate Rape (air date: 2013-03-27)

A popular sports reporter (Lauren Cohan) accuses a cameraman (David Marciano) of rape and stalking; when the victim learns she is pregnant as a result of the rape, the defense employs controversial tactics in hope of gaining favor with the jury.

Episode #19: Born Psychopath (air date: 2013-04-03)

The SVU detectives investigate after a school nurse notices multiple injuries on a young girl; Detective Amaro tries to bond with his recently discovered son.

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Episode #20: Girl Dishonored (air date: 2013-04-24)

As the SVU detectives investigate the alleged rape of a sorority pledge, drunken students, and conflicting accounts complicate matters.

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Episode #21: Traumatic Wound (air date: 2013-05-01)

When a concert turns into a mob scene, a teenager is brutally assaulted; Detective Amaro ends up defending the prime suspect's reputation.

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Episode #22: Poisoned Motive (air date: 2013-05-08)

When two sniper attacks on the NYPD link to Detective Tutuola's past as a narcotics officer, he reconnects with his former partner in hope of finding a motive; Lt. Alexandra Eames helps SVU investigate.

Episode #23: Brief Interlude (air date: 2013-05-15)

The investigation into how a comatose woman ended up in a river near the mayor's home reveals the victim's unexpected wild side.

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Episode #24: Her Negotiation (air date: 2013-05-22)

The detectives uncover a shocking theory as they work to learn the identity of a man Rollins arrested for exposing himself in the park; Detective Benson finds herself in mortal danger.

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