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Man v. Food season 8

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32 episodes (155 views)
Air weekdate:Monday
Cast:Adam Richman, Casey Webb
Genre:Food, Travel
8.8/10(458 votes)

Man v. Food season 8 episodes list:

Episode #1: Sacramento, California (air date: 2019-07-02)

Casey Webb swings into Sacramento, Calif., for three gold-standard meals from the Golden State; a perfectly fried Chinese-American chicken, a savory waffle stack and a school's worth of raw fish and rice in a five-round sushi challenge.

Episode #2: Wilmington, North Carolina (air date: 2019-07-09)

Casey Webb visits Wilmington, N.C., for a barbecue bonanza, a crazy burrito and a big, bad behemoth in the undefeated Pierogi Team Challenge.

Episode #3: Hoboken, New Jersey (air date: 2019-07-16)

Casey Webb's appetizing adventures take him to Hoboken, N.J.; he munches on homemade mozzarella, takes a bite out of a bagel behemoth and comes face-to-face with a slice of pure fire.

Episode #4: Charlotte, North Carolina (air date: 2019-07-23)

Casey Webb heads to Charlotte, N.C., for three takes on Southern specialties; there's a cheesy chicken classic, care of Korea, a time-honored institution's signature sandwich and the biggest walking taco in all the Carolinas.

Episode #5: Kansas City, Missouri (air date: 2019-07-30)

Casey Webb takes on the biggest and baddest meals in Kansas City, Missouri. His challengers include a 3-pound almond butter and jelly sandwich known as the Elvis Challenge, a four-meat pizza with a tater tot topper and a brisket sandwich piled high with burnt ends and spicy pickle slaw.

Episode #6: Omaha, Nebraska (air date: 2019-08-06)

Casey Webb heads to Omaha to satisfy his hunger in the heartland. He chows down on a historic Reuben sandwich, a soul food feast featuring fried chicken from a 100-year-old recipe and a monstrous pile of pork with all the breakfast fixings weighing more than 3 pounds.

Episode #7: Columbus, Ohio (air date: 2019-08-13)

Casey Webb's countrywide edible expedition brings him to Columbus, Ohio. His massive meals include a bacon-wrapped hot dog with a crazy combination of toppings and a footlong chicken burrito blanketed in ghost pepper sauce. He also enjoys the city's rich German heritage by sinking his teeth into a slow-roasted pork shank served with potato salad and sauerkraut.

Episode #8: Providence, Rhode Island (air date: 2019-08-20)

Casey Webb's cross-country culinary trek brings him to Providence, Rhode Island. He starts with a decadent brioche doughnut that's topped with brunch all-stars and then heads for the sea to dig oysters for a fresh feast. Finally, he faces three 24-ounce milkshakes at a creamery that has been dishing treats since 1928.

Episode #9: Green Bay, Wisconsin (air date: 2019-09-10)

Casey Webb gets into the tailgate tradition with a green-and-gold burger piled with bratwurst, cheese curds and jalapenos. A local fish fry with flaky Great Lakes whitefish; 12 crispy egg rolls

Episode #10: Miami, Florida (air date: 2019-09-17)

A Triple-layer burger; Cuban-inspired Ice cream flavored with cream cheese; guava and cookies; Casey is joined by two teammates to go up against a monster 30-inch pizza challenge

Episode #11: Tucson, Arizona (air date: 2019-09-24)

Casey Webb's eating expedition brings him to Tucson, Arizona, where he faces off with a cheese and chile tamale pie with pulled pork, avocado hollandaise and more; a bacon-wrapped hot dog taco; the rib-diculous challenge of two full racks of ribs

Episode #12: Santa Fe, New Mexico (air date: 2019-10-01)

A Sopapilla stuffed with carne asada; game-changing ice cream flavored with the delicacy, green chiles; Casey Webb ends up in a challenge with three hub-cap sized pancakes weighing in at four pounds total.

Episode #13: Santa Barbara, California (air date: 2019-10-08)

Casey Webb tries to tri-tip steak sandwich and steamed local crab in Santa Barbara, California.

Episode #14: Alaska (air date: 2019-10-15)

Casey cracks into crab legs fit for a king in Slippery Salmon Bar and Grill in Anchorage; Reindeer meatloaf at Denali BrewPub; The mountainous, double-decker Seward's Folly caribou burger challenge at West Rib and Grill

Episode #15: Ocean City, Maryland (air date: 2019-10-22)

Casey Webb heads to Ocean City, Maryland to dive unto a massive jumbo lump crab cake sandwich, ,ake some of the area's iconic salt water taffy candies and fight to stay afloat in the Titanic Sundae Challenge.

Episode #16: Manchester, New Hampshire (air date: 2019-10-29)

Casey's tasty travels bring him to Manchester, New Hampshire for an epic portion of barbecue that's served on a shovel at KC's Rib Shack; The Deluxe cheeseburger mac; A ghost pepper-infused inferno burger challenge.

Episode #17: San Jose, California (air date: 2019-11-05)

Casey tries a falafel sandwich before he tackles the Monte Cristo Reeto with turkey, ham, bacon and swiss cheese wrapped in a tortilla; The Bay Area's biggest bowel of ramen in the Masumo Challenge.

Episode #18: San Antonio, Texas (air date: 2019-11-12)

Casey’s first stop is San Antonio’s oldest restaurant, a German deli for the Wienerschnitzel, the Puffy Taco; the 3-pound cinnamon roll challenge

Episode #19: Austin, Texas (air date: 2019-11-19)

Casey starts with a 2 pound barbecue behemoth packed with every meat, sauce and side on the menu; gourmet doughnuts; a duel with the spiciest sauce in town in the six alarm fire challenge

Episode #20: San Francisco, California (air date: 2019-11-26)

A sandwich mashup of fried chicken and pulled pork; a porchetta sandwich from a roaming rotisserie food truck; a 49 ounce porterhouse steak and sizable sides in the Gold Rush inspired 49er Club Steak Challenge.

Episode #21: Mystic, Connecticut (air date: 2020-02-25)

Casey Webb's tasty travels take him to Mystic, Conn., to conquer land and sea with a totally bonkers Portuguese-inspired burger and a crazy coastal feast of chowder, shrimp cocktail, a bursting bowl of steamers and mussels and a whole steamed lobster. For the grand finale, he takes on a ridiculously massive sundae in Mel's Downtown Creamery's Big Kahuna Challenge.

Episode #22: Fargo, North Dakota (air date: 2020-03-03)

Casey Webb's eating adventure takes him to Fargo, North Dakota, for a hearty, German take on a cheesy classic and a breakfast-dessert mashup with a Scandinavian spin. Then he settles in for the Boiler Room's Hot Dish Challenge: a massive Midwestern meal made for the entire family ... or just one man.

Episode #23: Deadwood, South Dakota (air date: 2020-03-10)
Episode #24: Scottsdale, Arizona (air date: 2020-03-17)

Casey Webb's culinary quest brings him to Scottsdale, Ariz., where he crunches through a sweet Latin staple and takes on a Stone Age feast topped with a smoked turkey leg. Then he attempts to devour a 4-pound deli platter in Chompie's Day at the Deli Challenge.

Episode #25: Denver, Colorado (air date: 2020-03-24)

Casey Webb's eating expedition brings him to Denver, Colo., for a mile-high biscuit loaded with fried chicken, bacon and honey butter. He devours a bowl of latkes topped with beef brisket and Guinness gravy, and he takes on the Top of the Rockies Burrito Challenge: a 4-pound Tex-Mex breakfast feast that no man has ever conquered.

Episode #26: Portland, Maine (air date: 2020-03-31)

Casey’s edible expedition takes him to Portland, Maine, for a lobster-topped cheeseburger and a potato-donut-cannoil mashup; the Taco Gigante Challenge: a footlong hard taco packed with ground beef, chicken and carnitas.

Episode #27: Manhattan (air date: 2020-04-07)

Casey’s tasty trek brings him to Manhattan for a historic pizza-by-the-slice, a transcendent take on an Old World baked good and over five pounds of u defeated dessert in the Giant Ice Cream Scoop Challenge.

Episode #28: Washington D.C. (air date: 2020-04-14)

Casey Webb's appetizing adventure lands him in Washington D.C., for shepherd's pie at a political culinary institution, a Korean fried masterpiece and a challenge consisting of burger and fries.

Episode #29: Lafayette, Louisiana (air date: 2020-04-21)

Casey webb’s food fling find him in Lafayette Louisiana for savory Cajun stew and a stuffed and spicy sandwich specialty; he also excepts the devils bowl challenge, A scorching hot bowl of Ramen made with the Lafayette-born seven Pot primo

Episode #30: Florida Keys (air date: 2020-04-28)

Casey travels take him to the Florida Keys for a bad-to-the-bone shrimp burrito and ropa vieja at a Cuban institution; then he grabs a fork for the largest slice of pie he’s ever seen in The Fish House’s Key Lime Pie challenge

Episode #31: Cleveland, Ohio (air date: 2020-05-05)

Casey’s food frenzy brIngs him to Cleveland, Ohio, for a corned beef colossus, a caramel ice cream sundae at a sweet time machine and an Olympic sized gyro in the Greek Village Grlle’s Mount Olympus Challenge

Episode #32: Detroit, Michigan (air date: 2020-05-12)

Casey’s appetizing adventure brings him to Detroit for the famous Detroit style, Sicilian square pan pizza; a bourbon peach cinnamon roll; M Wings Challenge: six massive jerk chicken wings tossed in fiery Scotch bonnet and ghost pepper sauce

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