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Man, Fire, Food season 2

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Air weekdate:Tuesday Cast:Roger Mooking Genre:Food, Home and Garden, Reality, Special Interest Channel:Cooking Channel Status:Ended

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Man, Fire, Food season 2 episodes list:

Episode #1: Feasts Over Fire in Hawaii (air date: 2013-06-17)

Roger's first visit to the 50th state promises big fires and big feasts. Right off of Nimitz Highway in Honolulu is family-run restaurant Koala Moa, famous for whole chickens roasted over fire. The parking lot is filled with rotisserie trailers. Roger and owner Chris Shimabukuro burn wood pallets and unopened bags of charcoal in a thirty-five foot rotisserie trailer. One hundred and forty seasoned chickens are secured in metal baskets that slowly spin and move across the trailer filled with hot coals for approximately thirty minutes. At Ma'O Organic Farms in Wai-anae, Roger meets local chef Bob McGee who roasts half a cow over a custom-built six-by-six foot metal grill. Various cuts of beef, hamburgers, and sausages are cooked on adjustable grates over metal drawers filled with local kiawe wood. recipes in this episode Bob McGee's Sauce Romanesco Koala Moa Chicken Salad

Episode #2: South Carolina Surf and Turf (air date: 2013-06-03)

Charleston, South Carolina is one of America's top dining destinations, but for traditional whole hog barbecue and low-country oyster roasts, Roger leaves the city and heads into the country. Hemingway is a small town located about eighty miles from Charleston, and is home to Scott's Bar-B-Q. Roger meets pit master Rodney Scott who has been cooking whole hog since he was eleven years old. The smoke-filled pit room can cook up to fourteen hogs. Rodney's mom Ella is in charge of pulling the pork and seasoning it with their secret sauce. Then in fishing town McClellanville, Roger meets Oliver Thames who invented a unique oyster roaster. Local cluster oysters are piled over a metal sheet positioned over a firebox. Blankets of wet burlap rest on top of the oysters which help them steam open. recipes in this episode Carolina Cocktail Sauce A Bulls Bay Oyster Roast

Episode #3: Smoke and Steam (air date: 2013-06-10)

Hawaii island Oahu is known as the "gathering place," and Roger is invited to two community gatherings abundant with local foods. On the east side of the island, local chef Mark "Gooch" Noguchi teaches Roger how to prepare a traditional Hawaiian imu. Whole pig, local starches and lau lau (packages of cubed pork and salmon) are steamed in a large underground pit lined with hot lava rocks, topped with layers of burlap and tarp, and sealed with dirt. At the farmer's market located at Kapiolani Community College, Roger meets Scott Shibuya who smokes pork, chicken, and turkey tails with guava and kiawe woods, in a unique smoker he cleverly built out of an Air Force cargo container, an airplane food cart, and a computer fan. recipes in this episode Lau Lau Guava Smoked Pork Fried Rice

Episode #4: Pig Roasts (air date: )

Roger heads to Napa Valley for two unique pig roasts. In St. Helena, chef John Fink is famous for his portable Cuban Pig roasts. John's father-in-law custom built a rotating metal cage that is placed on top of a cinder-block oven. A whole pig is butterflied and seasoned with mojo, the famous Cuban sauce of citrus, garlic and herbs, and slow-roasted over wood coals. In Calistoga, Roger meets Todd Spanier to feast on a whole pig that's stuffed with truffles, and trumpet mushrooms, and roasted over a rotisserie that his grandfather constructed from recycled materials back in the 1970s. recipes in this episode Mojo Sauce

Episode #5: Mediterranean Seafood Fests (air date: 2013-06-24)

Roger heads to Northern California for two spectacular wood-fired Mediterranean seafood feasts. In Napa Valley, the Seltzner family is famous for their wines and their towering outdoor oven called the Infiernillo. Hot coals are placed on the top and bottom of the Infiernillo and the food is cooked in between. Roger helps encase whole fish, potatoes and onions in salt before they're baked in the enormous oven. In Tomales Bay, caterer Tom Meckfessel prepares a delicious surf-and-turf Spanish-inspired paella over a wood fire right on the water. Roger harvests local clams with John Finger, owner of Hog Island Oyster Farm, which is one of the key ingredients for the mouthwatering paella. recipes in this episode Smashed Beets and Carrots Paella del Reyes' Combination Paella

Episode #6: South American Grilling (air date: 2012-07-02)

Roger meets two chefs celebrating Argentina's Asado and Brazil's Churrasco in northern California. At Farmstead Restaurant in St. Helena, Chef Stephen Barber built a "live fire" cook area, complete with an eighty-five gallon cauldron, planchas, and metal crosses for Argentinian Asado. Roger and Stephen slow cook spring lamb seasoned with Mediterranean flavors. In Healdsburg, Roger and Mateo Granados, chef of Mateo's Cocina Latina, build an outdoor oven out of bricks and cinder blocks. A large pile of local Manzanita wood is piled in the oven, drizzled with pork fat which serves as natural lighter fluid, and then lit to create coals. Marinated whole ducks, pork loins and leg of lamb are placed onto large Brazilian skewers and cooked on top of the outdoor oven.

Episode #7: Texas BBQ (air date: )

Roger visits two legendary BBQ joints in Central Texas where just the right amount of smoke and heat transforms the meat into delicious eats. At Kreuz Market in Lockhart, they have eight pits for cooking, acres of wood for burning and hundreds of pounds of delicious barbecue for stick-to-your-ribs eating. At Louie Mueller Barbecue in Taylor, third generation pit master Wayne Mueller gives Roger an experience of a lifetime. In early 2013, a tragic grease fire destroyed a 54-year-old pit. A new pit was built and twice a day it is "seasoned" with grease and heat. Roger lends a hand and is rewarded with a generous sampling of their famous barbecue.

Episode #8: Roasting and Ranching in Texas (air date: )

Roger takes a trip to West Point, Texas to meet Tink Pinkard. Tink is an outdoor guide, hunter, fisherman, caterer and all-around nice guy. Together they build a barbecue pit out of cinder blocks and prepare Italian porchetta. A whole pig is deboned and seasoned, and then rolled tightly into a log. While the pig slowly roasts over coals, Tink teaches Roger how to fly-fish and takes him to a neighbor's longhorn ranch. It's a wild and delicious adventure that Roger won't soon forget. Top Recipes Rafter TS Peach Cobbler Paella del Reyes' Combination Paella Mojo Sauce Smashed Beets and Carrots Whole Duck Marinated in Soy Sauce-Cilantro-Ginger-Jalapeno-Garlic and Brown Sugar

Episode #9: Cajun Cookouts (air date: )

Roger heads to the Texas and Louisiana to feast on classic Cajun cooking. In small town Mamou, Louisiana there's a big time smokehouse filled with five hundred pounds of Southern smoked favorites. Roger helps owner T-Boy fill the dark, cavernous room with sausages, tasso, ribs and jerky, and then they fire up the smoker. A selection of smoked meats is then stirred into a pot of T-Boy's famous red beans and served over white rice. In College Station, Texas, a professor originally from Louisiana has transformed a shed into a smoker in order to make Cochon de Lait, a Cajun pig roast. Top Recipes Rafter TS Peach Cobbler Paella del Reyes' Combination Paella Mojo Sauce Smashed Beets and Carrots Whole Duck Marinated in Soy Sauce-Cilantro-Ginger-Jalapeno-Garlic and Brown Sugar

Episode #10: Crazy for Chicken (air date: )

Roger travels across Massachusetts to meet two chefs who are putting a brand new spin on fire-roasted, rotisserie chicken. In Great Barrington, Roger visits The Meat Market which is a butcher shop and restaurant, but also home base for Fire Roasted Catering. Their mobile kitchen is a collection of metal contraptions fueled by wood burning fires, but the one that captures Roger's attention suspends a flock of chickens around a barrel of fire. On Martha's Vineyard, Roger visits Beetlebung Farm where a young farmer throws a dinner party inside a greenhouse and serves a New England feast of chickens, lobsters and whole fish that was cooked over a wood fire. recipes in this episode Grilled Lobster Spit Roasted Chicken Chimichurri Sauce

Episode #11: Food Traditions (air date: )

Roger visits New England for two unique food traditions that celebrate family, friends and the community. On the first Saturday of June, the Rotary Club of Essex in Connecticut roasts three hundred pounds of fish that are nailed onto oak boards with strips of salt pork and cooked around a ring of coals for the annual Shad Bake. In Western Massachusetts, Roger meets Neftali Duran who dug a giant hole in his backyard and lined it with stones and bricks to cook goat barbacoa, a classic dish from his hometown Oaxaca, Mexico. Whole cuts of goat are rubbed down with spicy Mexican flavors, wrapped in avocado and maguey leaves and steamed over a pot filled with cracked corn and water to create a side dish called Masita. recipes in this episode Salsa de Chile de Arbol Salsa de Pepitas de Calabasa Goat Rub Guacamole de Taqueria

Episode #12: Love for Lobsters in Maine (air date: )

In Maine, the love for lobsters runs deep. Roger visits two places where piles of lobsters are cooked in the coolest, wood-fired cookers. In Searsport, a campground is home to a magnificent outdoor kitchen where the Maine event is a feast of lobsters, steamers, mussels and corn cooked in seaweed. In Trenton, a family-run lobster pound boils thousands of pounds of lobsters in pots of boiling seawater set over a wood fire. Roger gets a lesson in cracking lobsters like a true Mainer and helps prepare a classic lobster salad sandwich. recipes in this episode Honey Date Pudding Cake Lobster Salad Sandwich

Episode #13: Fiery Foods in Jmaica (air date: )

Roger's search for fire and food takes him to Jamaica where Roger makes a beeline for Scotchie's Too, a restaurant famous for cooking jerk pork and jerk chicken over logs of pimento and sweetwood set over pits filled with coals. Roger also meets up with local fisherman Dennis Abrahams at Alligator Pond, a beach where boats pull in after a morning of fishing to sell their goods. Dennis and Roger start a campfire right on the beach and grill the catch of the day. recipes in this episode Captain Dennis' Catch of the Day

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