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Lost season 3

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23 episodes (1043 views)

Air weekdate:Tuesday Cast:Matthew Fox, Terry O'Quinn, Evangeline Lilly, Naveen Andrews, Daniel Dae Kim, Yunjin Kim, Josh Holloway, Jorge Garcia, Elizabeth Mitchell, Henry Ian Cusick, Michael Emerson, Dominic Monaghan, Emilie de Ravin, Harold Perrineau, Ian Somerhalder, Maggie Grace, Malcolm David Kelley, John Terry, Andrew Divoff, Sam Anderson, M.C. Gainey, Zuleikha Robinson, L. Scott Caldwell, Nestor Carbonell, Kevin Durand, Jeff Fahey, Tania Raymonde, Mira Furlan, Rebecca Mader, Ken Leung, Jeremy Davies, Kiele Sanchez, Rodrigo Santoro, Cynthia Watros, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Mark Pellegrino, Michelle Rodriguez, Alan Dale, Titus Welliver Genre:Action, Adventure, Drama, Science-Fiction Channel:ABC (US) Status:Ended

9.1 (749 votes)

Others took Jack, Sawyer and Kate to the station Hydra and divided them. Ben promised Jack to take him off the island, if he would agree to cooperate with him. Meanwhile, Sayid, Jin and Sun come to grips with the other, and Sun shot down one of them. Sun and Jin remembered about her relationship with Jai Lee. Mr. Eko's brother went to the ghost, and then the black smoke killed him. Juliet asked Jack to kill Ben during surgery. Sawyer and Kate had sex. Jack began to operate on Ben, but has stopped id order Sawyer and Kate can escape. Kate recalled their short marriage. Desmond recalled his life to the island. He found that he could see the future, and, in particular, predicted Charlie a quick death. Juliet comes to the camp on the shore and saves the life of Clare. It turns out that Juliet mishandled other and that the disease of Claire - is action of implant. Ben remembers how turned on the island and what happened to the "Dharma". Locke goes with Ben to Jacob and heard his voice. Ben shoots Locke. Juliet tells everyone that Ben asks her to spy.

Lost season 3 episodes list:

Episode #1: A Tale of Two Cities (air date: 2006-10-04)

Jack, Kate, and Sawyer are prisoners of the mysterious "Others." After their captors drug them and take blood samples, they are held in separate areas. The camp leaders--Ben (Henry Gale), Mr. Friendly and a new woman, Juliet--try to make the castaways adjust to their new circumstances. Flashbacks reveal more about Jack's past with his father and his wife Sarah.

Episode #2: The Glass Ballerina (air date: 2006-10-11)

Sun and Jin's lives are put in danger when Sayid tries to locate Jack and the other missing castaways. Sayid also creates a plan in order to get the attention of the "Others" on the beach. Meanwhile, Henry (i.e. Ben) gives Jack an offer that is very tempting in exchange for his cooperation. Lastly, Kate and Sawyer must adjust to harsh conditions that are being forced upon them by "The Others."

Episode #3: Further Instructions (air date: 2006-10-18)

Locke, Eko and Desmond are found scattered about the island after the implosion of the hatch. Locke receives a message from the Island asking him to fix the situation he caused. Hurley returns to the beach camp to report the imprisonment of Kate, Jack and Sawyer by the Others. Desmond has been fundamentally altered by the implosion, giving him a mysterious new power.

Episode #4: Every Man for Himself (air date: 2006-10-25)

The Others prevent Sawyer and Kate from escaping, leaving Sawyer perplexed by the extent of the measures taken to keep them imprisoned. Jack is asked to use his medical training to save the life of one of the Others. At the beach, Desmond's strange behavior attracts attention. He begins to construct a mysterious device.

Episode #5: The Cost of Living (air date: 2006-11-01)

A delirious Eko wrestles with past demons; some of the castaways go to the Pearl station to find a computer they can use to locate Jack, Kate and Sawyer; Jack does not know who to trust when two of the Others are at odds with each other.

Episode #6: I Do (air date: 2006-11-08)

Jack makes a decision regarding Ben's offer. Sawyer's life is placed in danger when Pickett decides to make good on his threat. Locke discovers a hidden message that may help unlock the island's secrets. Kate recalls memories from the past, which caused her to make an important choice.

Episode #7: Not In Portland (air date: 2007-02-07)

Jack has the Others in a desperate situation as he holds Ben's life in his hands. Meanwhile, Kate and Sawyer try to escape from their captors. Flashbacks reveal Juliet's past as a medical researcher in Miami.

Episode #8: Flashes Before Your Eyes (air date: 2007-02-14)

After Desmond rescues Claire from drowning, Charlie gets Hurley to help him find out why Desmond has seemed able to predict the future. Desmond recalls exactly what took place in the moments after he turns the key, where he experienced a strange vision of his life prior to his Army days.

Episode #9: Stranger In A Strange Land (air date: 2007-02-21)

As Kate and Sawyer journey back to the main island with Karl, who is exhibiting effects of the brainwashing video, they argue over whether to go back and save Jack. On Hydra island, as Juliet's fate rests in his hands and a power struggle within the Others ensues, Jack recollects the time he spent in Phuket, Thailand and his relationship with Achara, a mysterious tattoo artist.

Episode #10: Tricia Tanaka is Dead (air date: 2007-02-28)

Kate is still struggling over their decision to leave Jack in the hands of the Others as she and Sawyer return to their camp. Meanwhile, Hurley finds an old van in the jungle and attempts to use it to help a fellow survivor in need of faith and hope. Flashbacks reveal more of Hurley's tumultuous past with the numbers curse.

Episode #11: Enter 77 (air date: 2007-03-07)

On their mission to rescue Jack, Kate, Sayid, and Locke stumble upon a mysterious structure surrounded by farm animals and meet its strange inhabitant. Back at the camp, in order to reclaim his belongings, Sawyer plays in a ping-pong competition.

Episode #12: Par Avion (air date: 2007-03-14)

Claire has an idea to send a message to the outside world. Charlie, however, is resistant to the idea, and Desmond tries to sabotage the plan. As Claire tries to get the truth behind their actions out of the pair, she remembers traumatic events from her past. Meanwhile, the rescue party encounters a dangerous obstacle.

Episode #13: The Man From Tallahassee (air date: 2007-03-21)

When Kate and Locke arrive at the Others' camp, Ben promises to tell Locke the island's secrets as long as he stops his destructive plan, and Kate's reunion with Jack doesn't go very well when she learns that the Others have offered him a deal. More of Locke's troubled past is revealed.

Episode #14: Exposé (air date: 2007-03-28)

As the truth about Sun's kidnapping by "the Others" comes to her attention, Hurley becomes suspicious of Sawyer's attempt to reveal the mystery behind two fellow survivors, Nikki and Paulo. Through series of flashbacks we will discover what Nikki and Paulo were doing before the crash and how they survived 65 days on the island.

Episode #15: Left Behind (air date: 2007-04-04)

Kate and Juliet are stranded in the jungle after Kate learns that there is a traitor in the survivor's midst. Meanwhile, Sawyer's poor attitude and selfish ways towards the beach community may earn him a vote of banishment if he doesn't have a change of heart.

Episode #16: One of Us (air date: 2007-04-11)

The celebration of Jack's return is cut short when he arrives at the beach with an Other, Juliet, whose flashbacks pick up from where they left off, showing us how she got onto the island and became an other. Meanwhile, Claire is threatened by a strange illness.

Episode #17: Catch-22 (air date: 2007-04-18)

Desmond convinces Hurley, Jin, and Charlie to follow him on a trek through the jungle after he receives a series of visions. Flashbacks reveal the time that Desmond spent with a cloister of monks. Meanwhile, a despondent Kate turns to Sawyer for companionship after seeing Jack and Juliet together.

Episode #18: D.O.C. (air date: 2007-04-25)

Sun allows Juliet to examine her when she learns that all of "The Others" pregnant woman died before they gave birth on the island. Meanwhile, Desmond and an unlikely nemesis collaborate to save a new island inhabitant's life.

Episode #19: The Brig (air date: 2007-05-02)

After abandoning the Others, Locke takes Sawyer on a trek through the jungle to help him eliminate a common enemy. Meanwhile, back at the beach, the parachutist Naomi has crucial information about flight 815.

Episode #20: The Man Behind the Curtain (air date: 2007-05-09)

Ben unwillingly divulges information to Locke about the island, taking him on a journey to various locations including strange monuments and the mysterious Jacob. Back at the beach, Juliet's secret is revealed. Flashbacks will show us the origins of DHARMA and the history of the island, including 'the purge.'

Episode #21: Greatest Hits (air date: 2007-05-16)

While Jack devises a plan to do away with "The Others" once and for all, Sayid uncovers a flaw in "The Others'" system that could lead to everyone's rescue. But it requires Charlie to take on a dangerous task that may make Desmond's premonition come true. A Charlie-centric episode.

Episode #22: Through The Looking Glass (1) (air date: 2007-05-23)

The season 3 finale finds the castaways preparing for an invasion by the slightly less mysterious Others, while Charlie and Desmond find more than they were looking for in the underwater "Looking Glass Hatch". A Jack-centric episode. Part One of Two.

Episode #23: Through The Looking Glass (2) (air date: 2007-05-23)

The season 3 finale finds the castaways preparing for an invasion by the slightly less mysterious Others, while Charlie and Desmond find more than they were looking for in the underwater "Looking Glass Hatch". A Jack-centric episode. Conclusion.

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