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Lost in Space season 2

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30 episodes (171 views)

Air weekdate:Thursday Cast:Bill Mumy, Jonathan Harris, Guy Williams, Bob May, June Lockhart, Mark Goddard, Marta Kristen, Angela Cartwright Genre:Adventure, Comedy, Family, Science-Fiction Channel:CBS Status:Ended

6.8 (12 votes)

Lost in Space season 2 episodes list:

Episode #1: Blast Off into Space (air date: 1966-09-16)

Dr Smith and Will befriend an old miner named Nerim. After a series of earthquakes indicates that the planet is breaking up, Dr Smith tries to convince them that it is merely the effects of mining, and no harm will come to the planet. John informs him that he is wrong and that the Robinson family will be departing within the day. It is a race against time to escape the crumbling planet.

Episode #2: Wild Adventure (air date: 1966-09-21)

Shortly after leaving their original crash-site planet, Smith spots a familiar star and, in an amazing show of stellar navigational skill, calculates the course to get back to Earth. He extracts a promise from Don and John that they'll return to Earth, or else he'll destroy his navigation data. They agree, but inform the family at dinnertime that they are headed for Alpha Centauri after all, mainly because the Earth is on the other side of the Sun (how do they know that? - do they know the date? And besides, from Alpha Centauri, Earth revolves clockwise, visible all the time). Smith changes course 180 degrees, then clumsily jettisons most of the fuel. They reach a refueling barge, one of several that Alpha Control put out in 1996, top up the tanks, and resume course for Alpha Centauri, not knowing that they've picked up a tailgater who follows them after Smith reverses course to Earth again. The alarm goes off in the night, and they expend a lot of fuel pulling away from the Earth's

Episode #3: The Ghost Planet (air date: 1966-09-28)

Due to Smith's actions the crew has had to land their ship on a alien planet which is run by cyborgs. Meanwhile the crew try to break free from the captors who promise them power and luxury and they have to save their robot who was crippled by a ray gun.

Episode #4: Forbidden World (air date: 1966-10-05)

When an alien believes that the Jupiter 2 has fired a missile at them that alien puts the crew in grave danger for their lives.

Episode #5: Space Circus (air date: 1966-10-12)

The Space Family Robinson go through a food crisis when their plant purifier breaks down. Will and Dr Smith discover a travelling show of circus people, and Will is later tricked in to agreeing to join. It's a race against time for the Robinsons to save will, and keep themselves alive.

Episode #6: The Prisoners of Space (air date: 1966-10-19)

The Robinsons and Major West are imprisoned in their camp, after being indicted to appear before the a trial in court space crimes. As the trial begins, Dr Smith's name begin's to appear and it is not long before it is realised that all of the Robinson's crimes are due to Dr Smith, and he is indicted to appear before the court. Will he be found guilty?

Episode #7: The Android Machine (air date: 1966-10-26)

Will and Dr Smith discover an old, abandoned Android Machine. When Dr Smith plays with the buttons on the machine, he accidently orders an Android. He thinks he has it for free, and uses her as his personal slave, assuming she has no human emotions. What will he do when the owner, Zumdish, and his guard turn up...demanding payment?

Episode #8: The Deadly Games of Gamma 6 (air date: 1966-11-02)

When a troope of Galactic Gladiators arrive on the planet, they challenge Professor Robinson to a duel, which will be aired all of the galaxy. John declines saying he isn't interested in physical combat. Dr Smith takes up the offer when he makes a deal that if he wins, he will be returned to Earth. Unbeknownst to him, if he loses, which is a near-certanty, Earth will be destroyed.

Episode #9: The Thief from Outer Space (air date: 1966-11-09)

A person know as ' the thief from outer space' appears in a puff of smoke, will agrees help help him rescue a princess who was lost more than 200 years ago by evil vizier.

Episode #10: Curse of Cousin Smith (air date: 1966-11-16)

When Dr Smith's cousin Jeremiah Smith arrives on the planet, everyone welcomes him, except Dr Smith. Dr Smith alienates himself from the family, and refuses to return until his cousin leaves. It is later discovered that Jeremiah's reaosns for being on the planet are far deadlier than anyone imagined.

Episode #11: West of Mars (air date: 1966-11-11)

Dr Smith is confronted by an identical look-alike called Zeno, who is on the run from the law. Zeno makes him trade places and Dr Smith, out of fear confesses to Zeno's crimes. He is arrested and he and Will taken away to appear in court. Will the real Zeno be caught before Dr Smith is boiled in oil?

Episode #12: A Visit to Hades (air date: 1966-12-07)

Dr Smith, Will and the Robot discover an old harp under a carved out rock. They discover that in playing the right tune, it unlocks a passage to another world. In travelling here, Dr Smith meets an alien who believes to be the devil, and believes the place to be Hell. When he leaves, and the Alien shows up on the planet, Dr Smith is frightened. Judy befriends the alien, and is accidently taken to the other world. It is up to Don and John to save her, and finally Dr Smith realises it is not hell, and merely a prison world for a criminal.

Episode #13: Wreck of the Robot (air date: 1966-11-14)

While playing a outdoor match, Will and Smith's ball explodes, and as the smoke clears there ball has turns into gold. the ball rolls into the cave which has 3 aliens inside, the alien wants the robot , which is later stolen when Will refuses to let them have it and Smith does. Can the crew get there robot back.

Episode #14: The Dream Monster (air date: 1966-12-21)

During a heat wave, Penny comes across a giant, golden man, and his owner. She is told that the creature is called Raddion, a creation which only needs human emotions to be complete. When Dr Smith is removed from the camp, he is taken by two midgets who work with Raddion, and in another atempt to be returned to Earth, agrees to get the emotions from the Robinsons. He does so by taking their pictures, and all that is needed is for the Robinsons to shake hands with him. Don protests and heads back for camp, as do the Robinsons minus their emotions. Eventually they are returned to normal and it is learnt that human emotions cannot be bought or stolen.

Episode #15: The Golden Man (air date: 1966-12-28)

While the rest of the men are away, Dr Smith and the Robinson women are affronted by a mysetrious man in gold, who claims to be at war with a race of green aliens. Penny meets the green alien, and takes a liking to him, and immediately hates the Golden Man. When they are faced with the reality that their planet may be blown up due to war, Penny risks her life to save her green friend, while Dr Smith makes other startling revelations, and renders the family helpless.

Episode #16: The Girl From the Green Dimension (air date: 1967-01-04)

Athena the girl from the green dimension who hypnotised Dr Smith during thier space flight arrives on the planet. She still is in love with Dr Smith, which he uses to bribe her to help him see the future. However, he promises to go back to the green dimension with him, and when Athena's previous suitor arrives and turns Will green, Dr Smith must find a way to save himself and Will. Urso, Athena's suitor challenges Dr Smith for the lady, customary in the Green Dimension, and after seeing the future, Dr Smith fears the worst. Athena realises he cannot be with her, and leaves with Urso, but not before Urso restores Will's colour.

Episode #17: The Questing Beast (air date: 1967-01-11)

Will and Dr Smith are confronted by a knight, who says he is on a quest to seek out and destroy the beast Gundemar. Penny, meanwhile, meets Gundemar and befriends her. Will becomes the pageboy of the knight. When it is discovered that the beast is woman, the knight is unsure whether he can still kill it, leading him to question his life's future.

Episode #18: The Toymaker (air date: 1967-01-25)

Dr Smith discovers another Android Machine, in the middle of a dangerous fissure. When he tries to order something, he is trapped inside the machine. Later when Will tries to get him out, he too is sucked in. Zumdish arrives on the planet in order to destroy the faulty, forgotten machine. Meanwhile Will and Dr Smith discover the magical Toymaker's world, as they are mistekn for toys. They later discover they are close to earth. Will they return to Earth, be blown up, or Will Professor Robinson and the Robot be able to save them.

Episode #19: Mutiny in Space (air date: 1967-02-01)

Dr. Smith's finds an alien ship and wants to use it to get back to earth, but he doesn't count for the owner of the ship admiral zahik to turn up and wreck his plans.

Episode #20: The Space Vikings (air date: 1967-02-08)

A storm looms up and the two gloves of Thor appear from space and straight into the waiting hands of Dr. Smith. Then are then taken away to see the real Thor who will decide there fate.

Episode #21: Rocket to Earth (air date: 1967-02-15)

The crew are outside playing ball when a magician called Zalto. Dr. Smith uses Zalto to conjure up a space ship so he can use it to get back to earth.

Episode #22: The Cave of the Wizards (air date: 1967-02-22)

Dr. smith hits his head on a rock and goes into the depths of a cave where he finds a mummy, meanwhile the crew have to blast off at 8:00am, and while the also have to rescue Dr. Smith.

Episode #23: Treasure of the Lost Planet (air date: 1967-03-01)

Alonzo P. Tucker returns, this time more in keeping with the pirate character he tried to create in his first appearance. This time Tucker is searching for Billy Bones' treasure, and is using the head of Billy Bones, which is kept in a box, to help him find it. He has three cutthroats with him, and he has to find the treasure and keep the cutthroats from endangering the Robinsons. Tucker's robotic bird is back again, and continues to torment the robot.

Episode #24: Revolt of the Androids (air date: 1967-03-08)

Penny meets up with Verda the Android Dr Smith ordered, who is on the run from a super android, IDAK. She is now much more human-like. IDAK however is faulty and is incapable of crushing anything or anyone. Another OMEGA-IDAK is released, and vows to ""crush, kill, destroy."" Verda hides with the Robinsons but out of fear she and Panny run, when Zumdish and his guard arrive to get her. IDAK is defeated, and Verda and the faulty IDAK take off together, obviously in love.

Episode #25: The Colonists (air date: 1967-03-15)

The Robinson's communications system is knowcked out, and they discover that the culprit is a female warrior, who is planing on making this planet a colony for her people. She encaptures the members of the Robinson camp, and puts the men to work clearing a landing platform and erecting an arc. Meanwhile she keeps the females seperate and teaches them of the virtues of females, and the vices of males. Dr Smith becomes her escort to get out of work. Just before her colonists arrive, John, Will, Don and Dr Smith destroy the arc, and the colonists leave. It ends with Noble Neolani questioningthe value of men, and perhaps they weren't as bad or stupid as she thought.

Episode #26: Trip Through the Robot (air date: 1967-03-22)

With the power source of the Robinson's at a low, they are unable to recharge the Robot. As a result of this the Robot leaves the group, not wanting to be a further burden to them. When they later change thier minds, they cannot find the Robot. Will and Dr Smith discover late one night, but due to the gases in the area he has grown to be bigger than a house. Will decides to only way to reverse the process is for them to go inside him, and work it internally. Will they get out in time?

Episode #27: The Phantom Family (air date: 1967-03-29)

Will returns to camp following a cosmic storm. John and Maureen are not there as they are at the weather relay station for a few nights. When he gets there, the rest of the family are acting strange. He finds out they are androids, sent to learn how to cope like the Robinsons and teach the rest of their race when they return home. The real Robinsons, are kept in a tube, as they are not allowed to come in to contact with thier double. Will must teach them to become like their counterparts.

Episode #28: The Mechanical Men (air date: 1967-04-05)

After Dr Smith is turned away from camp yet again, he awakes from a nap to find he has been tied up by little mechanical men. The Robinson's camp is invaded the mechanical men of INDUSTRO, who claim that they want a leader..their leader. The Robinson's learn that the Robot is what they want, and that if he is not surrendered the mechanical men will attack. When the Robot surrenders, the mechanical men realise he is not the ""evil"" leader they wanted and they subsequently switch his personality with Dr Smith. An attack occurs when Dr Smith returns to camp wth the voice and personality of the Robot, which Don finds hilarious, and uses to full advantage. An attack ensues and the mechanical men are defeated and turn Dr Smith and the Robot back.

Episode #29: The Astral Traveler (air date: 1967-04-12)

Dr Smith and Will become trapped in a cave during a cosmic storm. Will is accidently pulled through a cosmic time warp, and ends up on Earth, in Scottish castle. He meets a headless ghost called Hamish who was beheaded at the Castle. Hamish is trapped there due to the callous crimes he has committed. They rest of the family manage to get Will out, but Hamish follows him. They decide to re-create the time warp, and send Hamish home, and with him Dr Smith, carrying star-charts and maps so that he may send a rescue mission to save the Robinsons. Upon re-entering the warp, Dr Smith drops the charts, and Will runs after him to give them to him. They are both taken. When they reach the castle again, Dr Smith and Will realise that they are not in their time. Also, Hamish becomes angry when he realises that Dr Smith is a liar, and has no intention of helping the Robinsons. As an act of reveng he sets out to destroy Dr Smith. In the end, Will and Dr Smith return to the planet, and Ha

Episode #30: The Galaxy Gift (air date: 1967-04-26)

As they are rehearsing a play, Dr Smith, Will, Penny and the Robot encounter a creature who appears to be suffocating. Dr Smith refuses to help out of fear but Penny helps him. The alien puts himself in human form so that he may breathe the atmosphere. He says he is Mr Arcon. Penny takes him back to the Jupiter II to rest. Later he gives Penny a gift which he says she must guard with her life. He tells her that as long as she wears the belt, she will be safe. He disappears, and it is not long before a group of aliens turn up, looking for the belt. They inflict immense cold on the planet as a way of trying to get the belt, but Penny refuses despite pleas from Dr Smith. Dr Smith makes a copy of the Belt and tries to give the fake to Aliens. They are angry, but still want his help. They promise to return him to Earth should he get the belt. Dr Smith and Penny go through the Alien's machine, where they have created a world from the Dr Smith's memory, which will trick them in to

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