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Lexx poster
Genre: Drama, Horror, Science Fiction, Science-Fiction
Status: Ended
8.2/10(1138 votes)
Brian Downey Brian Downey as Stanley H. Tweedle
Brian Downey Brian Downey as Stanley H. Tweedle
Eva Habermann Eva Habermann as Zev Bellringer
Jeffrey Hirschfield Jeffrey Hirschfield as 790
Louise Wischermann Louise Wischermann as Lyekka
Michael McManus Michael McManus as Kai
Nigel Bennett Nigel Bennett as Prince
Patricia Zentilli Patricia Zentilli as Bunny Priest
Rolf Kanies Rolf Kanies as Reginald J. Priest
Tom Gallant Tom Gallant as Lexx

Hailed as "the most imaginative Sci-Fi since The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" (New York Daily News), Lexx follows the nomadic existence of four misfit characters who have inadvertently stolen the most powerful weapon of destruction ever made: a Manhattan-sized, genetically-modified insect-ship. In its debut season, the Lexx's quirky crew-former security guard, Captain Stanley Tweedle; the luscious love slave Zev; the dead-but-deadly assassin Kai; and the robot head 790.

Lexx season 1

Lexx season 1 poster

A spaceship “Lexx” is the most powerful weapon for destruction of two macrocosms. This huge living and intelligent spacecraft is actually an insect: it resembles a dragonfly externally and physiologically (it is afraid of nets and spiders if they have the space dimensions). It is designated for demolition of planets with one mighty shot in order to absorb the biological remnants and utilize them as fuel. “Lexx” was primarily grown in order to serve “His Divine Shadow” but later it changes its main functions. In the first season Lexx shortly tells its own story: I am Lexx, and I was created to destroy two macrocosms. I was grown up in the Planetoid Cluster which is superintended by “His Divine Shadow”. My Captain is Stanley Tweedle. I explode the planets for him. Earlier Stanley was a guardian of the fourth security class until he became a runaway. Now he is my captain who took my Key from the heretics who tried to steal me… This series in its art has ho fellows. It is unique and stands alone in the modern variety of serial films, showing its impressive alternative universe and memorable characters.

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