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Love Hate season 1

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4 episodes (153 views)

Air weekdate:Sunday Cast:Aoibhinn McGinnity, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, Charlie Murphy, Killian Scott, Peter Coonan, Robert Sheehan, Aidan Gillen, Brian Gleeson, Denise McCormack, Peter Campion, Ruth Bradley, Ruth Negga Genre:Drama Channel:RTÉ One Status:Ended

8.6 (9 votes)

Darren Treacy returns to Dublin after spending a year on the run in Spain. One of the members of his gang killed. It’s murder leads to a chain of events that are directly linked to the underworld boss named John Boy Power. Offenses carry all the new number of victims, which is the greater, the more events spin out of control.

Love Hate season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: Episode 1 (air date: 2010-10-03)

Darren Tracey (Robert Sheehan) returns to Dublin from Spain, spending time there while trying to avoid the Police in Ireland for gun possession. Robbie (Darren's brother) is released from Cloverhill prison. While waiting to be collected by Tommy, Robbie is shot outside a Newsagents in a drive by shooting. Darren rings Tommy to see what his delay is, which he covers up since he is sleeping with Darren and Robbie's sister Mary at the time. He is too late to meet with Robbie and on his arrival Robbie is dead. Nidge (Tom Vaughan-Lawlor) is Robbie's closest friend who has just purchased a gun and is currently learning how to use the weapon via a "You Tube" video. Darren is soon re-arrested but Gang boss John Boy Power (Aidan Gillen) pays for a Solicitor to bail Darren out of his gun charges, which are thrown out of court on a technicality. Darren's ex-girlfriend, Rose (Ruth Negga), is now pregnant with Stumpy's baby.

Episode #2: Episode 2 (air date: 2010-10-10)

Mary Tracey gets advice from a physic who tells her Robbie trying to get free from his past, which he insists is often the case with deaths involving violence. Darren isn't impressed by his sister's belief in the what the physic is telling her and is quick to confront the physic, telling him that if he doesn't tell her that Robbie has moved on that he will be around again. John Boy is up in court and has organised the collection of drugs from Dublin Port by the rest of the gang. Tommy and Darren check out the warehouse were they are to sort out the drugs. Darren is quick to realize that the Gardaí are watching the warehouse. He calls John Boy to inform him that changes have to be made. Nidge has gone to collect the shipment, he is told to continue driving until a new place is found. Tommy finds a place from an old friend (JP) whose father has a car dealership, he asks him for the use of the garage for a half an hour. There the gang sort out all of the drugs into other bags to be distributed to other drug dealers around the city. Darren and Ruth plan to meet up in secret to discuss their relationship, while the rest of the gang are at John Boy's party at his apartment. John Boy tries to convince JP to use his father's dealership again. Nidge proposes to Trish. Darren stalks Jimmy Byrne whom he believes killed his brother Robbie.

Episode #3: Episode 3 (air date: 2010-10-17)

Nidge and the lads return from Nidge's stag weekend in Prague, Jimmy Byrne has return from London. Nidge, Darren and Tommy attack Jimmy Byrne on his way home from the pub and drag him into the back of a Van to interrogate him about the murder of Darren's Brother. Jimmy insists he did not not kill Robbie, Darren believes him and lets him go, both Nidge and Tommy are not happy. John Boy orders Hughie to kill Jimmy. Hughie gets a favour returned by Martin to help him with the murder. Hughie and Martin kill Jimmy in front of his wife and child. After a heavy night of drugs Hughie discovers that Eric, Nidge, Tommy and Darren have been taken in for questioning, while John Boy is arrested on his return from Amsterdam. Hughie begins to get paranoid as the newspaper suggest that he is a loose canon and someone who John Boy will want dead. Hughie returns to Martin's caravan and kills him in a frenzied attack in which he thinks Martin talked to somebody. Hughie admits to John Boy who is his half brother that he killed Robbie over €300 he was owed. Stumpy's jealousy of Darren and Rosie reaches boiling point when he beats her and puts her in hospital. The Gardaí go to arrest Stumpy only to find he has left Rosie on her own. Stumpy asks John Boy for help, John Boy gives him a place to hide out. Clear divides have been made with John Boy, Hughie and Stumpy on one side and Darren, Nidge, Tommy and Eric on the other.

Episode #4: Episode 4 (air date: 2010-10-24)

Rosie loses her baby and explains her pain to Darren. She doesn't want Darren to kill Stumpy but she wants him to feel pain. As Stumpy leaves his house Darren attacks him. Nidge goes to tell John Boy that he can go to the wedding but then John Boy backs out since Mary is Trish's Bridesmaid. Hughie and Elmo attack Tommy and Darren. Elmo is shot during the shoot out. Hughie returns to John Boy and suggests revenge at the wedding. John Boy on the other hand decides to go to the wedding. Hughie makes a scene at the wedding as they leave showing up Nigde's and Tommy's indiscretions in front of Trish and Mary. John Boy wants to leave the country with Hughie until everything has died down. Hughie decides to hunt down Tommy, with Elmo and his cousin Patsy. They stop off and Hughie as showing off his gun to Patsy, he takes the magazine out of the gun but forgets that there is a bullet still in the chamber, he points the gun to his head and fires. As he lies dying Elmo decides to leave him dying rather than calling the Emergency services. Darren leaves to join Rosie in London. Nigde and Tommy carry Hughie's coffin with John Boy. Darren meets with John Boy to shake hands and to put and end to the problems. After leaving with John Boy Darren is fired upon by Stumpy in a drive by shooting, he is left for dead and the end credits start rolling.

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