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MADtv season 13

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16 episodes (315 views)

Air weekdate:Tuesday Cast:Michael McDonald , Debra Wilson, Nicole Sullivan, Bobby Lee, Andrew Bowen, Andrew Daly, Bryan Calle, Christina Moore, Ike Barinholtz, Jeff Richards, Jill Michelle Melean, Keegan-Michael Key, Melissa Paull, Nicole Parker, Pat Kilbane, Aries Spears Genre:Comedy Channel:The CW Status:Continuing

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MADtv season 13 episodes list:

Episode #1: Episode #1301 (air date: 2007-09-15)

How MadTv Ruined My Life: Special Guest Star Jerry Springer and his T.V. audience take series regular Nicole Parker and using various clips from the past seven years of the show, try to reveal to her how the show has supposedly ruin people's lives. Clips include The Wizard of Oz Lost Footage; Batteries Not Included; The Zapruder Home Movies; It's a Football Thing; It's Getting Hot In Here; Big Bird Gets the Bird Flu and Brian's Secret Skill. Other shorts included (but are not part of the Jerry Springer showcase) are: Brown; John Madden Demonstrates Ace Power Tools on Valentines Day and the R. U. 486 Birth Control Pill Fake Commercial.

Episode #2: Episode #1302 (air date: 2007-09-22)

Survivor MadTv: Special Guest Star Jeff Probst hosts a special on the best MadTv prime-time parodies ever. The parodies include: Survivor Cook Islands (all four segments); I Love Lucy 2, Lucy Meets Prince; The Honeymooners 2003; The Andy Griffith Show Meets Hannibal Lecter; P.A.X. Presents The Sopranos; Phantom of the Oprah; Montel Chilliams; and Clops III.

Episode #3: Episode #1303 (air date: 2007-09-29)

I Want My MadTv. Online gossip columnist Perez Hilton using his research from the Internet, uses previous clips from past episodes of MadTv to show us the best of pop-culture parodies. The segments include: Kenny Rogers Jackass; Bomb, Bomb, Bomb; Nicole and K-Fed Give Thanks; Memoirs of a Geisha; I'm Beautiful; T.R.L.: Emcee Esher; Apple Presentation: The iRack; and Tickle Me Emo.

Episode #4: Episode #1304 (air date: 2007-10-06)

MadTv's Most Wanted: In this episode, regular castmember Michael McDonald with special guest star Susan Sarandon take a look at some of the best loved MadTv characters to appear in the show. The sketches are as follows: Swan of Hearts, The Coach Hines Half Time Show, Vancome Casino Lady, Bae Sung Auto Craze, Dot Goddard Little Miss Pretty, Stuart Moving Day, & Lorraine At College.

Episode #5: Episode #1305 (air date: 2007-11-03)

Britney Spears Sings at MadTv's New Home, the Music Box Theater; Show Open: Bobby Lee and Michael McDonald; Backstage with Carlos Mencia 1 & 2; Bobby Lee's 24 with Carlos Mencia; Dream Date with Master Chief of Halo 3; Sad Fiddy Cent: I Don't Want to Be Sad No More; Dateline: To Catch a Sexual Predator; New Castmember Johnny Sanchez Properly Introduces Himself; Backstage with Carlos Mencia 3; Arden Myrin Helps Family Guy Celebrate it's 100th Episode Party; Dateline: Catching Master Chief In the Act; Show Close: Christa Flanagan and Cast.

Episode #6: Episode # 1306 (air date: 2007-11-10)

MadTv Fake Song: iScrewed, Show Open: Keegan Michael Key and Christa Flanagan discuss her bloody Hannah Montannah experience, Commercial Comparison in Stereotypes, Backstage With Joey Fatone: Discovering the History of the Music Box Theater, Hollywood Lip Service, Bobby Lee and Johnny Sanchez on the Rice and Beans Tour, Newest Cast Member Anjelina Johnson Properly Introduces Herself, The Rise and Fall of Airway to Heaven, MadTv Fake Performance with Airway to Heaven, Show Close: Michael McDonald.

Episode #7: The 300th Episode (air date: 2007-11-17)

The 300th Episode: Whitney Houston's Back On MadTv, Show Open: Michael McDonald and Keegan Michael Key Salute the Dummy, Lorraine Wins a Trip, Nicole Parker Brings Mo Collins Onstage, Jordan Peele Backstage Confidential with Debra Wilson, The Getcha' Gotcha' Squad, The Rice and Beans Tour Part 2 with Bobby Lee and Johnny Sanchez, Keeping On Top of the Kids, MadTv Presents Stand-Up Comic Steven Byrne, MadTv Encore: Raging Rudolph, Show Close: Special Thanks to Mo Collins and Debra Wilson.

Episode #8: Episode #1308 (air date: 2007-11-24)

MADtv Fake Song Performance By Hillary Clinton: Under Barrack Obama (parody of Under My Umbrella,) Show Open: Arden Myrin Presents New Featured Played Dan Oster, Coach Hines Q & A Session Disaster, The Rice and Beans Tour Part 3: Bobby Lee and Johnny Sanchez at the Titanic Museum, Kathy Griffin's Life On the D-List Deleted Scenes: Kathy Griffin and Michael McDonald go to Iraq, King Burger: Rude Girl, MADtv Fake Commercial: The New A.T.& T., Rude Wife Is Finally Told Off, MADtv Presents Last Comic Standing Winner Jerry Ortell, Show Close: Bobby Lee.

Episode #9: Episode #1309 (air date: 2008-02-02)

MADtv Fake Music Video Black Friend 24 Parody Claymation: Auditions I-Chemistry Bobby Lee Auditions for Dragon Hunter II Video Game Prison Break Fake Commercial Fantastico de la Television! Criss Angel Mind Freak: Flavor Flav MADtv Encore: A Helping Hand (#1117) Chinese Toy Inspector Claymation: Auditions II-Fight Scene Sista Revolution: Alphabetology of Love Rice and Beans Tour Part IV Claymation: Auditions III-Love MADtv Classic: Stuart Gets New Shoes (#906) Show Close: Chinese Toy Inspector Outtakes

Episode #10: Episode #1310 (air date: 2008-02-09)

Hannah Montana Drug Party Eddie Thundercloud: Illegal Immigration Crista and Bobby's Triatholon Eddie Thundercloud: Iraq War Johnny Gan's Oscar Movie Guesses Eddie Thundercloud: Medical Insurance Fairview Fire Report Knock Knock Negroes MADtv Encore: Aren't Asian's Great? (#1214) Rice and Beans Tour Part V MADtv Encore: Holly Meadow Estates Crime Watch Meeting (#1104) Show Close: Knock Knock Negroes Outtakes

Episode #11: Episode #1311 (air date: 2008-02-16)

BBC News Parody Women's Murder Club #1 Claymation Auditions-Monsters Bobby Lee Vs. the Wild Women's Murder Club #2 A Simple Misunderstanding Claymation Auditions-Superheroes Women's Murder Club #3 The Rice and Beans Tour Part VI MADtv encore: The John Madden Quick Pop Popcorn Popper MADtv classic: Sean's Going-Away Party Show Close: Bobby Lee Vs. the Wild Outtakes

Episode #12: Episode #1312 (air date: 2008-03-29)

Juno II Show Open: Barrack Obama & Oprah O Minnesota Governor Aaron Castel Resigns Animation: Fun With Clip Art Celebrity Rehab: Introduction Celebrity Rehab: New Arrival The Depressed Persian Tow Truck Man: Hillary Clinton American Idol: Red Carpet-Top 12 Race Ghost The Cameraman With a Beard Ghost REALsports with Bryant Gumbel: Roger Clemens Celebrity Rehab: Talent Show Show Close: Bobby Lee & Cast/The Depressed Persian Tow Truck Man Outtakes

Episode #13: Episode #1313 (air date: 2008-04-05)

Snoop Dogg: "Sensible Deduction" Opening: Final Four (of Flag Dancing) Keeping Up with the Kardashians Inside Looking Out: Obama Songs Attitudes and Feelings: Ping-Pong Showdown One and a Million HNL: Hugh Laurie Wing Woman: Kat Von D HNL: Chris Evans Gotcha! Squad: Pint- Journalist Fun with Stock Footage: Buildings Fun with Stock Footage: Buildings HNL: Cedric the Entertainer Closing: Jordan & Cast

Episode #14: Episode #1314 (air date: 2008-04-19)

The Pussycat Dolls: Girlicious Political Smear Ad: John McCain Political Smear Ad: Barack & Hillary Kim Jong-Il & Friends: "Yes, I Can" Mannequin vs. Mannequin Moment of Truth: Maury & Connie Fun with Still Images: VCR Repair Shop #1 Fun with Still Images: VCR Repair Shop #2 Melvin Dufrane: Police Report The Rude Jew Mattress Store Fashion Surprise! Eat Less, Move More Melvin Dufrane: Police Report Fun with Still Images: VCR Repair Shop #3

Episode #15: Episode #1315 (air date: 2008-04-26)

Albanian Idol Show Open: The New and Improved Bobby Lee Dominic Monaghan's Lost Video Response: Star Wars Stories Johnny Gan: Tching Ling! Fake Commercial: G-Mobile's Phone 5 #1 Fake Commercial: G-Mobile's Phone 5 #2 Nacho Hernandez: Viva la Vote! Fake Commercial: G-Mobile's Phone 5 #3 New Fantasy Film Paul's Final Interview Fake Commercial: Ray's Chain-Link Fences Show Close: Arden Myrin and Cast/Dominic Monaghan's Lost out-takes

Episode #16: Episode #1316 (air date: 2008-05-17)

Eric Violette: "The Credit Card Song" Dr. Phil: The Spears Family Spin Up! 24 with Bobby Lee: Dave Navarro Fave 5: Oprah Winfrey Coach Hines: Paintball Massacre Fave 5: Simon Cowell Castmate Elimination Show Grand Theft Auto - The Board Game Sesame Street: Economic Depression Fave 5: Beyonce Luann Lockhart: The Return Commercial: Feed the Babies Closing: Keegan & Cast/Coach Hines Outtakes

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