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MADtv season 11

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22 episodes (355 views)

Air weekdate:Tuesday Cast:Michael McDonald , Debra Wilson, Nicole Sullivan, Bobby Lee, Andrew Bowen, Andrew Daly, Bryan Calle, Christina Moore, Ike Barinholtz, Jeff Richards, Jill Michelle Melean, Keegan-Michael Key, Melissa Paull, Nicole Parker, Pat Kilbane, Aries Spears Genre:Comedy Channel:The CW Status:Continuing

8.7 (6 votes)

MADtv season 11 episodes list:

Episode #1: Episode #1101 (air date: 2005-09-17)

ke Barinholtz and Bobby Lee conduct red-carpet interviews at the Mad TV season 11 premiere; Jessica Simpson (Parker) sings about the horrible film remakes of classic TV shows; a parody of House; Mrs. Campbell (Weir) robs a saleslady (Flanagan) of the chance to make a sale by showing a couple a better home; Morgan Freeman (Peele) follows up March of the Penguins with a film about the animals in his backyard; two nerdy craft ladies (Flanagan, Myrin) sell Popsicle houses; a new thriller called The Psychiatrist.

Episode #2: Episode #1102 (air date: 2005-09-24)

Rafael Palmeiro (Barinholtz) promotes the usage of steroids for Little Leaguers; a parody of Wedding Crashers featuring dictators Fidel Castro and Kim Jong-Il; a farmer (McDonald) feeds the clucking, hen-like hosts of The View; Tank (Lee) hits on a girl (Myrin) at an arcade; Nicole Parker and Bobby Lee interview celebrities at the Emmy gala; Coldplay's Chris Martin (McDonald) sings about being the greatest musician ever; 2 krump dancers (Flanagan, Peele) demonstrate their violent dance moves at an elementary school; Rosa Parks (Gaither) is the newest celebrity to be "honored" on a Comedy Central roast.

Episode #3: Episode #1103 (air date: 2005-10-01)

Mick Jagger (Barinholtz) and Keith Richards (Key) star as the undead in a new horror film; Kanye West (Peele) is still upset at George W. Bush's slow reaction to Katrina; Ike Barinholtz learns how to be an effective actor from Eric Balfour; on Fox NFL Sunday, Jillian Barberie (Myrin) constantly interrupts the commentators; on 24 with Bobby Lee, Lee finds himself dealing with fellow cast member Jordan Peele; three-part parody of R. Kelly's (Peele) urban opera Trapped in the Closet; Angela Wright (Weir) interviews eighth graders; George W. Bush (Frank Caliendo) delivers a speech; in a promo for the new TV drama Commander in Chief, an announcer keeps cracking up over the thought of a woman being U.S. President.

Episode #4: Episode #1104 (air date: 2005-11-05)

Commercial parody for Apple's latest "iPod"-style product: the iPad for women on their periods; John Madden (Caliendo) questions the comedy stylings of Ellen DeGeneres (Parker); Fred Willard appears as a shady salesman trying to trick Mad TV cast members; a visually impaired martial arts sensei (Lee) prevents a Wild West prostitute (Parker) from being raped; Dorothy Lanier (Weir) hosts the Hurricane Katrina Disaster Telethon; a tape recorder records baby's first steps while the parents (Barinholtz, Parker) aren't looking; Ike Barinholtz introduces bizarre viral videos over the Internet in a new sketch called on/tHe/DoWnLoaD.

Episode #5: Episode #1105 (air date: 2005-11-12)

A coffee addict (Weir) crashes hard after taking sleeping pills; Ike Barinholtz meets his hot grandmother (Pamela Anderson); the LaMontroses from Inside Looking Out (Parker, Peele) sing at a nightclub; Abercrombie & Fitch employees think they spot a shoplifter (Key); a Wheel of Fortune parody featuring Pamela Anderson as a hot contestant who gets preferential treatment from Pat Sajak (Barinholtz); a televangelist-turned-car salesman (Caeti) helps a couple (Myrin, Barinholtz) find a new car; George W. Bush (Caliendo) hosts his own late-night talk show; on a modern-day episode of Sanford and Son, Fred (Peele) rummages for items during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and nearly gets mugged by Asian gangsters.

Episode #6: Episode #1106 (air date: 2005-11-19)

A parody of Ghost Whisperer has wandering spirits ogling Jennifer Love Hewitt's (Arden Myrin) breasts; spoofs of the "Only Vegas" commercials; Jillian Barberie (Myrin) shows off her goodies to the commentators on Fox NFL Sunday; Dot (Weir) stars in a Thanksgiving musical; a black girl (Johnson) joins an all-white-girl summer camp; Tank (Lee) plots to escape from juvenile hall in a loose parody of Prison Break; a young kid (Peele) is addicted to his best friend's Xbox.

Episode #7: Episode #1107 (air date: 2005-11-26)

Tara Reid (Myrin) continues her cancelled reality show Taradise in Iraq; William Shatner (Caliendo) teaches his Boston Legal co-stars how to be Emmy-winning actors; the Jazzed for Crafts girls (Flanagan, Myrin) sell Popsicle stick art to a sleazy, white-trash man (McDonald); Marvin Tikvah (McDonald) searches for a star; on 24 with Bobby Lee, John Cena regrets spending the day with Lee.

Episode #8: Episode #1108 (air date: 2005-12-10)

George W. Bush (Caliendo) raps with the Black Eyed Peas about the failures and scandals of his administration; Britney Spears (Parker) and Kevin Federline (Barinholtz) clear the air about their much-publicized life; Mofaz (McDonald) comforts a reluctant new father (Barinholtz) while at the hospital; a parody of Sesame Street; Ike Barinholtz and Bobby Lee conduct interviews of celebrities at the Billboard Music Awards; Jeff Garlin plays the temporary new host of the Lillian Verner Game Show; a dysfunctional family is serenaded by caroling rappers at Fuddermucker's.

Episode #9: Episode #1109 (air date: 2005-12-17)

Movie trailer for Memoirs of a Geisha derides the movie as being a Cinderella story with a Japanese prostitute; Stuart Larkin (McDonald) makes his Christmas requests to Santa; Sean Gidcomb (McDonald) retires and introduces his employees to his replacement (Neil Patrick Harris); on Inside Looking Out, the LaMantroses (Peele, Parker) sing "Kwanzmas Carols"; Denise (Flanagan) and Krista (Myrin) meet twin brothers (Caliendo, Caeti) while selling crafts at a rodeo.

Episode #10: Episode #1110 (air date: 2006-01-07)

Katie Holmes (Parker) feels trapped in her relationship with Tom Cruise; Bae Sung (Lee) annoys John Madden (Caliendo) during a football game; the Blind Kung Fu Master (Lee) tries to save an old woman (Gaither) from jive-talking muggers (Barinholtz and Peele); the Superstitious Knights (Key, Peele) break hexes at a casino; a parody of Laguna Beach; Michael Rapaport stars in a gritty Abraham Lincoln bioseries on HBO; the author of a home remedy book (McDonald) lies his way through his sales pitch during an infomercial; Steven Cragg helps make a wish come true for a woman's elderly uncle -- with disastrous results.

Episode #11: Episode #1111 (air date: 2006-01-14)

The Disney Girl (Parker) sings about her wonderfully normal day on the bad side of town; Jovan Muskatelle (Key) reviews the events of 2005; George W. Bush (Caliendo) promises to make 2006 a better year; a celebrity-obsessed fan (McDonald) objects to the comments his co-workers make about today's stars; Ike Barinholtz and Bobby Lee conduct red-carpet interviews at the People's Choice Awards; a parody of Curb Your Enthusiasm; Krump dancers Noodles (Peele) and Nippy (Flanagan) teach retirement home residents to dance; Stephen Cragg tries to make black friends; Paula Zahn (Parker) welcomes John Madden (Caliendo) to her show.

Episode #12: Episode #1112 (air date: 2006-01-28)

Hilary Duff (Myrin) sings about how she (and other stars like her) becomes anorexic to stay in the spotlight; Reese Witherspoon (Myrin) presents deleted footage from her film Walk the Line; Montel Williams (Peele) gets high while interviewing an abuse victim (Parker); Larry King makes lewd comments in his review of Deadwood; Ike Barinholtz and Bobby Lee teach Jordan Peele how to drive; a parody of Grey's Anatomy has personal drama get in the way of medical duty; nervous comic Luann Lockhart (Flanagan) performs her stand-up routine.

Episode #13: Episode #1113 (air date: 2006-02-04)

A parody music video featuring Snoop Dogg rapping to pee-wee football players about the perks of being an athlete; Jaime Pressly stars as Hillary Clinton in a parody of My Name Is Earl; the gang of Fox NFL Sunday welcomes Terrell Owens (Key) to their last episode; Queen Latifah (Johnson) stars in new comedy movies similar to Taxi and Last Holiday; QVC Quacker Factory; Tank (Lee) hits on girls at a Super Bowl tailgate party; Marvin Tikvah (McDonald) continues his Search for a Star contest; Kaysonne (Johnson) annoys a man (Barinholtz) trying to buy Valentine's Day gifts for his girlfriend and his mom.

Episode #14: Episode #1114 (air date: 2006-02-18)

Morgan Freeman (Peele) recounts the first black man (Key) to drown while playing water polo; Jeff Probst hosts an episode of The Lillian Verner Game Show; two thugs (Key, Peele) reveal their romantic feelings for each other during a violent confrontation; Ike Barinholtz and Bobby Lee go out on a date with cast members Crista Flanagan and Arden Myrin; Alyson Hannigan gets krump lessons from Noodles (Peele) and Nippy (Flanagan); George W. Bush (Caliendo) answers questions from the audience.

Episode #15: Episode #1115 (air date: 2006-03-04)

Emma Thompson (Parker) and Jeremy Irons (McDonald) star in Fart Camp; Jovan Muskatelle (Key) raves about Oscar-nominated movies during a newscast; James Blunt (Parker) appears topless and narcissistic in a parody of "Beautiful"; Donald Trump (Caliendo) appears on Sesame Street; Ike Barinholtz and Bobby Lee frighten moviegoers with their lewd actions; Marvin Tikvah (McDonald) announces the winner for his Search for a Star contest.

Episode #16: Episode #1116 (air date: 2006-03-18)

Brokeback Mountain sequel has cowgirls in love and their husbands watching; on 24 with Bobby Lee, Lee trains with John Cho for a role in an upcoming movie; commercial parody features the "best" of George Clooney's screenwriting; Maury Povich (McDonald) and Connie Chung (Lee) confuse their interviewees on Weekends with Maury and Connie; a music video from Ashlee Simpson (Parker) about being a loser in the music biz; singers Candy (Parker) and Tyler Matsumoto (Lee) sing about Hollywood; feuding superheroes Astroman (Barinholtz) and Killbrain the Fury (Peele) cross paths at a local bistro; Steven Cragg shows how to be a Good Samaritan.

Episode #17: Episode #1117 (air date: 2006-04-08)

A lonely wife (Parker) sleeps with the Hamburger Helper Hand; deadpan sociopath Yvonne Criddle (Gaither) freely admits she threatened to kill a man (Key) for taking her parking spot; the Blind Kung Fu Master (Lee) meets his equally visually challenged nemesis (Caliendo); lesbians think that a new lover (McDonald) of their friend (Myrin) is actually a guy; Eugene Struthers (Key) interviews the cast of Ice Age: The Meltdown; an innocent conga line at a wedding turns into a never-ending chain of people; show writer Steven Cragg shows off his zombie band.

Episode #18: Episode #1118 (air date: 2006-04-15)

Bo Bice (Barinholtz) promotes his new album; Morgan Freeman (Peele) stars in a sitcom based on Everybody Hates Chris; a bachelor party stripper (Flanagan) is revealed to be married, pregnant, and underage by her husband/manager (McDonald); on 60 Minutes, Ed Bradley (Peele) interviews the friends and family members of an obnoxious man (Caeti) who drowned during a booze cruise; Ike Barinholtz and Bobby Lee take Jordan Peele to the Playboy mansion for his birthday; a restaurant hostess (Flanagan) is determined to seat her customers despite being disabled; a perky pre-teen (Myrin) joins a fraternity keg party.

Episode #19: Episode #1119 (air date: 2006-04-29)

In an updated version of The Jeffersons, Mr. Bentley (McDonald) is deported and Florence (Gaither) is replaced by illegal Mexican workers; a parody of Medium; babies Joey (Caeti) and Simon (Lee) perform in front of the camera when their parents aren't looking; coach Hines (Key) whips the cast of Oliver Twist into shape; two stranded men (Barinholtz, McDonald) trying to fix their flashlights get in trouble with police officers (Lee, Peele) who think they are masturbating in public; Ka-Son (Johnson) becomes a nightclub security guard; Stuart Larkin (McDonald) gets a big brother (Key).

Episode #20: Episode #1120 (air date: 2006-05-06)

Maury Povich (McDonald) and Connie Chung (Lee) interview and confuse an Iraqi general (Key) and a stem cell research expert (Myrin) in an installment of Weekends with Maury and Connie; Nicole Parker shows pictures of herself as an awkward teen; Ike Barinholtz and Bobby Lee go clubhopping; Dr. Kylie Johnson (Weir) is sent to court for her dubious medical practices; technical gaffes and a hard-to-understand announcer plague the taping of a morning show; Candy (Parker) and Tyler Matsumoto (Lee) send their love to the troops in a song.

Episode #21: Episode #1121 (air date: 2006-05-13)

George W. Bush (Caliendo), William Shatner (Caliendo), and Randy Jackson (Johnson) appear at a college graduation ceremony; TV Land shows a clip from the first video game awards show in the 1970s; Ike Barinholtz and Bobby Lee go NASCAR racing with Kurt Busch; Mofaz (McDonald) has a conversation with another Persian man (Key), unaware that the car is bugged by the FBI; metal shop workers must keep from getting injured after their boss announces a pizza party for staying nearly injury-free for 1000 days; in a Steven Cragg short film, Cragg pulls off poorly executed practical jokes.

Episode #22: Episode #1122 (air date: 2006-05-20)

Two teens (Caeti, Parker) and their teacher (Gaither) accidentally go back in time in a parody of Land of the Lost; an employee (McDonald) gets really frisky toward female employees while showing off baby pictures; a cooking show host (Flanagan) screws up making a tuna sandwich in under three minutes; a Wiggles-esque kids show called the Ring-A-Rounds teaches kids the lighter side of distressing adult issues; a parody of The Sopranos has Bae Sung ground up into hamburger meat after a mob deal gone bad; two nannies (Gaither, Johnson) are too permissive in caring for their children while at the park.

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