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MADtv season 12

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22 episodes (283 views)

Air weekdate:Tuesday Cast:Michael McDonald , Debra Wilson, Nicole Sullivan, Bobby Lee, Andrew Bowen, Andrew Daly, Bryan Calle, Christina Moore, Ike Barinholtz, Jeff Richards, Jill Michelle Melean, Keegan-Michael Key, Melissa Paull, Nicole Parker, Pat Kilbane, Aries Spears Genre:Comedy Channel:The CW Status:Continuing

8.7 (6 votes)

MADtv season 12 episodes list:

Episode #1: Episode #1201 (air date: 2006-09-16)
Episode #2: Episode #1202 (air date: 2006-09-23)
Episode #3: Episode #1203 (air date: 2006-09-30)
Episode #4: Episode #1204 (air date: 2006-11-04)
Episode #5: Episode #1205 (air date: 2006-11-11)
Episode #6: Episode #1206 (air date: 2006-11-18)
Episode #7: Episode #1207 (air date: 2006-11-25)
Episode #8: Episode #1208 (air date: 2006-12-09)
Episode #9: Episode #1209 (air date: 2006-12-16)
Episode #10: Episode #1210 (air date: 2007-01-06)
Episode #11: Episode #1211 (air date: 2007-01-20)
Episode #12: Episode #1212 (air date: 2007-02-03)
Episode #13: Episode #1213 (air date: 2007-02-10)
Episode #14: Episode #1214 (air date: 2007-02-17)
Episode #15: Episode #1215 (air date: 2007-02-24)
Episode #16: Episode #1216 (air date: 2007-03-10)
Episode #17: Episode #1217 (air date: 2007-03-17)
Episode #18: Episode #1218 (air date: 2007-04-07)

Show Open: Ike Barinholtz Presents Spring Break Stories; Morning Before Pill; The Jazz Dingleberries Sing About S.T.D's; I'm Not a Whore; Celebrity Pet's: Paris Hilton's Pets Leu-ken & Bambi; The Lillian Verner Game Show Spring Break Edition With Tom Bergeron; Tyra Talks About Racism; Knobs; Ike Barinholtz & Bobby Lee With Oliver From the Make a Wish Foundation; Ungrateful Rap Artist Gets a Lesson From Jesus In Thankfulness; V.H.1's Best Weed Ever; Hypocrite Parents; Show Close: Ike Barinholtz & Bobby Lee With Oliver Out-takes.

Episode #19: Episode #1219 (air date: 2007-04-14)

Show Open: Ike Barinholtz Presents a Bobby Lee Montage; Dr. Phil Talks to Liars; Inside Looking Out Goes to Therapy; Date Grape Soft Drink Fake Commercial; Bobby Lee's 24 With Jamie Kennedy; More Comedy; Deal Or No Deal Gets a Sore Loser; Senior Speed-Dating; Celebrity Pets: David Blaine's Dog Houdini; That's Not Funny; Show Close: Bobby Lee Meditates With Jamie Kennedy.

Episode #20: Episode #1220 (air date: 2007-04-28)

Open: Bad Girls: Nicole P opens the show talking about how MADtv doesn't particpate in doing crazy stunts to get ratings for May Sweeps, however, this is proven to be a lie when Crista kisses her, Lisa comes out and her and Crista start dancing with each other, and Nicole RJ and Arden come onstage in rather risque outfits.Heroes: In a Heroes parody, a cheerleader (Crista) fails to tell her Dad (Michael) a secret, a woman (Nicole P) fools her reflection, and an asian man (Bobby) talks about his time travel powers.Joey: A therapist (Keegan) visits a family's house (Lisa, Ike, Michael) because they are angry that Joey (Frank) refuses to stop talking like a stereotypical, movie-like mobster. Commercial: Seal's Comeback CD: Seal (Jordan) is doing a commerical for his comeback CD, but Heidi Klum, his wife, (Crista) keeps interrupting it.Hungover Presentation: A woman (Nicole P) comes into work late, hung-over, and disgruntled. She then explains it was because she was drinking last night and got home at 4AM. Unluckily for her, she has to give a presentation about using tele conferences. Gone With the Wind Alternate Endings: The actress of Slave #8 (Nicole RJ) in Gone With the Wind reveals alternate endings, including an explicit one, a random dance musical, and one filled with special effects. Special guest Michael Rapaport as Rhett Butler, and with Nicole P as Scarlett O'Hara.HNL: Leah Remini: Eugene (Keegan) finds Leah Remini in a hotel room while delivering flowers.E.R. & Famous: CBS has combined ER and Armed & Famous into a show called "E.R. & Famous", featuring celebrities as doctors, with Kellie Pickler (Lisa), Kathy Griffin (Nicole P), Snoop Dog (Keegan), and Monique (Nicole RJ).Celebrity Pets: Tara Reid's Dog: Tara Reid's dog talks about how his life with her, which mostly includes him staying up until 3 A.M. waiting for her to come home and to help her get around while she is drunk and/or high.Officer Friendly: A woman (Arden) is pulled over for speeding by a cop (Keegan). She then explains to the officer that her son is missing, but instead of doing anything, the officer hits on her.

Episode #21: Episode #1221 (air date: 2007-05-05)

Show Open: Cinco De Mayo Celebrated; Survivor Holy War #1 & #2; Scrubs parody; Seasonil Period Control Commercial Parody; House Promo Parody; Bobby Lee & Jordan Peele Make a Deordorant Commercial With Tito Ovitz; Britney and K-Fed go to Divorce Court; V.H.1's Best Mom Ever; Survivor Holy War #3; Discussing Politics With Barrack Obama; Tank At the California Speedway With Carl Edwards; MadTv Fake Performance: Sissy Felony Jackson; Show Close: Jordan Peele In Extreme Pain After the Commercial.

Episode #22: Episode #1222 (air date: 2007-05-19)
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